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Arsine Arsine To the Empire the people of Arsenica, , THE WORLD.

This place. This country. This Nation never was stable. From the days when the minatore ruled the land to now the red mountains have not stopped stomping around I greatness that was so false. I how ever am here to give arsenica greatness the likes of which no man, gang or army has seen before. I know this land, I know what it means I know why the cushion is here I know why the gangs start and I know why all of you wish to be arsinicans. Why I know this or how is because in my dreams I am every last one of you, I struggle with you and hold your sword and take your bullets and feel your pain as I throw all of your punches and gasp for your last breath. I have been all over the world and some how have spent most of my time here fighting with you, because that is what you believe I should do. What this land is for. I see this war before me and see no opportunity greater then it to start anew. We can go beyond this civil war by brothers. End in all of its lesser greatness and realize that we are all Arsineicans and our propose is the same no matter how you look, dress or act. You know you act in your own ways for the same reason that I am here, you all want to fight for who we are even if you have to fight yourselves to prove it. We are all alike, that is what draws us to this place what makes us want to keep it for our selves and we will even if we have to do it fighting spug next to human next to cushion. Everyone who has even thought about fighting has a little arsenican in them waiting to come out. Donít deny it you know who you are. No mater what you are you have a place in ARSINE. Signed. The Arsine Lighter