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Tuesday, 18 November 2003

Well it looks like I forgot I had this blog. I will delete it as I have went way past this point in time and it would take days to explain how they are still open and I am trying to drain a bunch of paid leave out of em that I dont really have..Hey one good screwin deserves another. Right?

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 11:56 AM CST
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Thursday, 17 July 2003
Dropping like flys
I went back to work last night after 4 days off . During my absence at least 12 more people were fired. I have to wonder is anyone going to be left to be laid off? I read on the net about how Sykes treated the People in Mn. and Co. before, during and after the layoffs there. Sykes had better pray Baboo can do the job because no American city will ever welcome them back, let alone give them incentives and tax breaks to locate in thier towns. later peeps.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 8:38 AM CDT
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Friday, 11 July 2003
Count down....
I transfered this blog from another site. The dates will be wrong but its posted here like it was there. Except this was supposed to be the first post. After you read this post scroll to the bottom and start reading up. Its about 38 days untill My Company starts laying off all the employees in The Kentucky call center where I work. They will reroute our calls, we believe, to a new Center in Bagor India. The only good thing about this is if we can prove our jobs are going over seas rumor has it that we can draw unemployment for a lot longer. (N.A.F.T.A.)..Adios Sykes and Hello to my new career as an artist. Thats what I will be when I start Drawing...right? Kinda looking forward to getting a new job. This is not a good company to work for. I kinda feel sorry for Baboo, slaving away for an uncaring master at under a buck an hr. The company's Indian software engineers only earn roughly 12,000 rupees per month, about $261. Judging by that a phone tech Probably has to pay Sykes to

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:39 AM CDT
Updated: Friday, 11 July 2003 12:48 PM CDT
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July 11th 2002
Last night at work was unreal. BB was 20 to 30 in queue all night. Shutting us down but can’t handle the call volume? WTH. Two of the untouchables got fired last night. T.M’s biting the dust now. Agents scared to death of getting fired before they get their unemployment. I let some infractions slide not many just a few. I like to think of it as employee appreciation. I don’t know why the 2 got fired for sure but it was for so called good cause. Sykes will probably fight the hell out of them at their unemployment hearing. I almost didn’t get finished with my work because of all the gossip. Separating fact from fiction is essential to my survival at this point in the game. My Fiancée came in to pick up my check and get it cashed. She stayed way to long and wanted to go around and visit her old friends (she used to work there too) I rushed her along. That’s not enough to get me fired but it is enough to get me wrote up. This would piss me off and make me do something that would then get me fired. Another rumor started this one too started from a T. M. They are rumor factories those guys. He says Sykes can’t get the call volume right and they may try to keep us open another 90 days. We will not work under these conditions another 90 days. Later peeps.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:36 AM CDT
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The 10th
Good day, I worked last night. Walked in started to sit down at my desk when J. C. Tells me to go and sit in the back of the room she has something for me. She hikes that long Luscious leg up into my chair breaks out D.P's Guitar and starts to ad lib a song about me to me. It was hilarious. J. may have found her new Job after the layoff, as the next big country music star. I have to admit, that girl, although she is a little burnt out, is hot as hell! I later found out she had made up a song for each individual Operations Employee. That made my day. Thanks J.
I called the employment office and they told me what I would be drawing. I am ashamed to put it on here it is so low. No one can live on that. No vacation for me, guess I will jump in a big truck and see America ….again.
The MSN Messenger id’s at work are getting funnier as the day draws nearer. The one I like the best is, it could be worse, I could be Martha Stewart. Then there is ones like, would you like fries with that. Another good one was sex is better with the butterfly. Some sad ones too like you don’t know what you got till its gone. Later peeps.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:35 AM CDT
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The 9th
Good morning, I just finished my my coffee, And got online. I checked my msn contact list and see that some of the good little soldiers are online. D. and J are there working away in the ops. dept. Infracting the people for late logins, lunches, breaks and leave earlys. These two are good little german soldiers as is most of the ops. dept. they are working as hard as ever. They are like teenage girls who have been dumped on by an unfaithful boyfriend, but continue to see him and make excuses for his bad behavior. My self, I owe this co. nothing. I made them a hell of a lot more money than they gave me. A days work for half a days pay. Thats how our relationship started out and it has not changed. M. another co. worker Told me she had talked to m. s. an account manager in Va. He told her that management was working hard to find us another account so the center would not close. The whole time she was telling me this she was rolling her eyes. Shes smarter than she looks. I Believe that everything is connected. The butterfly wing thing, you know, the ripple effect philosophy. Its like if a butterfly flaps it wings in Africa it can continue to build into a full fledged hurricane that rips up the Florida coast. It’s funny that I used butterflies as an example. I hate butterflies now. But anyway, its funny how some guy in Cali. gets an idea on how to save Bill Gates a few mil and that builds untill it takes the food off my table here in Ky and puts it on some guys table all the way over in India. Gotta run, later peeps.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:34 AM CDT
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Tuesday July 8th
It’s my day off. Been on messenger this morning talking to my friends at work. Some of them are scared to death because of the snakes. Sandy C. asked me to please call the media and tell them that we are working in a snake infested building. No, not me. I am lying low (except on here) until I get the pink slip. Jobs are damn scarce here and I need that check. They would fire my ass in a New York minute if they even suspected I had contacted the press. Plus I am not afraid of juvenile black racers. She told me the health department had been out but signed off before I could find out what they said. The tension there is unbelievable. Everyone is scared to death of getting fired for "good cause" which at Sykes means any thing they can tag you with before the 15th of August. My big problem right now is I am trying to help people to hang on. I cannot get caught letting adherence violations pass or I will be termed. As we get closer to the big day I can do more and more and they won’t find out until they lay me off and maybe some kid won’t go hungry because I gave its momma her last damn point

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:33 AM CDT
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Snakes alive!
Snakes in the building!
someone pointed out that I had left out an interesting fact about our call ceneter here in Hazard Ky. We have snakes inside of this 3 million dollar building. Thats right snakes. Snakes have been spoted in the building every summer for 3 years. Friday the security guard killed one in front of the bathrooms and put it in a plastic cup out front for the whole damn world to see. Now some of the employees refused to come in because they were afraid. so I called A T.M. and asked what to do. He instructed me to infract them And tell them they would lose thier holliday pay for the fourth. Another point closer to termination and no unemployment check. Wow! I hope to hell H.R. comes in today and deletes those points..hell I Dont even think that's legal, is it? They called the police on the snakes but they wouldn't dispatch a unit to arrest the subjects. Call orkin and shut the back door?..But then what do I know I'm not accessed.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:31 AM CDT
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Last night
Worked night shift 3:00pm Till 2:00am last night. Makes me feel like a whore to still be workin there, Got to hang untill they lay me off. If I get fired or quit I'm screwed. Just layin low. Tryin to make it untill pink slip day. I need the unemployment check. They are firing people as fast as possible before the lay off. 10 points and your gone. Lots of people right on the edge. God I feel dirty! Gotta shower, later people.

Posted by empire2/airportgardens at 7:31 AM CDT
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