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~*Truly Unique Baby Names*~

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Welcome to the site! Here, you'll find plenty of first names to choose from. A few of these names may seem common, but most are fairly unusual.

I have a passion for unusual names. Part of this is because I have an odd name myself. Never mind what it is. Lists of "normal" baby names tend to frustrate and bore me. Not only did they often not have my name, but they had very few interesting names at all. I also have multiple middle names, all fairly unusual--all of which appear in these lists....but I'll never tell you where. :)

Additionally, I have worked with many thousands of vital statistics in my time, and since the 1970s, have made a habit of writing down names that struck my fancy. In public documents, I have encountered people named Jokie, Lucifer, Pink, Thickaninny, Zerubbabel, Cinderella, Cola, Halellujah, Playfair, Turkesse, Appliance, Shuntellia and almost every imaginable kind of name in between.

I later expanded my name-collecting obsession to include old cemetery records, college rosters, obituaries, church documents, telephone books and birth announcements. Tossed in are names of angels, names derived from gemstones and flowers and other intriguing curiosities.

I have not divided the names into "male" and "female" categories. I feel that such divisions are arbitrary and frustrating at best. I know too many people, including myself, whose names are considered to belong to the opposite sex. For instance, I have personally met women named Clark, Kevin and Brian, and men named Ruby and Jeannie; why should they be reduced to searching for their names in the "male" or "female" section? Rest assured that there are no such divisions here.

Also, this is not a "weird" names list. It's an unusual names list. There's a difference. Most of these names belong to real people. Please respect their feelings. Just because a name seems weird to you doesn't mean that it's not considered beautiful in another culture. Also, some names are considered appropriate in some areas, while they're taboo in others. My great-grandfather's name was Christ. Most Americans today wouldn't dream of naming their children Christ, but where he came from, it was a perfectly acceptable name.

Don't ask me to reveal precisely where I got a certain name. The chances are quite good that I no longer remeber.

Anyhow, keep checking the site. I hope to update it reasonably often. I'm taking these names out of stacks of notebooks I've had for decades. I've only just begun listing the names I've collected over the years.

If you actually use any of these names for children, fictional characters, pets or any other purpose, I'd enjoy hearing about it. If you like, you can send me some e-mail.

AND NOW, on to the names.

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