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How to Discern Illness of Sharon

David Dreiling

The reason I am sharing all of this is that although Israel is a democracy, the events of the past few months have served to establish Sharon as a virtual "king" in Israel.

concern that the UK will be spiritually and morally "swallowed up" by Europe

When I first broke through into a new realm of vision shortly after a Rick Joyner conference two years ago, I experienced this extended vision. I shared it with the few friends who were interceeding for London with me, but haven't passed it on to anyone else yet, although I do plan to begin circulating it as God leads. I read on one of Sharon Stone's sites about her concern that the UK will be spiritually and morally "swallowed up" by Europe, and this has encouraged me to pass this on for prayerful consideration and hopefully feedback. With thanks for your site, Tim Cook.

The Mount of Prophets

I broke through in prayer past the clouds of oppression that cover the earth - and waited suspended in the sky - wondering if this was 2nd or 3rd heaven. The first thing I saw was a series of different coloured jewels hanging ahead of me - and like the jewels in Rick Joyners "Vision" - I began to know their meanings. Behind me were two dark and demonic sentinels - almost like machines. To get this far a prophet had to contend with Media - which was sending out a cacophany of noise into the atmosphere - and Doubt - which broadcast lies and fear to young prophets designed to force them to turn back from their experiences, and invalidate the reality of what was happening.

I moved upwards through white clouds and eventually reached some large white stairs going up a hill. I didn't see much on either side as I ascended the steps, but got the impression that there were guarded libraries on my left.

The top of the hill was flat; a courtyard with - I think - 8 large marble pillars around it. there was an altar or table in the centre, and a few trees around the edge. From under the altar ran an extremely clear stream of water, down a channel that ran back down the centre of the stairway.

There were smiling people in white robes milling around the courtyard. I was greeted by a man with a white beard. I knew some names. By this time I think I was kneeling with the awe of the place. I knew that I was wounded and dirty from battle. The man put his hand on my shoulder and welcomed me, "You have come to the Mount of Prophets, son, because you have desired the higher things of God's Kingdom, struggled past the clouds and sentinels, and also repented on Britain's behalf for her treatment of John Wimber and the American prophets. Not many get this far - and to do so requires discipline, determination, suffering, calling and much grace. You have earned the right to be here and will be given gifts, weapons, armour, errands and robes."

He led me to the table - and I ate and drank, and was refreshed - healed and washed by servants in blue robes. There was an eye salve made from the trees of healing. I noticed a pure waterfall leading to the back of the altar, and a small grassy meadow behind the mountain. Me and a brother (who was sharing part of the vision with me) were given royal robes, crowns and other items by the servants - including a gold broach.

I stood at the top of the steps. The man had an armful of scrolls, healing leaves to take back, and three different spears of amazing colour, intricacy and purpose. The golden broach would give me access to the libraries. I felt to open the first scroll.

"This is a warning and a judgement on London. She must not join with Europe - or there will be an earthquake. The United Kingdom must preserve her unique destiny before God". I assumed this meant some sort of spiritual quake. I saw a year, but felt that this part of the vision was unreliable, or possibly undecided in Heaven.

I was taken to a huge and dark hall - it was a Hall of Destiny - for Britain I think. All I could do was lie face down and weep. There are mantles of intercession and repentance waiting in heaven for the church to find and take on, and this was to be the first of many.

One of the dark green leaves was given to me to pass on. If you remember there are healing leaves for the nations. This one is that "Britain will be a sanctuary  whilst other nations are in turmoil and judgement. There will be other sanctuaries around the world"

Love in Christ



Timothy Cook

Shirley Lise
February 25, 2005

Injustice, campaign against injustice. Raise up the standard. Raise up the age old foundations. Address issues and do not shun them. Address issues of ill in society. Address the issue of pornography, of incest, of idolatry, of "playboy" and "playgirl." Address the issue of blatant sin in society. Do not skirt the issue. I have given you voice. Raise up a banner, a declaration to war against the ills in society.

Fuel, I am giving you fuel that will propel the mandate forward to raise up the standard of righteousness in the land. I am giving you the platform. I am giving you My voice. Voice forth My will. Do not hold back.

You will see the turning of the tide. You will see the issues rise to the surface, for I am exposing them, putting them into full view and they will not go overlooked, but they shall stand out and be made known publicly. I shall put these things on display, yet not so man can indulge freely, but so that he may be made ashamed. It is coming, the wave is coming and it shall wash away the filth and purge the land of harlotry.

This is the time for action. I will lead a campaign through the land, and those of My choosing shall get on board. I shall establish My government in the land, not the peoples, but Mine, says the Lord. I shall shake society's hold in false securities and bring such a shaking that men will call out to Me.

This is what I am doing. I am erecting My standard of holiness in the midst of society. All will adhere to it, for I shall come with a sweep through the Earth to bring all onto bended knee. I am rising up to declare war on injustice and it shall manifest in the Earth. Prison doors shall open to those wrongly accused. But to those who refuse to acknowledge My lordship, there shall be great calamity, for I am set to outdo them in their craftiness.

Gain understanding in this day. See that the time is right for the shaking to begin that will wash away impurity, for I shall cleanse and heal and give liberty to those pressed down. Roar forth My ordinances and do not let up until all is put under My feet. Speak forth My word of truth from the platform of righteousness.

Elections are coming up, but a tidal wave of My Spirit shall interrupt their flow. I shall make My name known on the political scene as the one and only name of choice. Say good-bye to your political forum. Kiss good-bye to means and methods of political behavior known, for I come to upset the man-made systems of government in order to erect My counsel and judgement. Once again I shall raise up the priesthood in the land, and establish kings and judges according to My divine order. Once again you will see that the Word of the Lord is read throughout the land and its ordinances kept. How will this take place, you ask, and what will it look like? I have earmarked My governors and given them jurisdiction to reign and rule in the Heavenlies, yet their jurisdiction shall be made known in the Earth, for I shall establish My government in your midst.

I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and I shall rule in righteousness through the kingdom that I am establishing in the Earth. Governors shall take their rightful place. Judges shall be established in the land who shall judge according to My precepts. You have seen the rise and fall of many, but you are yet to see the greatest event in all of history take place, the resurrection of the dead and the establishment of the government of God in the Earth. It is time for these things to come into place.
Shirley Lise
This word is by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)


A Word For the United States Of America

America, America, oh how I desire to bless you! There was a time when
you, as a nation, bore My name and honored Me in all you did. But the
enemy has come in with much corruption and deception and has turned
from the paths of righteousness. He has risen up against you with
of judgment and condemnation. He stands before My throne, at times,
crying out to Me that I destroy you as I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is not My heart to destroy you; no, it is not. My heart is to
you -- but you must be willing and you must cooperate with Me in the
process. You must turn to Me and yield to My Spirit as I begin to sweep
through your nation once again. I am not calling to the unrighteous
at this time, but to those who call themselves by My name. Children,
respond to Me. Humble yourselves before Me and lay aside the great
knowledge that you claim you have -- and learn of Me. Learn My ways and
walk in them. Learn what it is to be in intimacy with Me, to give Me a
priority of your time. Learn what it is to walk in holiness and
Learn what it is to speak words of life and blessing instead of words
grumbling or complaining or cursing.

It is My heart and My desire to restore this nation to once again be a
nation that is called by My name and that brings glory to Me. I desire
to unleash great power and great authority in My church. I desire that
My people lay aside the snares of the world and wholeheartedly embrace
My ways. I desire that My people become a healing balm for their
It is not My heart and My desire that so many die of AIDS and of
I want to raise up a church that walks in My power and love, that this
church might bring healing to their nation. I want to release such
supernatural power and healing that those who are sick will flock to My
people to be healed. I want to release a righteous freedom and
that will break off the bondages and oppressions of the enemy over
who do not yet know Me. I want to turn the lost within your borders to
Myself and release great revival in your midst.

I am calling the lost to Myself within your nation. Already you have
My Spirit stirring among them, startling even the secular news media
their desire to return to family values. Do you not recognize what
is? That is My Spirit moving on the people of this nation, stirring
hearts and causing them to yearn for My righteousness. I have already
stirred Myself on your behalf. Now, My people, I ask you to rise up
in response to what My Spirit is doing. Join Me, My children, in
your nation.

Cleanse your garments and rend your hearts and respond to Me. As you
to Me, I will not turn you away and I will not reject you. No child, I
will respond to you and draw you even closer. It is time to put aside
distractions that keep you from Me. Seek Me and you will surely find
Me --
and not only you My children, but your whole nation. For if My people
are called by My name will seek Me with their whole heart then I will
restore their nation. I will cause holiness and godly values to rise up
all sectors of your land, even among the lost. And I will cause the
healing flow of My love to come forth from My own as a sweet fragrance
that will reach those who do not yet know Me.

No, America, I do not speak words of death over you at this time. I
words of life and release, words of healing and restoration. Respond
Me, America, that I might do what I desire in your midst. I desire to
once again cover you with My wings and place My protection back over
I desire to cause you to rise up as a great nation in Me. You have
on your currency "In God We Trust" -- and I desire to restore that
I desire to restore faith in your land. I desire to do great things in
your midst. I desire to heal your economy and I desire to bring My
to your shores. I desire to make you great in Me, that you might bring
glory to My name.

And America, I will do all these things for you if only My people will
seek Me with their whole hearts, commit to obey Me and walk in My ways.
Turn back to Me, My children of this nation, with your whole heart.
I will turn to you with My whole heart and rise up on behalf of your
nation to restore it, to heal its people and to bring life and revival
to your land.

So respond to Me now, My children, and honor Me in all you do. My
for you are good and they are life. So turn from your own ways and
embrace them. Then I will bless you as a people and I will bless your
nation for your sake. And I will bring My glory once again to your
This word is by James Donovan (jdono78832@aol.com)


A Prophetic Word For England

It is the season to get ready for harvesting, for the seeds you have
planted are maturing. You have pressed into Me and hearkened to My
voice, so let My oracles of life flow from your mouthgate. The seeds
were planted and watered; now is the time of harvesting. My people
have gone through purging and cleansing and yielding to My Spirit. I
have brought about much change in My servants as they denied self and
pressed into intimacy with Me.

There has been much toiling. But now is the time to reap a harvest of
souls in England, then stretching out to other nations. You have
into Me, and drawn nigh unto Me and resisted the schemes of the enemy.
You seek My face and build My Kingdom, not self-motivated, but yielded
to My Spirit, moving mightily because of My intercessors who were
and pressed into the throneroom. Out of this intimacy, you shall see an
increase of souls for My glory.

So get ready, for the river of God is going to flow through the nation
of England. Many who are hungry for more and for change will come to
know Me as Lord and Savior. My Spirit is moving upon this nation;
shall be a mighty move of My Spirit with signs and wonders following
like never before seen. I will move through those who hearken to My
and deny self and glorify Me. They will flow in an abundance of My
anointing; there will be an increase in the prophetic and the
moves of God like never before. It will effect the world.

I am breathing life into My church; I am empowering My church by My
to go forth in My power and anointing by My Spirit. I am springing up a
well of life flowing from willing vessels, yielding to My voice in this
season. Yes, to bring life to those who are hungry for Me!

James Donovan

Dream About George Bush

However, God has a praying remnant. Our prayers will help Bush. The golden censers have prayers stored in them that have seen his need. The golden censor holds prayers for these times. Bush's administration will be more overshadowed than any others have ever been.


Becky McLendon
The Seeds Of World War III

A prophetic friend of mine, Bob Jones, believes that World War III actually began with the assassination of Anwar Sadat. It seems that this is proving to be true. This is marked by many as the beginning of the hijacking of the Islamic faith by radical extremists that have now stirred up a nearly worldwide conflict. This war may be unfolding very differently than the world wars of the last century, but it is in fact proving to be a world war, and its potential is to be far more devastating than the last two combined.

Rick Joyner
The War In Iraq Will Change Into Another War

This world is headed for a big change. I tell you that the war in Iraq will be transformed into a war with someone else. Those who have watched are also those who have prepared. I tell you that North Korea is building an arsenal, and they are also in league with China. The war on terrorism is not a war that one can win as easily as one might think. It involves the entire world

 Stephen Hanson
Reagan's Hat & Mantle

Vision by Bonnie Franklin 06/12/04

On the day that President Reagan died, and his casket was carried out of the National Cathedral, the Lord opened up my eyes into the spirit realm and I saw 2 angels escorting the president in the clouds. Destination - heaven. Yet, Reagan looked down into that Cathedral and saw young George W. Bush and in an instant he also saw the plans of the enemy. His eyes were opened up in the spirit realm. The effect of the Alzheimer’s had disappeared.

Ronald Reagan was seeing the news events of the past ten years in quick motion. He wanted to know about the former Soviet Union and was pleased about much. He saw the election of 2000 and the confusion there as the ballots were counted and recounted again. Then he saw the plans of the enemy - the planes, the targets. The day was 9/11. He dug in his heels and his golden spurs. (Yes, he was going to heaven with his cowboy boots on.) He pulled against the two angels who had him arm in arm and said, "I must help this young man." Who was he speaking of? President George W. Bush.

Reagan took off his cowboy hat, and I saw him toss it down from the sky. George W. caught it within his hands. Now that Texas Ranger had a stronger and bolder mantle on his shoulders - one to cover international and world events. This young one would have a hand in shaping the world maps and in changing the world for a better place. Reagan liked this young man from Texas; he could see he was a man after his own heart. By the spirit he knew that they both were men most at home in their ranch homes - the closest places to heaven on earth for these cowboy men.

"For even as the President, my friend Ronald Reagan, laid his head to rest, long before he even died,” the Spirit of God said, “I took that mantle and I put it upon this president."

Kim Clement, June 28, 2004
Bonnie Franklin
Oh Australia

Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, and yes even remote Alice Springs will see manifestations of glory and signs and wonders that will silence your accusers and bring about national waves of repentance for the sake of unity. The rains will begin to pour forth in the natural as waves of rain from the heavens are released in the supernatural upon you.


Mary Lindow
Prophetic Insight

Terrorism is reaching a new height because God is getting ready to judge it in order to free Nations and terrorist alike from the awful demon of Jihad. Blaming the war on Iraq is not the answer to ending the war on terrorism. Prayer is the answer my friends. By way of prayer God is going to intervene in such a manner that will send ripples of revulsion through Satan's Kingdom. Therefore, we must stand behind our President and pray him back into office.

Nita Johnson

-by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj (-prophet from India).
Delivered to the church in St. Louis, June 2002.

Don't you believe any of the false prophets who preached to you
after 9/11 saying it was not a judgment of God.... Two days
before 9/11 happened, a dear friend of mine, a very saintly prophet  Sadhu Sundar Selvara
of God, was taken up in the spirit to Heaven. And while he stood
before the presence of the Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ
called forth for a mighty, powerful angel. He came and stood
before the Lord Jesus Christ. And a fiery torch was given to this
angel. As soon as the angel held the torch, he became enflamed
(engulfed) with fire from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet.
And then, the command was given to the angel, GO FORTH! And
cast this fire down upon the nations of the world. And the angel
and this prophet came down, and they stood in the mid-heavens.
And the angel told him, now see what happens. And the angel
took the fiery torch in his hand and cast down fires in several parts
of the earth. And when the fires were thrown, the angel told him,
>From now onward, there will be bombings, fires and destructions in
many, many nations around the world. That (vision) was (given to
this prophet) on the seventh of September (of 2001).

On the eighth of September, when he was conducting a fasting and
prayer meeting in his church, the same angel came and stood by
his side again, and repeated into his ear, audibly, word for word,
every event that he saw the previous day. And the angel commanded
him, Now, declare to your church everything that you saw and you
heard. And with great fear and trembling, he shared what he saw
and what he heard. And they all prayed. Several days later came
the judgment upon America. It was not an ordinary terrorist attack.
If you read in the Old Testament, the five books of Moses, every time
Israel would go away, go astray from the commandments and laws
of God, the Bible says very clearly, God will turn her enemies
against her. The hornets and the wild beasts will be let loose to
come and create havoc in the land of Israel among the Israelites.
If God can do that to the chosen nation, the chosen people, how
much more YOU? God removed his protective cover, removed his
protective hand, because you constantly turned your back against
the Almighty God.

I was supposed to speak with you about the crucified life, as I
mentioned last night. But today, as I was here during the worship
service, an angel of the Lord came and stood before me, and he
told me to do something else. That is what is happening right now.
Exodus 34:5 onwards..."And the Lord passed by before Him and
proclaimed, The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious,
longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth. Keeping mercy
for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin. And
that will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquities of the
fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, to the
third and to the fourth generation."

Please observe the last part in verse seven, "visiting the iniquities
of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children
unto the third and fourth generation. I came well prepared to
continue preaching on the crucified life. But as we were deeply
worshiping the Lord, I saw the chief prince angel over the nation of
the United States of America. He came and stood before me. I
first began seeing chief prince angels of nations when I went to
South Africa. That was the first time that I ever saw a chief prince
angel that is in charge of overlooking the affairs of an entire nation.
And he gave me a word concerning the nation, concerning the will
of God, and what God's purpose is for the nation. From then
onwards, for the many, many nations that I would go to, the respective
angels of those nations would come to me and give me a word for
the nation: what is God's word, what does God think about the
nation, what has been happening in the nation, in the churches, and
what is going to come to pass.

So when the angel of the United States of America came and stood
before me, I tremble and quake every time I see an angel of a nation,
I always tremble and quake in my heart, because of the awesome
anointing and authority they have. When he came and stood before
me, he told me, An awesome judgment is going to come upon
America very soon. An awesome judgment. When he spoke, I felt
a fear, a Godly fear running through my bones and my spirit. This
is not a judgment that would destroy the entire nation, but something
quite similar to what happened with the twin towers. But, it can all
be prevented, IF RIVERS OF INTERCESSION flow in the nation.
This is the word that he told me to speak.

And I saw, that if you will take this seriously and pray, a huge river
flowing all throughout the center of your country. If it flows - a river
of tears, rivers of intercession (and as the angel was speaking, I
saw this huge white river flowing from the east to the west)-- only
that would prevent this judgment that could come. And then I saw
this angel, where he was positioned and where he was standing,
guarding over the United States of America. He was standing
very near to where the Statue of Liberty is. A huge, gigantic angel!
If you read in Revelation, chapter ten, it is written, John saw an
angel so huge and mighty that one of his legs was on the earth,
the other leg was on the sea, and he stretched out his hand and he
reached to the sun. Can you imagine what a gigantic figure he
must have been? Probably as tall as the Sears tower or the former
World Trade Center. Such a huge, gigantic angel standing guard
over the United States of America! My dearly beloved brothers and
sisters, as he was speaking these words, he said this is the word
that you should preach tonight. And then I saw the heavens open,
and from the throne of God, this word came to me: Visiting the
iniquities of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's
children unto the third and to the fourth generation. The judgments
of God. Don't you believe any of the false prophets who preach to
you after 9/11 saying, it was not a judgment of God. I tell you, as
a non-American, and as a holy prophet of God, what happened was
a judgment from God....

You know, when I first came to America, in 1991, on the fourth of
July, your Independence Day, I was in a conference scheduled to
speak. As I was worshiping the Lord, I saw the heavens open
before me, and the Lord Jesus Christ stood there, and He told me,
"Now I am going to give you a word for this nation." Among the
three things that He showed me, they all have come to pass, but
I will tell you one thing that concerns you right now: I saw the flag
of America. -- You know, I have never seen a people like the
Americans, who love their nation so much, and who are so patriotic
about their great nation. That is good. When I traveled in your
country, I used to see these huge, gigantic flags that fly so
majestically in some parts of the country. I feel very proud, as if I
myself was an American. The same American flag, I saw in the
heavens. But instead of flying in the right direction, it was flying in
the reverse direction. And the Lord Jesus Christ was standing at
the flag and knocking on the flag. And as He was knocking, I saw
the words, LAST CALL flashing. Last Call was flashing and flashing.
Then the word of the Lord came unto me, "This nation -- the flag
that you see flying in the reverse direction is the heart of this nation
that has turned away from righteousness, and is walking toward unrighteousness.

She has turned her back towards Me. Yet, I am still calling her.
Last call, last call, last call. And for the three months that I was
in the U.S. during that period, every church and every conference
that I went to, I was commanded to share this vision. And ask the
American people to pray for your country. But you know, I was
very aghast to notice that the Americans, especially American
Christians, take very lightly such words, because you think that
the non-Christian Americans deserve God's judgment. You really
don't love your country. You think you love your country, but deep
down in your heart, you don't really love your country. You have
such a self-righteous attitude, thinking that the non-Christians
deserve the judgment of God, and you deserve Heaven. Don't you
think that when the twin towers came down, many Christians also
perished? When the economy of New York City came to a
standstill, how many Christians also suffered economic losses, job
layoffs. Thirty-thousand Indians working in New York City were sent
back home. Overnight, 30,000 Indians lost their jobs. They came
back home, among them, many Christians. They wrote to me for
prayer. When the judgment of God comes, remember: even the
righteous may have to suffer. When God's judgments came upon
Israel, and she was taken captive to Babylon, righteous Daniel was
among them! He was a captive. When Israel was under the captivity
of another foreign nation, righteous Jeremiah was there! Righteous
Nehemiah was there. The righteous saints also go into the captivity!
Don't you forget that. Don't forget that. You have been duped by
all the false teachers and false prophets in your country, deluding
you and deceiving you into thinking that no matter what happens,
you will always be protected. As a result, you are suffering from
spiritual lethargy, hearing only that which you want to hear and
switching off when you don't want to hear. You know, of you it is
written in the Bible, "those who have itching ears, only wanting to
hear pleasant words." My dear brothers and sisters, the judgments
of God are real. The countdown has begun.

You know, India and Pakistan came this close to an all-out nuclear
war. If the war took place, the whole of Pakistan would have been
wiped out. Four northern states in India would have been wiped
out. And the defense analysts predicted that Pakistan would have
been uninhabitable for thirty years because of the nuclear dust that
would be hanging over the country. The whole of north India would
have been wiped out. Nepal would be wiped out. Tibet would be
affected. They came this close to an all-out nuclear war. Somehow,
God spared us.

My dear brothers and sisters, if you read the Holy Bible, forget about
church doctrines, forget about vain traditions and teachings of men
who only want to bilk you out of your money. I am declaring to you
the oracles of God right now. From Genesis to Revelation, if you
read the Holy Bible, it shows very clearly two things: redemptive
judgment. God judges! Because He is a good God. From the
garden of Eden all the way up to the book of Revelation, you will
see these two themes: love and judgment. Not just love and love,
and bless me and bless me. This is how your prophets and teachers
are teaching you today. And they have not only corrupted the
American church, they are corrupting the Indian church. They are
corrupting the Eastern church, they're corrupting the African church
and they're corrupting the European church. It (unbalanced teaching)
has been exported!...

Many people teach, If you are once saved, you are forever saved.
That is a teaching from the pit of hell. Once saved is not forever
saved. (Technically, I do believe that, but not practically.) Not from
the viewpoint of God, because it is written in Matthew 24:13, "He that
endures until the end, only HE shall be saved." Enduring until the
end! Lot's wife did not endure until the end. As she was on the road
to redemption, she left behind her heart in Sodom and Gomorrah.
Her heart pulled her back. And she turned and she saw, SAVED
but then suddenly DESTROYED! Don't be deceived! I tell you one
more time with great love and all humility, don't be deceived that once
saved is always saved. Don't be deceived that just because you are
a tongue-talking Christian that you will be saved and caught up in the
rapture. Don't be deceived. He that endures until the end, only he
shall be saved. Look at the story of Nineveh. Jonah went there,
preaching. It took three days to walk around the whole city. For
three days, he was crying out, "REPENT! If not, then in forty days
you will be destroyed!" From the king to the animals, they all fasted
for forty days. They repented in sackcloth. God's heart was moved
with compassion. Judgment was delayed, but Nineveh was eventually
destroyed because she only repented for a season, like you (America).

After 9/11, the whole nation appeared holy and repentant for a season.
Now you are back to normal. You are back to your filth. You are
back to your corruption, you are back to your sins. You have forgotten
the repentance you did after 9/11. The vows you have made unto the
living God after 9/11, you have forgotten! The altars that you had
repaired after 9/11, you have forgotten! And they are back in ruins
again! The Scriptures say, "My Spirit shall not strive with man
forever." My spirit shall not strive with man forever.

Now come with me to the New Testament, in Luke, chapter nineteen.
The Lord Jesus Christ looks at the city of Jerusalem, His beloved
city, His own city, He has no other city except Jerusalem. He looked
at the city, and He beat His face and He cried, and cried and cried.
No one had ever seen the Lord Jesus crying like that before. This
was even before He cried at Lazarus's tomb. He was beating His
face, beating his breast and crying bitterly. Why? Because the
very people for whom He came, as the very personification of
redemption, they were going to reject the Messiah. And what would
result from that rejection? Judgment. The Lord Jesus predicted, "Oh
Jerusalem, you are going to be destroyed! They are going to siege
you around! You are going to be utterly destroyed! Your city will
be burned, you will become ashes!" He cried, like a mother crying
for her baby. Thirty-three and a half years after the Lord Jesus Christ
was crucified, Jerusalem was burned to ashes. Not one time, but
three times, the city was burned to ashes. My dear brothers and
sisters, did she repent?

-by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj (-prophet from India).
Delivered to the church in St. Louis, June 2002.

America is good. A good nation, a giving nation, a helpful nation.
And at the same time, a prideful, arrogant nation. She thinks that
she has become great by the power and strength of her own might.
She has forgotten that it is the Lord God that has lifted you up,
blessed you, made you strong and mighty, but you have forgotten
your creator.

Look at the Book of Revelation, chapter two and three, the seven
messages to the seven churches that were existing at the time.
None of them, except the church in Smyrna, received a (good) word
from the Lord Jesus Christ. The rest of the six churches were
receiving conditional judgment. If they repented, it would be well and
good. If not, the Lord said (to one particular church), "I will remove
your candlestick and you will be destroyed."

I was once preaching in a charismatic church in Singapore. The
pastor invited me to his house for Christmas Day dinner. Together
with me were his two church elders. After dinner, before I left, he
said, please bless our family before you leave. I stood to pray for
his family. And the Lord Jesus Christ came and stood beside me
and said, "For three years, I have been coming to his church and
looking for fruits, and none are bearing. Right now, I am going to
cut this tree." Then I fell on my knees, and I interceded for the
church. For twenty-five minutes, I cried to the Lord. "No Lord, please
don't. Please don't. Spare them Lord for one more year. The Lord
Jesus heard my prayer and He said, "Because you asked, I will
spare them for one more year." After the prayer, I called the pastor
privately and I told him this word (from the Lord). And I totally forgot
about this entire event. But, 365 days later, exactly to the day, the
Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and He said, "The one year is up."
I totally forgot about it. He came and reminded me. "The one year is
up. And during that one year, she did not bear any fruit. NOW, the
reapers will go and will cut the tree." From the moment the Lord
Jesus spoke that word, I saw the tree of this church withering day
by day, by day. Today, it does not exist. Even the pastor is no
more the pastor of the church. The church totally closed up. This
is just one example that I have told you. I could tell you examples
of many other churches where the Lord came and removed the
candlestick from the other churches.

(Another) church with whom I had a very close affiliation, it's like I
was a mother giving birth to the church (I gave birth to the church).
But the very mother who gave birth to the church, -the very mother-,
had to use a dagger to stab her, like Abraham did. One day when
I was in their church, the Lord Jesus appeared to me and He said,
"I am going to remove their candlestick." When I told this to the
pastor, he laughed at me. He said, "Brother, we are in the New
Testament. We are under grace. How would God ever do like
(what you have just said)?" I looked at him and I said, "If I am a
true prophet of God, and if that word truly came from God, it will
come to pass." And I shook off the dust off my feet that day, and
I never went back to that church again. But one year later, the
candlestick was removed from the church. And that church is no
more in existence.

My dear brothers and sisters, donâ't take your salvation for granted.
Don't take your freedom for granted. Don't take the mercy of God
for granted. Don't take the redemptive grace of God for granted.
Several years ago, I was preaching at a conference in Sydney,
Australia. You know the city of Sydney is exactly like the city of
San Francisco. The very sins in San Francisco are the very sins
in Sydney. The very sins that you see in New York City are the
very sins in Perth. Two identical cities, on the east and west coast
in your nation are the same (in these spiritual respects) cities in
Australia, east and west coast. They are always gateway cities.
While I was there, one evening an awesome angel came and stood
before me. I am usually never fearful in the midst of angels, except
when I started seeing the chief princes of nations. But that particular
angel, when he stood before me, I trembled and quaked like a leaf.
And he had like a bowl in his hand. And he looked at me with a
fierce look in his eyes, and he said, "I am one of the two angels that
was sent out to spy Sodom and Gomorrah. And I have been sent
here to spy out the city and pour this vial of judgment upon the city."
Only then I understood why I was trembling. With fear, I fell on my
face before God. I prayed and prayed for the city of Sydney. I said,
"Lord, not now. There is still three more days for the conference,
Lord. I will gather all the Christians to repent for Sydney, to pray for
this nation." For a long time I was lying on my face. Finally, the
countenance on the angel's face changed. He became calmer, and
he said, "I am leaving now for a season." And he left. That night I
went to the conference. Seven hundred people had come, and
I shared with them what I saw. All the 700 people fell down on their
faces before God. For forty-five minutes -- there was no message
that evening -- for forty-five minutes, they were all crying, beating
their faces, beating their breasts, and beating the floors. The whole
auditorium was reverberating and echoing with their tears and with
their cries. Everyone from the oldest to the youngest were on their
faces before God. My dear brothers and sisters, I tell you one more
truth today. As the chief prince angel of the United States of
America stood before me, he said, Like the angels that went out to
spy out Sodom and Gomorrah, a host of angels are walking the
length and breadth of your country, spying out the land in a similar
manner to how the two angels did (at Sodom)." I tell you, when the
white missionaries go to the East and to Africa to preach, we hear
the gospel. We turn away from our millions of gods of wood and
stone, and we turn back to worship the true and living God. But
the gods we give up, you are now embracing, and you are bowing
down and worshiping them. So who is the greater heathen, tell me?
The nations in the East? No way! Because we are turning back to
the righteous God. And the supposedly Christian nation is becoming
a heathen nation where you have all kinds of abomination. You know,
none of the Muslim nations in the Middle East will allow (except for
Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, except for these three
countries) -- the rest of the countries would never allow a Christian
church in their nation. The largest Muslim mosque outside the
Middle East is in the United Kingdom. In fact, the headquarters for
their European operation and American operation is in the United
Kingdom, a supposedly Christian nation. And the churches in the
U.K. open their doors to allow the Muslims to come in and use their
very premises for the propagation of Islam. Would they (Muslim
countries) do that? They will not even allow you (to practice openly
in their country). They consider Christians infidels. They will not
even allow us into their churches. They will not allow us to build
churches in their nations. Whereas, we, in the name of the First
Amendment, -- you know, your very freedom has become your
curse. The very First Amendment that you use to promote 'freedom
of speech' has become your very curse. That's what the gays are
now using. The First Amendment. We (the gays, in this case) have
the right to speak what we want, and you (the church) cannot
disagree with us. Your freedom, your liberty, has become your
curse. My dear brothers and sisters, unless you weep for your nation,
great judgment is going to come. Unless rivers of intercession flow
in your nation, unless tears of repentance flow from your eyes, flow
from your churches and water this nation, judgments have been

You know, there is a certain group of angelic beings called the
Watchers. We only read about them in one book of the Bible. The
book of Daniel, chapter four, verses 13 and 23. This specific group
of angelic beings are in charge of executing and overseeing the plans
of God and judgments of God over each nation. At their command,
they can execute judgment. I was in the nation of Indonesia in 1998,
just after the fall of a dictator that ruled that nation for thirty-two
years. On the first day that I was in that nation, the chief prince
angel over Indonesia entered into my room, and he said, "Whatever
has happened in this nation has been decreed and ordered by the
watchers in Heaven. They decreed and they said, let there be a
change." And overnight, the dictator of thirty-two years was
overthrown. Overnight -- it did not happen over a long period of time.
Overnight, he was overthrown -- decreed by the Watchers. The
same decree has been passed. However, -- you know, when a
person is sentenced to death, he can have one last final appeal to
the president. Do you have this in your country?

We have this (law) there. It is called the "President's pardon". If
the President chooses to pardon, the person sentenced to die can
(have their sentence reduced) to life in prison. You (America) are in
that stage (or situation) right now, and your only appeal is to the
Heavenly Father. The final pardon is in His hands. If not (if the
church in America does not give enough intercession and weeping),
9/11 was just a sample. It will be repeated and repeated.

My dear brothers and sisters, God loves you. If he did not love you,
an angel would not have come to give that word. Let me tell you
today how God works. If He wants to execute a judgment, He will
just carry it out without informing His prophets. He would do that.
Why does He tell His prophets? Amos 3:7-8- "God will not do
anything before He tells His prophets." Why? So that they will
pray. God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but why tell
Abraham beforehand? So that he would intercede and pray for the
salvation of Lot. He (Lot) was under the same curse. He (God)
could have just destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Why inform
Abraham first? Even today, God follows this same principle. Why
is God informing you? So that you can be saved. So that you will
repent. So that you will cry out to God. So that His entire
pronouncement can be overturned, and mercy can come upon your
nation. You know, it is not so much God's wrath, but the hardness
of your hearts, the hardness and sins in your hearts that must be
changed, and the nation will turn back from unrighteousness to
righteousness. You have an awesome call upon your nation. You
know, the symbol of your nation, a flying eagle, was not chosen by
your forefathers by accident. An eagle is a Heavenly bird. It's
supposed to be up there in the heavenlies with God, not down on
the ground like a vulture, eating flesh. But you, the mighty eagle,
have now become an ugly, flesh-eating vulture. The church is no
better. The standards of the world have crept into the church. Are
you pure?

What is the difference between you and the world? You are called
to be separate. You are called to be peculiar. What is so peculiar
about you if your lifestyle is exactly the same as the world? What
is so peculiar? Why then should non-believing Americans get saved?
Why? When the church is stinking, why should they get saved?
That is the reason why many are embracing Islam. They are
embracing Buddhism. Did you know, let me tell you truth, Buddhism
is the fastest growing religion in North America. Not Christianity,
which is decreasing in size. The church in Europe is decreasing in
size. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe. What's
happening to you? The church is growing in the East. The church is
growing in Africa. But you are shrinking. Why? Because (your lack
of loyalty or fidelity to the teachings of Christ) stinks.

Tell me now in all honesty. Do you think that you deserve the grace
of God? You don't. Do you honestly believe, as you see your own
condition better than I do, do you honestly think that you deserve the
mercy of God? No. Yet, God is good God. His mercy endures
forever. (The passage in Scripture states), "The Lord, God is good,
merciful, forgiving, merciful to a thousand generations." In the many
names of God that are mentioned in Scripture, three times it talks
about His goodness. Only one time it says that He will judge, which
means His goodness is three times greater than His judgment. My
dearly beloved American brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus Christ
loves you very much. But He cannot accept a corrupted church.
He loves you. If not, this meeting would not have been held. He
loves you very much. But He cannot accept a compromising church.
He loves you, but He cannot accept deceiving teachers, and lying
prophets. But the wheat and tares have been allowed to grow at the
same time. He has allowed it, patiently waiting, hoping against all
hope that you will repent. Every little judgment that He sends to you,
hoping against all hope that you will repent. But you are not. You
know, I fear that your fate will be as exactly what happened to
Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus said, "Prophets after prophets were sent
to you, Jerusalem. Instead of embracing them, you stoned them to
death. And (as) the final prophet, I am coming. You have not known
the hour of your visitation, oh Jerusalem. And now, therefore, the
hour is coming when you will be sieged all around, and you will be
desolate." What would you like to choose? Let's all bow our head
for a word of prayer. What will you choose? Will you cause a river
of intercession to flow in your nation? Will you cause a river of
intercession to flow in your nation? Or are you going to just sit here
and let this word run down your back like water on a duck's back?
Can God count on you? Can all the hosts of Heaven count on you
that you will intercede? That you will weep like Jeremiah? Can He
count on you? If you are willing, get up from your seats right now,
and fall down on your face before God. And lift up your heart and cry
for your nation now! Lift up your hearts and cry for your nation now!
Lift up your heart and cry for your nation. Oh, America, oh beautiful
America, won't you repent? Tear you heart! Tear your heart! And
cry for your country! I am not asking you to cry for India! Cry for
your own nation! Tear your heart. Cry out to Him for His mercy! Tell
Him, "We have sinned Lord! We have sinned, Lord. We have turned
our backs against you, God!" Cry out to Him. Cry out to Him now!
Let the rivers of intercession flow now Oh you daughters of
America, let your tears flow now, let your tears flow.

Cast away your good-for-nothing pride! Cast away your pride. Your
military might is nothing before God. Cast away your arrogance.
Cast away your sexual sin! Cry, cry, takes (America's) sins onto
your shoulders, and cry now. Let your tears flow like rivers now.
Let your tears flow like rivers. The children in the East are
repenting and turning back to righteousness. Oh My children in
America, will you be destroyed? Will you perish, while they who are
sitting in darkness are turning back to righteousness and light? Oh
ye, that were of light and sitting in the light, why have you embraced
darkness? Why have you allowed your understanding to be darkened?
Why have your beauties turned into corruption? Cry out to Him. Cry
out to Him now. The Spirit of Christ is telling me now; the only way
that righteousness can spring up in this nation is if the church will
turn back to righteousness. And she will weep and sow righteousness
into the land. Oh you daughters of America, don't just mechanically
pray. Don't just pray because I asked you to pray. Tear your heart!
Tear you inner heart! And turn back to God with weeping, with fasting,
with repentance. Turn back to God! (Spirit of grace and spirit of
supplication, come and abide in us!)

[Forty-five minutes or so of weeping and intercession is offered. Then
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj returned to offer these additional words]: The
angel over the United States of America is still standing here. And
he showed me that all your intercession (just offered) is just a drop in
the bucket that he has in his hand. And the word of the Lord that has
just come to me is this, "If My people who are called by My name will
humble themselves, seek My face and pray, and turn back from their
wicked ways, I will hear their prayers, I will forgive their sins and I will
heal their land." Lift up your hands to God, America.

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Elections [Canada] 2004

The Lord spoke to me about the upcoming elections in Canada.

The shaking will continue. Every plan that was devised in darkness will be brought into the light. There will be nothing left standing. In the process there will be much grief in the people as they see that there is no judge on the earth to bring their cause to righteous end. There will be groaning as the Lord sweeps through the electoral process, police organizations both in the RCMP and city police. Leaders in the house of the Lord will not be spared as they have also done violence in the land against the Sheep of the Shepherd. Criminal activity will continue to be brought to light.


 Carla Rickard
It’s Later Than You Think

Great things will come forth now, even suddenly. The heavens are soon to fold away into a scroll and great darkness will cover the earth. The evil one is spewing out his hordes from the gates and portals of hell. He is sending them forth, even those he has reserved for this time, to wage war on the saints.

Dee Hoetmer
What The Spirit Is Saying

We have a short period of Grace open to us, to quickly respond to the Lord and to clean up our lives so that He can transform us into new wineskins that can be filled with the greater anointing that is needed for now.

 Susan Cummings

The End Times: a vision by Paul Cain
by Terry Sullivant

Paul has had several specific burdens and prophetic expectations for the Body of Christ
today and in the days to come. He has had reoccurring visions concerning the end
times, which he believes are rapidly approaching. About 30 years ago the Lord gave
Paul a vision that has occurred to Paul more than 100 times and still reoccurs to this

It is a vision of the last days when sports stadiums all over the United States are filled
with thousands of people. In this vision, people are being healed and miracles are
happening to thousands in the name of Jesus Christ. People are turning to the Lord in
droves and the whole nation is in revival. It seemed the whole earth was turning to

Television news reporters are broadcasting stories of resurrections and miracle
healings. None of the secular reporters could get near the men on the platform. They
did not know who the men were. Paul described them as "almost faceless men." He
hears a TV anchorman saying, "There are no sporting events to report tonight because
all the stadiums, ball parks and arenas are being used for large revival meetings and
are filled with people crying, ''Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord."

In these visions, Paul saw these men minister for three days and nights without food,
water or change of clothing. Supernatural strength enabled them to continue for these
long periods. In the vision, Paul is standing at the crossroads of life and sees a billboard
that says, "Joel's army now in training." People are being trained to walk in obedience
to Jesus. They have learned patience and endurance, have the power of God and
having done all, they know how to stand against the enemy.

"They will have the mind of Christ," Paul said. "They will partake of the heavenly calling
and be a new breed, God's dread champions." Those ministries will be filled with such
passion for Jesus and the power of the Spirit that the host of darkness will dread their

Paul said in the midst of the Laodicean church age of lethargy and apathy, that God
was preparing in hiddenness an army to pull down enemy strongholds, and go forth in
the power of God and have pure and undefiled religion.

"He's going to do this with a people who have stripped themselves and separated
themselves from the world, the flesh and the devil," Paul said. "They will realize the
end time is here and that things are in a mess and things at the end time are different.
Just as it required total sacrifice on the part of the disciples to begin this thing, it will
require an equal commitment from us to complete the task in the end times. Joe's
mighty army, as described in Joel Ch. 2 is the army of God - not a wicked army, as
some have thought. They are the ones with 'feet of iron not mixed with clay', with the
wisdom of God alone, not imitators of other men of God. Some of the superstars of the
Church will fall. The Lord will have an army of holy anointed vessels to usher in His
kingdom so that no one man can take credit for it. It will be to the glory of God alone."



Paul Cain
Alaska, Get Ready! (Vision)

By Maria Magruder

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March 28th, 2004

As I was in worship today, I was taken into a vision of Alaska. I don’t normally share visions, but I felt impressed by the Spirit to share this vision for whomever may read it, may run with it.

Vision Part I

I saw an angel in heaven, this angel was literally throwing fireballs down from heaven to earth. I saw these “fireballs” hitting the state of Alaska. There were many balls of fire. It was not just one ball of fire, but many. Every village in Alaska was hit by one of these fireballs. The angel had the exact coordinates for the launching of these balls of fire. Not one ball of fire missed. Every one hit its designated target at the designated/appointed time. I saw people in the villages going about their normal routines and having a “suddenly” experience with God Almighty, wherever they were at. I saw the power of God falling on people all over-just as they were going about their business, receiving miracles and being supernaturally touched by the fire of God.

This part of the vision is found in Revelations:

Rev 8:3-5 “Then another angel, having a golden censer (vessel) came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel’s hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and threw it to the earth. And there were noises, thunderings, and an earthquake.”

What Goes Up, Must Come Down:

It’s the sacrifice of the prayers of the saints that has been heard by the living God. It’s the sacrifice that has been made on the altar for many years, its no doubt the prayer of the righteous that has gone up to the altar of the throne room, and has become a sweet smell to Jehovah and has availed much.

Alaska, you have gotten the attention of the heavenlies, and your prayers are in the very process of being answered! Get ready Alaska! For the balls of fire are not balls of destruction, they are your answered prayer for Alaska ablaze, they are the answers to your prayers. They are the very thing you have cried out to God for, in your state. These fire balls represent every prophecy ever spoken over Alaska by His breath. You’ve heard it over and over again, however the word of the Lord is prepare, prepare, prepare, for the very thing you have prayed is about to be poured out upon you. For what goes up must come down, as God’s word will not return void but will fulfill its very purpose. The countdown is on, and not one village will be missed, not one area will go un-touched by the very presence of God, and the fire of God. Although this fire is not meant for destruction, but meant for good, there will be some who will be consumed by this fire. This fire will consume and destroy the false doctrines that have flooded this state for many years. There will be new light and revelation of what doctrine is from heaven and what is not.

Vs. 5 “…And there will be noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake.”

Lightning in this verse in the greek is “to flash or to shine” and earthquake in this verse in the greek is “commotion of the air”. God is going to shine His light so bright, there will be no question what is of Him to His sheep, for His sheep know His voice, and His voice does thunder as many waters. The earthquake will cause a commotion of the doctrines-as you will see a distinct separation of the goats from the sheep, the truth from the lies of the enemy. The lies that have been so disguised by religious devils of corrupting His Word, will be exposed and repentance will come.

Part II of the Vision:

After seeing the fireballs being thrown to the earth, hitting Alaska, I saw a line of doors. There were several doors, and each door had a name on it. Here are the names that I saw: Revelation, Truth, Salvation, Creative Miracles, Healing, Deliverance, Wisdom, Knowledge, God Kind of Faith, Prophecy, and Wealth. These doors were in-between heaven and earth. In-between heaven and Alaska. I then saw these doors open all at once! Not one at a time but all at the same time and literally SWARMS of angels, flying through these doors from the heavenlies, flying at rapid pace towards Alaska.

This part of the vision found in Acts:

Acts 16:25-26 “But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken, and immediately ALL THE DOORS WERE OPENED AND EVERYONE’S CHAINS WERE LOOSED.”

Once again, what goes up must come down! Paul and Silas were praying an praising, and as they did that, their prayers hit the throne room and immediately ALL THE DOORS WERE OPENED, and the captives were set free. Glory! The doors were opened after the earthquake. As above the earthquake in the greek means “commotion”. So, there will first be a great commotion in Alaska concerning doctrine and the separation of the truth from the lies that will shake many foundations. Then, Alaska, as you continue to sow prayers and praise, ALL the doors are going to immediately open at once, and there will be a flood of the heavenlies that you have yet to see, that will literally set the captive free, will set those who have been in bondage free. Finally free! Alaska, you are about to see the great in-flux of souls come into the Kingdom of God. As you continue to lift Jesus’ name up, He is going to draw ALL men unto Himself. Your part is to pray and praise, His part is to draw the people. Take on His yoke, for your yoke is un-bearable and too heavy to carry and His is full of the anointing that breaks the yoke!

You will especially see a supernatural move throughout the villages where it seems to be the “darkest”. Where there has been great bondage in alcohol, drug abuse, sexual abuse, depression, suicide, and all the profanity of the devil, you will see it break. There will be a stronghold of righteousness, divine Godly power and a stronghold of peace that floods the villages. Get ready Alaska, this is going to be the greatest move you have ever seen! For God is about to release a flood of divine power that will turn the heads of even the greatest men on earth to what is about to happen in Alaska! Get ready, get ready
Maria Magruder
A Message Of Preparation

"I tell you that things are going to be changing for the world over the next few months and year. For government systems will take on a new change of direction. Osama Bin Ladin will be found out by the end of the year. His capture will be good for the minds of many of the American people, but many in his original country will mourn for his capture. I tell you that you cannot root out all evil. You pull out old weeds from a garden and new ones will take their place. Even though these things will happen, liberalism will take on the form of much of the American governmental system. For the political party will be one of acceptance. Liberalism will be the order of the campaign coming this fall. No more will agendas be made as they have been made. I tell you that America will be losing ground with the rest of the world in terms of its ethical impact. For marriages and children will be held in jeopardy because of new laws that will be passed. I tell you that it is a short time before the anti-christ figure comes upon the scene. He will exalt himself above all others. I tell you that when they say "peace and safety" then beware, for that is when the real deception comes."


Stephen Hanson
2004 Prophecy

“Fear not America for the Lord is with you. Many have prophesied in My Name the destruction of America, but I have not spoken it, says the Lord. The haters of this Nation will seek to destroy, but wisdom will prevail against it.”

Aquilla Nash
Do Not Fear

"It will not be long before there will come upon the world a time of unparalleled upheaval and turmoil. Do not fear for it is I the Lord who am shaking all things. I began this shaking with the first world war and I greatly increased it through the second world war. Since 1973 I have given it an even greater impetus. In the last stage, I plan to complete it with the shaking of the universe itself, with signs in sun and moon and stars...........

Lance Lambert
Mel Gibson - King Cyrus of Babylon

The LORD stirred up the spirit of Mel Gibson just as he once stirred up the heart of a Babylonian king. King Cyrus was stirred by the LORD to rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem. The temple in Jerusalem had previously been laid in ruins by the Babylonians. King Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed the house of God and taken all the treasure from the house of God to a Babylonian temple.

Ron McGatlin
ACPE Word for 2004

We are entering into the favor of the Lord in a profound way. This is the acceptable year of the Lord. For this reason the Body of Christ should understand how to walk in faith to see a release of this favor.

Chuck D
John The Beloved of Hollywood

I sense the Lord saying. "I am first beginning to visit the movie industry with My crucifixion. But soon you will begin to see My Resurrection Power come through movie screens world wide. There are other films that I am dropping into the hearts of film producers and actors. Mel Gibson is My Apostle, "John the Beloved" of Hollywood but there are other disciples already hearing My call to follow Me in the film industry! I am beginning to lay a new foundation built upon the Apostles and Prophets to build Me a House in theatres beginning in Hollywood! On Holy ground I will build a House of Refuge for My gifted chosen people there! I sense Jesus calling forth His Hollywood disciples and commanding them.... "Build Me a House in a Theatre!"

Bill Yount

God's Favour on Australia

Australia this is your hour of blessing. You are now entering a time of My favour on your nation. The youngest nation in the world (we were 16 years of age) blessed the oldest nation in the world and now I declare it is time for my blessing to come upon you. I am releasing My Spirit through your land in an unprecedented way. I am doing a new thing.

Lance Bergman
Hearken To The Voice Of The Lord

Yea, My people, you are seeing the shaking of the nations of the world and out of the shaking good shall evolve. You shall see My glory manifested everywhere and multitudes shall come into My kingdom. Because of the shaking much sin and evil shall cease and people shall begin to search for Me.

Dorothea Montague
Looking For More Of God

Several prophetic judgments will be fulfilled in 2004 against rulers in high places. The false masks of hypocrisy will come off and what was hidden will be revealed. They will lose their high positions.

Peggy Bridges
Prophetic Directives For 2004

I saw a vision of falling stars. Stars are a light radiating body and usually are a prophetic symbol of believers who are letting their light shine before men (those who are visible to the public eye). The Lord revealed that in 2004 the church will see some leaders who have been in the public eye, fall. This will unfortunately be as a result of corruption, self-idolatry, and immorality........

Patricia King
Vision And Words Of Prophecy for 2004

False prophets and teachers will be on the prowl in every city of USA. But they will be exposed by a new brand of young ministers filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. These young ministers will be persecuted and will be driven away from the churches. But they will stand in the streets and proclaim the truth of the gospel. The waters of Noah which swept the nation of USA on 11th September 2001 will not be repeated. But the terrorists will attack the American and British interests outside USA and UK through novel ways which are not known hitherto. ........

Job Anbalagan
How Prophetic Decrees Affect Wars

"I say there is an anointing, whether he knows it or not, on our President to do it - that comes from the state of Texas. And he is mantled with a prophetic anointing to hear from heaven. And where he is - I break off of him and shield him even now from any ability of the enemy to deceive him or lead him down wrong paths. And I decree that if he has gone down a wrong path, You're just gonna correct it because You put him there and You love him and You've called him and he loves You. And I say that the prophetic anointing of God rests upon the man. I say, ‘Lord, would You speak to this nation and the nations of the earth through that man?'..........


Chuck Pierce
A City Awaits You

"At that day you will behold the New Jerusalem. The city as you know it, is being planned for those who would come to be with Me. It is a city like unto no other. Its walls are set with precious jewels. Your names are inscribed within. So, look past all the walls of this present age. A city awaits you. The trees in this city will bring healing to the nations. Gone will be the years of sorrow and death. A little child will live out its years there. There will be singing and playing upon the streets of that city. There will be neither day nor night. For the light from my Son will be your everlasting light. "

Stephen Hanson
Alabaster Box

It is time to break open your alabaster box and to let your praise flow forth. Rejoice, Canada, for I am breaking over the ice that has frozen the hearts of many. I am moving quickly to restore that which was lost and renewing your strength.

Musa Opiyo
An Appointment With Destiny  

Events in the world are soon going to start becoming very "tough". I will shake and shake. People are going to shake and tremble for what is about to come upon them. Knees will knock and grow weak. Teeth will chatter and people’s blood will run cold. Great evil is about to be released according to Satan’s very own "end time plan."

Judy Curmi
Unconditional Surrender

Those in ministry will wonder why their funds aren't coming in and things aren't going well for their ministries. And, it is because they are trying to mix "the wool with the linen". They are like Saul. And, the priest's garments must be pure linen, not mixed with wool. (Ez. 44:17).

Esther Thornton
Words For America

But unlike Israel of Old, the Lord said that He was not going to raise up a foreign power to conquer America. He spoke to me that instead of using a foreign power, that He was coming to conquer America Himself.

Mark Kaphaem
Australia, Your Time Has Come

Australia, your destiny is upon you, your time has come. For you have delighted yourself in Me, you have sought Me, and I have heard your hearts cry for deliverance. I have heard the prayers of the saints for My Spirit to come and rain on the "down under". For the world will see what I’m about to do over you, Australia. All eyes will see and know that I am your God. Yes, you have seen My River flow through you, but you have never seen what I’m about to do! For you are being brought to the forefront of the battle.

Maria Magruder
Nigerian Hebrews In The End-Time Revival

Right from the early 90s and up to this decade, some reputable evangelists from Europe and America have severally said in Nigeria that the whole world is waiting for Nigeria. They said that Nigeria would play a major role in God’s end time program. I was reliably informed that early in 2002 an American evangelist, while ministering in an Assemblies of God Church in an eastern Nigerian village, said, "Very soon somebody from this area will begin to perform great miracles. But he is not here."

Paul Ekemezie
Gathering of the Eagles in Nigeria

Ogboni is a major prince over all of Nigeria. The worship of Ogboni has been ongoing for so long, Nigerians don’t even know where he came from. It began long before there was written testimony from which to draw. So, worship of this evil spirit is ignorantly handed down from one generation to another. He looks like a black Mister Clean with large breasts of a woman. He is very large and very powerful. I know him as he boldly walked into the service one afternoon. (That was the day we spoiled him.)

Nita (LaFond) Johnson
Prophetic Insight Iraq

The big question in the Church was first of all: Are we going to go to war? The next question: Is it ever God's will for us to go to war with Iraq? Third: What will the ultimate outcome be? And fourth: Why were the prophets going crazy with "counsel from God?" Admittedly we had the biggest pot of Hungarian Stew composed of every kind of prophetic word about the situation. We also had those who were trying to justify all the prophetic differences by saying that too was God.

Nita (LaFond) Johnson
The Last U.S. President - A Time To Flee

I saw myself inside of the White House of the United States of America. I knew that President Bush had just moved out and the next President was to move in. I heard or knew that President Bush's presidency was represented by the color "yellow" (seems like I saw a pale yellow). I heard."The tribulation has already begun, but some haven't recognized it as having begun yet." I also heard, "Some have wondered if President Bush is the anti-Christ, but he is NOT ." and "President Bush will complete out his term." The next President was yet to move in, and I saw that his color was a drab bluish-grey, yet I was perplexed because if the new President hadn’t actually moved in yet, why was I seeing the White House walls painted in this drab gray color already?

Angel Dahilig

Leave Egypt Now

Today, America is in crisis. There is no more time to waste. With the U.S. now trying to force natural Israel to give up the land that God gave to them, judgment of great magnitude is certain - unless our nation repents of this sacrilege. Our premier place on the world stage is in jeopardy! We are sorely unprepared for the storms that will sweep across the world as this great superpower suffers and convulses in the agony that spiritual rebellion creates.

Roy (Daniel) Resh

another vision of the antichrist

I am sharing this dream the Lord gave to me a few weeks ago. I had not felt a release to do so until today. This is a very graphic dream, and I am not sharing it to produce fear in anyone, but to show us all that we need the discernment of the Lord, and His Wisdom for the days ahead. We also need to walk in the TRUTH, and to love the TRUTH as never before.

Susan Cummings

The Rapture

It was a cloudy night as I strolled alone in the midst of many people. Suddenly, a brilliant light burst behind the clouds, instantly illuminating the entire black sky! Although I did not hear a sound in the dream, I immediately knew it was the Rapture, and cried out, "JESUS!"

Celia R. Okhuysen

The Sun is Setting Upon the Earth

During the month of June I will visit my people, saith the Lord. I will bring a refreshing, a renewal, a refilling, and a revival like as such has never been known to man. This visitation will be in the most unlikely places and will bring a final move of my Spirit right before my return. You will experience dreams, visions, supernatural signs and wonders, creative miracles, and even the dead will be raised

Jim Murr
Babylon Has Fallen

The war, of course, is far from over and U.S. and Iraqi lives are still in peril. But, not only were some of the armchair retired generals wrong about the outcome of this war, so were many of the doom-and-gloom prophets who repeatedly warned us that is was not God's will that we invade Iraq.

John L. Moore
I Am Bringing Down The Kingdom Of Darkness

As I watch the statue of Sadaam come crashing down this morning, I heard the Lord say:
Today you are watching the kingdom of darkness be brought down before your very eyes. First the natural and then the spirit. I tell you that history in the natural, and history in the spirit is unfolding before your very eyes. And you will begin to hear my people say about the enemy of your soul "Is this what the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms?"

Patsy Shelton
Another Terrorist Attack Dan Fineman
Invasion Of Iraq

The key biblical passage for understanding how these events fit with God’s plan is Daniel 11. This prophecy describes a series of battles between the King of the North and the King of the South. They are not real kings, but they are spiritual powers, who work through coalitions of nations.

Ron Mckenzie
Trigger Points To War

On the morning of March 3, 2003, I awoke from a vision of a global holocaust and catastrophic chain of events which flared across Europe, the Middle East and Asia; a world engulfed in an unexpected and out-of-control third world-war.

Timothy Snodgrass

Howard Pittman' s Testimony

On August 3, 1979, Howard Pittman, a Baptist minister for 35 years, died while on the operating table during surgery and had a near-death experience. After angels showed him the second and third heavens, he was taken before the very throne of God where he was given a message to share with the world.

The Days Ahead

Once I was completely protected by His love, He opened my eyes and I beheld the great evil that is coming upon the whole earth. I saw vast armies of evil spirits released upon the earth in an unprecedented way. Anything and anyone not truly submitted to God, would become imprisoned by this increasing and powerful wickedness. The enemy was overtaking all that was not clearly defined for God. I was given to see this same spiritual dynamic in many different countries, confirming the original vision.

Annie Schisler

A Nation Cleansed By The Spirit Of God

The words I felt were spoken to my spirit were these: "I will strike America; I will strike and bring chastening." The Lord did not reveal a specific date nor did He identify a unique event to watch for. I had no other perspective but that something was going to happen that would grab the heart and focus of the nation; it would shake the U.S., but bring a cleansing to the national soul.

Francis Frangipane

Audience with God

America may be fully ready to go to war with Iraq from a flesh and blood military perspective, but from a spiritual perspective........NO, NO, NO!!!

Clo Dipilato

Fading Light George Otis Jr

America is entering a season of extraordinary danger. The threat, which includes potential multi-front nuclear conflicts, domestic terror, and a mounting economic crisis, is both unprecedented and imminent. Some have called the circumstances that are now converging around the world a precursor to "the perfect storm."

George Otis Jr

Babylon Burning

Yahweh continues to give signs and warnings concerning the impending judgment on a wicked and apostate church, and one such sign was given Tuesday morning (12-18-2001) as the largest church in the U.S., a Gothic Cathedral in Manhattan, caught fire and was heavily damaged. The details revealed in an Associated Press article on this event are highly revealing.

Joseph Herrin

Dan Bohler Prophecy

I want you to listen to me. This is a prophecy I've got to give. It's been bubbling up in me. I've been holding it up for several days, and it started to come up in me again today. The Spirit of the Lord is rising up in me and I've got to prophesy this thing, because it is very serious.

Dan Bohler

A Place Of Refuge In The Storm

My Beloved, America is a country known as a 'land of refuge', where people from every type of background, from every nationality, from every religion - have come to for safety, shelter, freedom and security. But you have seen great tragedy befalling your land and you see that more troublesome times are to come. You ask now "Where is our safety, our shelter and our security? What is to become of us?"

Olivia Long

Discerning Signs in 2003

Interestingly, 2003 will see the planet Mars closer to earth than any time in recorded history. Our planets' orbits will carry us closer than we've been in over 5000 years. During a portion of 2003, Mars will outshine all heavenly bodies at night, except the Moon. Mars also "happens" to be the name of the Greek god of war. We will experience 2 lunar eclipses during 2003, in which the Moon should appear to be a "coppery red" in color. There are many other heavenly highlights to come, according to the January 2003 issue of "Discover" magazine. Additionally, we recently were told that the first Israeli astronaut launched into space, along with the U.S. crew of the space shuttle Columbia.

Ed Key

Foolish Virgins David Weber

This was written in response to a friend that insisted that "the foolish virgins" must be unbelievers based upon the statement by the Bridegroom that says, "I don't know you". I hope this short article may shed some light on the foolish virgins.

David Weber

Overthrowing Thrones of Iniquity

The only entity on earth that has power to break strongholds of the enemy's domain is the Church. The cross was a surprise to the enemy. What looked like defeat gave us the power, authority, and weapons to defeat the enemy throughout the ages.

Chuck Pierce

Twelve Prophetic Insights For 2003

The following are twelve things that I believe the Lord has revealed for 2003. Could you please use these prophetic insights as your War Room Prayer Directives for this month. Intercede into each one under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Pat Cocking

Lightning Strikes Three Times

Last night I was touched to pray with a broken heart for Jean Chretian (PM of Canada)in which I did. I asked the Lord to give me a confirming word that He heard and to give me a promise regarding Canada. I was given Joshua 8:1 I went to sleep and I dreamed a powerful dream that woke me in the middle of the night. Lightening struck with violent force three places in Canada .

Carla Bonnell

Twelve Prophetic Insights For 2003

Greetings and many blessings for the New Year. Every December and part of January, I take a month of focused time away with the Lord to minister to Him and to seek Him concerning His heart and direction for the New Year. This year's prayer retreat was met with enormous emotional wrestling, tension, and warfare on many fronts. Much of the month of December was spent in agony of soul, humbling myself, and processing various pressures in the spirit and in the natural. Some clear prophetic focus was identified through this time.

Pat Cocking

2003 In Retrospect

The following article is written by a fictitious reporter at the end of 2003. He reports what he has seen during the year 2003. We are about to live out 2003 and obviously I am that fictitious reporter. Even though it is the beginning of 2003, I have written what I have seen for the year 2003.

Clay Sikes

Prophecy for 2003

Even as we (the United States) have broken the backs of our oppressors, God is breaking the back of our arrogance and pride. (A stick was snapped in half) Fear will fill our land until we humbly return to God. We have disgraced the covenants of our founding fathers and our land is defiled.

Alice Smith

Prophetic Perspective - 2003

There was also a releasing of people, things, limitations, and bondages from the past. Spiritual foundations and goals became stronger and more clearly defined, and the chasm began to widen between those whose hearts are totally set on the Lord and those who want to serve themselves. Struggles were born of the flesh and the desire to serve both self and God. Fence-sitters found it most uncomfortable to sit on the pinnacle of compromise. So... Phil 3:13-14 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Marsha Burns

What To Look For In 2003

As you continue to awaken to His voice in the night, He will show you how to awaken your spirit to Him during the day. The key is staying in His peace which passes understanding. The enemy will continue to use activity and pressures of work/family to assail you and prevent you from entering this peace and rest of the Spirit. The assault of the enemy using activity and pressures of life upon you will be relentless, but "be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world, and you are more than an overcomer through me." Some of you will see remarkable victories in your life as you grab hold of "Christ in you, the hope of glory". Others will encounter defeats because of a failure to recognize and follow the leading of the Spirit of Christ. There will be a fine line between stepping into faith or fear. In other words, it will be easy for one to go from one side to another, so if you think you stand, be fearful, lest you fall. Your confidence must solely be in Christ!

Steve Liebherr

A word of Warning and encouragment

There is about to be another major terrorist attack on the US and spiritually the church is not ready for this onslaught. Wake up you who sleep and slumber in your false sense of security! Wake up church of the Living God! Can you not see the signs all around you? Can you not hear the voice of God's prophets calling to you? 2003 will be your waterloo that will cause you to awaken to the realities of the danger around you! Because you have not heeded My voice and the voice of My prophets in trying to awaken you to the danger that is all around you then you will suffer the loss of much that you hold dear; your freedoms, your possessions, your places of honor and prestige and many of your relationships which you hold dear because you did not hold dear the relationship that I've been extending to you! But you shall be spared because of my love and mercy. For those who do not know their God, fear will be a constant companion; but for those who know their God intimately they will come forth radiant and empowered with the Person and Presence of the Almighty.

Bruce Allen

The Time Of The End Is At Hand

Wars and rumors of war, these are to come, but understand that I am building a place of refuge for those who cry out to Me and I will house them, and I will keep them in safety. Expect turmoil in the nations, but expect divine intervention to ward off evil and bring protection to all who call upon My name.

Shirley Lise


Not long ago, I had an Angelic Visitation and I was taken into the Heavenlies to witness what the Lord has been doing and is doing in many individual lives and in the Bride of Christ (His Church). This experience forever changed me, and brought me to my knees in a new place of humbleness and utter gratitude, to the Lord for His mercy, love and faithfulness.

Lisa Cooke

A Call To America

My children, my children, how I would gather you to my bosom, if only you would let Me. I gave you a wondrous land filled with milk and honey, the land that the rivers divide, but you denied Me and defiled My land with your abominations and your idols. I sent watchmen to warn you, but you insulted and ignored My messengers and then heaped to yourselves men and women with itching ears, pastors and elders who are glad to tell you what you want to hear.

Roy Resh

A Word to The Bride, The Lamb's Wife

My true Bride in the earth will not be defined by the visitations she experiences. She will not be defined by her insights, understanding of all mysteries, and revelations. She will not be identified by denomination or church. She will not be identified by her grasp of a present word or truth. She shall not be identified by waves and times and spiritual seasons which have had bearing upon her spiritual formation and character.

Clo DiPilato

The Shaking Of The Nations

Enter into the Holy Place, into My presence. In My presence is fullness of joy. I am not of this world. My kingdom is a heavenly one. It is true that the earth shall one day be destroyed and all its inhabitants. But those who seek My face, who enter My rest, who do not partake of the world's ways, but who put their trust in Me, will live forever.

Shirley Lise

Satan's Plans And Purposes For America

Many prophetic voices are speaking today, one says one thing and another says the opposite. Who is right? And, why are there so many voices? So far as I know, much of the prophetic movement is saying that 9/11 was not judgment from God. You have other vast movements in America saying, God is O.K. with America, no more reason to weep, just worship and proclaim the outpouring of God. Others are saying: "God is so angry with us that there will be no revival and America is enroute to destruction. "Who is right, and who is wrong? There are so many trusted voices saying so many different things.

Nita Lafond Johnson

The Horsemen Are Riding

"What are those creatures?" I asked the Lord.
"Spirits of deception," the Lord replied.

Hollie L. Moody


I saw in the spirit a huge gathering of Angelic Hosts surrounding the nation's capitol. I heard like a siren going off in the spirit sending an alert throughout the heavenlies. The mall on the nation's capitol was filling up thick with Angels with shining swords half drawn as though God himself was calling a meeting between heaven and earth. I heard one Strong Angel proclaim. "As Captain of the host of the Lord I have now come." I sense many of these Angels coming upon the city of Washington D.C. have been standing in the presence of God for ages and were just now receiving their very first earthly assignment.

Bill C. Yount

Phoenix, Arizona – The Next 911

THE TRUTH REGARDING THE NEXT 911 then we ask that you do everything in your power to help us prevent such an event from taking place. If you are a governmental leader perhaps you could influence the PRESENT STATE OF READINESS in the State of Arizona and especially as it concerns the Mexican Border.


Tom Heward

Dream Of The Dry Rest Area

 never intended My Glory to be touched by the ungodly, and to be defiled before man. My Glory was not reverenced, nor was I given honor in the hearts of the people. My Presence was treated as a show, instead of My being worshipped as their God.

Susan Cummings

Earthquake Prophesies

Los Angeles: GET OUT! Expect a devastating earthquake and terrorist attack(s) with nuclear suitcase bombs. Some of these bombs have already been smuggled into California. 126 nuclear suit case bombs are missing from the USSR. Many have been smuggled into the USA and Israel by terrorists.


Bob Jones

Joel's Army

Think about it, more than three million people healed after 400 years in oppression and bondage! Kathryn Kuhlman prophesied in her day that there would be a day in the church where the church would say, "I am not sick!!" and in some meetings every single person would be healed.

Todd Bentley

Judgment Comes To America

Woe to you, America! Again, I say, Woe to you! Your evil ways have become so loud and boisterous; You cannot even hear the shouting of THE GREAT CREATOR as HE stands next to your ears

Rose Everett

Persecution Coming

Persecution of My true church is spreading and growing at a very rapid pace. It will include your nation. It is coming quickly … are you close enough to Me to be prepared? Too many of My people feel they are already cleansed and purified. How sad for those complacent ones for they will very quickly turn their backs on Me when they come under any pressure whatsoever. It is not a social game you are playing, it is rather your eternal soul you compromise if you refuse to let go of the world and yield all to Me. Lay your life on My altar. When I say that I demand blood, not flowers, it is because blood indicates life and it is your very lives I demand. YES, I AM A DEMANDING GOD FOR I AM A JEALOUS GOD. I AM JEALOUS FOR THE LOVE OF MY PEOPLE.

Katie Jordon

The Other Side

"Oh, America," the angel intoned, "you have not listened to the voice of the Lord your God. You have not obeyed His commandments. You have not served Him for the abundance of all things that He has blessed you with. The Lord, the Lord your God, has lifted His hand slightly from you. He has lowered the hedge of protection that has been placed around you. The Lord, the Lord your God, will allow troubles and sickness to come into your borders."

Hollie L. Moody

The Sound Of Thunder

...all of a sudden, I saw the sound, yes I Saw the Sound of God coming out of heaven and it hit like a bolt of lightning/thunder there on the campus. It looked like rays of light, but I knew it was sound, it struck Earth and shot out to everyone, all at one time. It was like I could see each person as they were in their dorm rooms, some sitting on beds, some at computers, some lying down, and at the moment the sound hit them, They all sat up as if shocked, and looked around as if What was that!??? God is striking Earth with His voice, we had better Listen! This is the New Day..

Mike Fluitt

Watchman Report

 Evil forces are being unleashed against the earth and I saw it coming downward like a dark clouds which initially was small. But through time, I notice that it become bigger and bigger. The clouds represent the power of evil and these forces feast on the weakness of men. Whenever men allows evil to triumph. The force and size of these dark clouds grows. Christians are not immune to these attack either. Fear, insecurity, pride, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, greed, gossips, lusts for power or flesh, unresolved misunderstanding, were just some areas which has become food for these forces to be feasting upon.

Ching Co

Demonic Council Meeting

A council of high ranking demons meeting in what appeared to be the second heaven, were discussing in detail how to sabotage and destroy marriages and covenant relationships in the earth -- especially those within the Christian community. These relationships included marriages, family, friendships, ministry, and business. Special assignments were being launched against leaders. The overall strategy was planned to weaken the moral and relational fiber of God's Kingdom expression in the earth.

Pat Cocking

History & Future Of USS New Madrid

JANUARY 21, 1998: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Clinton at the White House and is coldly received. Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright refuse to have lunch with him. Shortly afterwards on that day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks into the mass media and begins to occupy a major portion of Clinton's time.


Timothy Snodgrass

Multiple Cautions on Iraq

Today's Prophets don't always agree on everything because God often shows them different pieces of the puzzle and one has to put the pieces together to understand the full picture. But there is an area where prophets seem to agree with each other in large numbers . . . GOD IS WARNING AGAINST HITTING IRAQ AT THIS TIME AND HE IS WARNING AGAINST TAKING SADDAM HUSSEIN OUT!


Steve Shultz

Santa Cruz Quake

June 21, 2002 – On Monday, June 17, as the world was awaiting President Bush’s proposal for a Palestinian state, a 6.7 earthquake shook the Santa Cruz Islands, 210-miles NNW of Vanuatu Island. Within less than 24-hours, a rare 5.0 quake shook Indiana, just south of the U.S. Great Lakes. What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on November 20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that "if America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half". In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Six-weeks after this vision, on the first day of 2002 I received another vision of a great quake, this time centered in a separate portion of the United States:


Timothy Snodgrass

The End Of Days

June 27, 2002

I was awakened last night at 1:39 am. The time was significant, because one, three and nine are all representations of the Lord God and it confirmed to me that it was Him who woke me up. I was having an open vision of the days to come. I am not one to preach condemnation nor gloom and doom, but this vision was startling in it's reality and content.

I saw the end of days and the times we are currently living in.


Todd Gross

Word for Germany

Word given by Rick Joyner on 5/31/02 for Germany Germany is one of the most strategic nations on earth, both spiritually and economically, and will again be a great military power. This is a nation of doers that must have a vision. Without a clear and noble vision, racism, national intolerance of others, anger, and cruelty will again sink its roots deep into the German culture and seek to direct its future. Steered with strong and noble leadership, Germany can become a powerful force for good in the world, healing the many ethnic conflicts within Europe and the Middle East. One thing that Germany will not be is neutral. There is a calling on Germany to continue spearheading the Reformation of the church. Because of this the enemy is seeking to raise the level of religious intolerance and suspicion of all but mainline religious groups to thwart this nation's ultimate purpose.


Rick Joyner

This Decade

In this decade will come the ‘greatest financial collapse’ in the history, the ‘greatest war’ and the ‘greatest move of God’. However, this will not be the time of the Mark Of The Beast, nor Armageddon, nor the great end times harvest, for we are only at the beginning of the end and not at the end. It will be the ‘best of times and the worst of times’, for it will be the season of the double blessing, yet their will also be great judgment, apocalypse, catastrophe and sorrow. Judgment will come like the destruction of the Twin Towers; the financial system will be greatly shaken and the peace will be greatly shaken. Out of great tragedy will come a great move of God.

Gavin Chung

Of Principalities and Powers

Have you ever wondered about the differences between the angelic hosts and men? The Bible indicates there is a vast difference between the two in the eyes of God. Angels were created first, then man. Angels are more powerful than men in their present form. Yet man was originally created in unity with God and was given great powers to govern His creation here on earth. Consider the God-like intellect of Adam as he was able to name all the animals of the earth. Also consider what powers must have been resident in him before the fall so that he could tend a garden that took up an area that was much of the current nation of Iraq.

George Davis and Michael Clark

20 Suppressed Facts About Israel, Islam

"Here are some conveniently overlooked facts in the current Middle East situation. These were complied by a Christian university professor. Takes just 1-1/2 minute to read!!!!! It makes sense and it’s not slanted. Jew and non-Jew it doesn’t matter. Thank you. (Please note this article was written before the present Passover 2002 events took place.)

From Petah Tikvah magazine

Come Aside With Me

How sad I am when I am forced to bring down judgment on a nation, but because of My DIVINE JUSTICE I must. Most of My people lie in a deep sleep caused by deception. There are many false prophets abroad in the world today and they cause My people to sleep on in their complacency. Pride and arrogancy are great tranquilizers and they not only cause the peaceful sleep of deception but they have caused My people to put their faith and trust in a lie. In other words they have caused many of My people to make a lie their REFUGE.

Katie Jordan

Silver & Gold & the East Wind

Many have written about the coming economic collapse. As an economist, I agree whole-heartly with them. No one that I know of however, seems to offer specific practical advice on how to prepare. I agree with the advice of those who say pray, trust God, obey Him, follow His directions, and I believe the Lord will lead multitudes like this and provide miraculously for them. I also howver, offer these practical comments with fear and trepidation and tell you to take it to the Lord for his guidance.

Darren Lawson

Visions Of A Banking Nightmare

We live in tumultuous times. Landmarks vanish in seconds, institutions overnight. Last year we saw the twin towers implode in blood and smoke – icons of a New York skyline. Lately we’ve had ENRON, darling of the financial establishment, once capitalized at $80 billion, blown away in days. There is a body of opinion which believes parts of the international financial system could go the same way – particularly major banks ‘short’ gold. April 1 approaches and with it the cut off date for Japanese bank deposits. After April 1 a long-standing Japanese government guarantee falls away. Any amount over $75,000 will then be fair game, subject to the full vulnerability of a banking system which is broke. As Teruyaki Miyake, Professor of Economics at Wako University put it:

Peter George

Who Rules The Nations

March 1, 2002 The past few days the Lord has been bringing things to my understanding about a recent word of prophecy I received from Him. For a little while lately I had been experiencing a "silence" in the Spirit regarding current events. I knew all was well in Him and soon things would get active again, so I spent the lull tarrying. It was on the day that I heard about the slaying of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, that I sought the Lord with a saddened and angered (not at God) heart. In God's sovereign way He answered my heavy heart by showing me how this present world's strife is all about Israel. He showed me that the only way for man to attain peace in the middle east would be for the nations to ultimately side with the Arab nations and take the land of Israel by force, thus causing a new holocaust of Jews. But the saints are actually serving as a "restrainer" at the moment. At this point He gave me the following word of prophecy.

Scott Card

'A SPIRITUAL MISCARRIAGE is taking place in the Body of Christ. My prophets and apostles are impregnating the church with destiny and power but never allowing it to come to full term. They speak of things to come and things that will be but neglect the most important factor of pregnancy; birthing. They freely receive the seed of My word but they do not freely give it or birth it to the world around them. In doing this the child of revival and harvest dies in the birth canal of the church. Aborting a generation from being saved and set free into their own destinies. Millions are perishing as the apostles and prophets impregnate one region after another with eternity but with no fruit that remains. No harvest.

Chad Taylor
Portals Of Glory

I saw portals of glory opening in the heavens over many specific locations in the earth. Beneath the portals were individuals and groups of believers who were completely focused on the face of Jesus and His Kingdom. Their attention was heavenward. They were postured in faith and in unity to contend for the manifestation of the Lord's glory in the earth. Colossians 3:1-4 came to mind.


Pat Cocking
The Shaking

This will come as no surprise but the Lord is saying to return to the age old foundation of acting upon His word! So much of what WE have built is not built upon that rock...so He is beginning "the shaking" so that all that we have built but that has not been built by the word of His power will fall down.
he has been specifically speaking to me for many years about "financial shaking" in America! Not as punishment for 'unbelievers and them that know not God" but for his people.


George Dunn
The Enticement And Defeat Of Satan

The following article would probably be included as "Chapter 16" of "Restoring the Vision of the End-times Church" if the book were being published today. September 11 has influenced the way we think about almost everything, especially evil and its impact on society. The Church particularly needs to understand the impact of evil upon her at the end of the age, and how it fits into God’s eternal plan for His victorious, overcoming Church. Some of the following points are already included in the book, but I think the whole topic of Satan’s defeat --- particularly since September 11 --- needs a stand-alone treatment of its own.

Vern Kuenzi

The US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" and 11 supporting vessels will be destroyed in the Persian Gulf by an attack perpetrated by the "descendants of Ishmael". I saw nuclear cruise missiles approach and destroy the Kitty Hawk and all of her airplanes and accompanying ships and I heard the number killed: 12,600. I was told that this would happen on the 17th day of some future month. I was led to believe that it would occur very nearly in proximity of time to the impeachment of Clinton. I was also filled with the feeling in my spirit that it would operate as the falling first domino of many in a sudden downfall and judgment of America.

Stephen L. Bening
Focus On Cuba

Will Cuba shift into revival and become a ‘good neighbor’ of the United States, or move toward terrorism and align its communist philosophy with Islam, Iran, Iraq, and Palestine?

Chuck Pierce
Notice To Intercessors

This morning, the Holy Spirit released a series of revelations strategic in overcoming the efforts of the Lord's enemy. In a variety of visions, Bob, Wanda and myself were all shown differing aspects of the plans of the enemy as it relates to Israel and the church.

Bob Jones

Keith Davis

Return To Me

The church in your nation drastically needs to rekindle the small embers that are left or soon the fire will be out altogether. Use all your strength to blow upon the tiny flame that is left. You are neither hot nor cold and when you are lukewarm I will spew you out of My mouth. You are still looking to the world of men for help. Mankind will never help you, for very few of them are Mine. You believe everyone who says they are Mine, or who knows My Word, but even Satan can quote My Word. Have I not always told you that BY THEIR FRUITS YOU WILL RECOGNIZE MY PEOPLE? You must learn to look at the fruit in their lives. What comes out of their mouths means nothing. Many, many, say they are Christians and are not. I told John twice that many who say they are Jews are not but they are of the synagogue of Satan. Many said then and say now that they are apostles and are not but belong to the enemy, who has deliberately crept into the church.

Katie Jordan
Liberty Tree

The Twin Towers, Enron And The Liberty Tree Feb. 6, 2002
What do the Twin Towers, Enron, and the Liberty Tree have in common you ask? Each of these three represent pillars of American society and strength from our roots up. Yet, they've all fallen. One by external attack, one by internal corruption and one by hurricane Floyd. All within the last 2 years.

David E McClellan
Eyes & Wings

I believe that the Spirit of God is saying, not to Just a few specific prophets, but to the corporate Church, that it is time we experienced in a greater way the realm of trances, visions, dreams, visitations of the Lord; seeing into the second and third heavens, more understanding of the reality of angelic messengers and what is going on in the heavens. I believe that the Word of the Lord, for this year, is "Come up here." Higher!

Todd Bentley
Camp Desire

There is coming a revolution of truth that will astound many, and bring great healing from the deep bondage of besetting sin and generational iniquity. This coming revolution is a revelation of a sanctified sexual identity found in Messiah and in His completed work.
America is the land of misplaced desire. Unsanctified desire translated into lust. The unsanctified desire of the flesh, the unsanctified desire of the eyes, the unsanctified desire of the pride in one's life status. The love of the Father is not in them. A people too proud to acknowledge weakness one to another.

Keith Mullins

4 A Word For America

While praying this morning I was brought before the Throne and saw the Lion of Judah sitting on the Throne. The Spirit of God then said, "I have a word for this country, for this land." I then saw the Lion of Judah get up off the Throne and then began to pace back and forth before the Throne. I was then allowed to feel the heart of God as He was anguishing between mercy and justice.

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Diane Schultz

Prophesy for 2002

I had a vision in church the other day. I saw the Holy city of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven and at the bottom of the buildings was a cloud sort of like the Shenikah glory except it was dark royal blue. It was like seeing any city's skyline...only it was coming down and descending upon us from above. I could see the "dome" clearly as of a Jewish Temple, in the midst of the city.



Jackie Skevington
A Synopsis From Christ

In this hour my vessels shall walk as I walked in the earth, with an anointing that is without measure... not a portion, nor a double portion, but a portion that is without measure. Those things that were done in the past will be commonly done and many things that have never been done before will be done so that the world may come to have no excuse before God in that they shall see the works of God in full view and they shall be without excuse when they will openly reject God and they will therefore seal themselves for the judgment that shall soon after come.


Mark Wattenford – Sam Buick
A Time of Destiny


The year 2002 will be a year of grave consequences and a time of destiny to individuals, to His church corporately and to many nations. It is a year when the opposing polarity between good and evil will become increasingly defined. It will be a time of increasingly powerful paradoxes becoming evident, i.e., darkness shall increase in density, yet His light shall increase on His beloved with even more intensity. It is a time when sin shall increasingly abound yet His grace shall even more abound. It will be a time when many shall be consigned to outer darkness yet it is also be a time of harvesting such has never before been seen on Earth. The forces of evil shall increasingly rise up in power yet He shall clothe His beloved in His Glory and power and they shall stand successfully against these powers of darkness as never before. His beloved shall find themselves surrounded by His angels and together they shall successfully battle darkness and evil in service to their Lord and King as never before.

Harley Hickling


I believe this is part of a prophetic picture that the Lord has begun in the U.S. (and the world), --is doing and will continue to do.

On Easter Sunday of this last year, the Lord gave me an open vision. In this vision the Lord took me into the heavenlies and showed me an aerial view of the United States. Throughout the United States the Lord revealed to me hundreds of churches. Some churches were large and established, others were of medium size and still others were quite small in capacity. However, all of these churches had had one thing in common, they had captured the Heart of the Father.


Lisa Cook

Do Not Fear

"Very fearful times are just ahead! Even now, while the nation and the city are still in fear, there are great calamities still to come to America. I warn you because I love you, and I want you to draw near to Me.


David Wilkerson


Well, history is the record of the corporate lessons in maturing of the Body of Christ. From Adam and Eve to the present day we have been learning essentially the same lessons over and over through the historical events of the world on progressively more mature and complete levels. We are now entering into the fullness of time when the Bride will become "perfect" and enter into the age of MATURITY. She no longer has to traverse the circle of history but comes "full circle", bringing the lessons of history to complete fruition and birthing Kingdom Truth into the earth in fullness.


Diane Bahler

Yugoslavia My Resting Place

I have not forgotten Yugoslavia says the Lord. I remember their labor of love and their persecution for My people. In this hour I will pour out on their own children, and their children's children. I will reward them for their love for Israel. In this hour I will pout out a Spirit of renewal and restoration. I will restore the land and the wealth that the wicked stole. I will say to the hand of the task masters, "GIVE UP!" And the arm of the wicked, "LET GO!" Your children shall taste the waters of Liberty and be glad.


Chad Taylor

2  In The Year 2002

In the year 2002 a covenant will be signed. In the year 2002 they will say "peace and safety," but I tell you that 2002 will be a time of sudden destruction, saith the Lord. In the year 2002 I will build up Zion and there will be war on my holy mountain. In the year 2002 there will be earthquakes, and there will be volcanic eruptions. In the year 2002 there will be dark clouds upon the earth, and the powers of heaven will be shaken. I say to you that men's hearts will fail them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth.

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Jim Murr

Neon Messiahs

The Lord then said to me " The neon messiahs are coming down." I wondered at what exactly this would mean….was it a word for the church that has exalted men, or those in the world, who have made themselves "gods" or whom we have made "gods".


Priscilla Van Sutphin 

And I am going to release a mighty prayer army that will go forth from this land. And the Lord says I am going to stay this spirit of violence and I am going to begin to reverse things in this land. The Lord says, don't look at what you see now, but understand that I am going to make this a peace-making nation. And the Lord says, I the Prince of Peace am going to enthrone myself in miraculous ways there, says God. And this will be known as a country that is a peaceful country and restored.


Cindy Jacobs

1 God's Seasons


A long anticipated prophetic time period began on Rosh Hashanah, September 11, 1999. Since then, God's moeds are fast ticking off one by one, right on schedule.

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Nancy White - Billye Brim
Spheres Of Prophetic Authority

Introduction In this article I want to look at some different types of prophetic ministry, and how the prophets who had them walked in them. I then want to take some negative examples - those who had ministries and walked out of them - both from scripture and the Church; finally I want to suggest that we all take a good look at our calling and make sure that we are walking in our spheres of authority.

Alison Papenfus

So, in my infirmity I’m going to share how the Lord has shown mercy to Russia. The revolution took place in Russia in 1917. And Russia was in for 70 years of atheism and darkness, and the authorities fighting against God. So the Lord in his mercy and his providence decided to send a helper to Russia to put up a standard and bring the light of the Gospel into Russia. And so He sent one man from New York, filled with the Holy Ghost. He sent him to Russia; he was a Russian man. And he came to Russia and he started to preach the Apostolic message: the message of salvation, the message of sanctification, the message of holiness, the message of dying to sin, the message of repentance, and the message also of entering into the blessing of the Lord, into the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and the power of God’s miracles, which are able to be performed when God’s people seek his face.

Boris Sorokovsky

A Greater Glory

I am going to pour out a glory that books have not written about. I am going to pour out a glory that cannot be captured in photographs and news articles. Only the hearts of the healed will be able to contain this glory says the Lord. A glory that crushes the feeble walls of division that separates and segregates. A glory that will cause My church to finally see her true destiny, the nations.

Chad Taylor
False Prophet or True

How do we distinguish between a false prophet and a true prophet? Can a true prophet miss it and give a false word? Why would God allow such a thing? In this hour when the prophetic ministry is becoming more widely accepted and is more visible we are seeing proportionately more mistakes, miscalculations and even untrue words being uttered. The first response that many good hearted Christians have to hearing a prophet miss it is too reject the prophet. In fact, some might argue that that is what the Lord wants us to do based on Deuteronomy 18:20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

Nita Johnson
Watch And Pray

I then saw as satan and his demons also began to whisper in the ears of the people. I heard that the words the enemy spoke were almost identical to the words the Lord was speaking.

Hollie Moody

Vision of China's Revival and Battle

I was out way above the earth, in the heavens, looking down upon the earth. My attention was drawn to a very dark spot on the earth. The Lord was with me. 

"What is that dark spot?" I asked the Lord. 

"That is the nation of China," the Lord replied. "Come and see." 


Hollie L. Moody

The Promised Land

Keep your eyes on Me. Put your trust in the Lord your God and you will not be pulled down by fleshly desires, but you will be lifted up and set high upon the Rock of Christ. This is a day like no other. All the promises of God are being fulfilled in your midst. My judgement has come upon the nations. My hand is moving forth to pull down every hierarchy that has exalted itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Every error is being exposed and pulled down and truth and righteousness shall prevail.


Shirley Lise 

Shipwreck, A Dream

On Sept 29 I saw a dream for the church and this nation.



Awakening is Coming

Years ago when the Lord spoke to me about revival that was coming, He said…some things that are important to share for those that have not heard them.


Priscilla Van Sutphin


A message from the Lord regarding the abomination, the mark of the beast and the human genome project.


Finn Eric Flood 


"But I tell you that hard times are coming. The church in Asia and India has known about persecution; you here in America, have known very little about it. You have your comforts. You are governed safely for the moment, at your borders. But I, your God, have held you in safety thus far. I can take away the safety net. I can take away the wall of protection that is around you. Do you think that your own hands and politics can do this? The time will come when this wall will no longer be there. Many of you do pray for your country. Many of you intercede for her. But it can not continue forever. "


Stephen Hanson 

Emptying Of The Pockets

"This will be a time that I will empty the pockets of this nation," saith the Lord. "Do not fear the emptying of the pockets for I have caused deep pockets from past avenues of supply to come into this land. Fear not the emptying of the pockets for once the pockets are emptied, I will begin to fill them new and fresh, for I have new strategies of supply. Fear not the emptying of the pockets of this nation for the garment that it has on now that has stored supply for such a time as this will not be the garment that will be worn in days ahead. For I will put new garments on my people, then I will refill their pockets with the supply to advance into harvest. Until now, the garment worn has not had pockets filled for harvest. But I am awakening My people and this nation to Harvest."


Chuck D. Pierce 

The Coming Days of Israel 

Once again I am about to release the angel of war over Israel. The nation that is the love of my heart will again be torn in war. But this time I will not be able to relent and tell the angel to put his sword away. But for once and for all I will bring an end to the mid - east crisis. 


Fred Weikert


The mystery of iniquity is the CLAIM TO BEING CHRISTIANS, WHILE THEY ARE AGAINST GOD'S ROYAL LAW AND HIS ESTABLISHED ORDER. If you resist Nicolaitine, Balaam, and Jezebel and stand for the truth of ALL of God's word, expect to be labeled as heretics, crazies, and unloving. The doctrine of Balaam is pleasant to the itching ears of the majority, who will listen only to the prophets who tell them what they want to hear. 



Spirit of Christ

The spirit of anti-Christ, which is at work, seeks to mask itself as Christ, in place of him and convincing those who receive this spirit that they are in fact worshipping Christ Himself.


Kris Couchey

Simmering Pots Are About To Boil

Pots that have been simmering are about to boil over "big time." Where there have been [political] stalemates [between countries] expect to see aggressive action by one side or the other that could lead to much mayhem and shed blood.

Judy Curmi

Dr. Bill Deagle's vision -- Angel Shows Role of EMP

Several days before I left on the second winter tour for The Prophecy Club, in the night, I received a supernatural dream and visitation from the angel Gabriel. In the dream he took me to a new facility within Norad located in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, CO. I told him that I had been in the Norad facility before and wondered why he was taking me there. He stated that many new technologies have been installed there and he was taking me to the most classified part of the complex that had recently been installed and was now operational.


Dr. Bill Deagle

A Closing Door

When I asked what this could mean, I felt the Lord replied that after the terrorist attacks on America on September 11th, He allowed a period of grace and mercy towards not only America, but also other nations who were also troubled and shaken by the tragedy which occurred on our shores. Now, the door I saw in this mini-vision was closing, and was almost totally closed. 


Hollie Moody 
Saul, Saul

Shortly there will be a time where the church will see fresh fire. The days ahead are days of fire. Gold is purified in the furnace. Faith is fuelled by this fire and sin burnt away like chaff. The fire of Pentecost returns but hotter and higher is the flame. On the earth you will see terrible things. Cities once secure will burn in a day. Wickedness held back up until now will spread. There will be no champion amongst the nations to stop the outbreaks and countries once at ease and confident of the advance of civilisation will find themselves invaded.

Shirley Baskett 
Great Wealth - Great Warning

Many Christians will come into unexpected financial blessing and increase within this next season. The Lord will test their hearts and will be watching for those who are trustworthy stewards of Kingdom provision. Those who are found to carry a single Kingdom focus will be rewarded with a second wave of blessing which will far exceed the first.

Pat Cocking
From Glory to Glory

The Father is bringing his people today from Laodicean confusion to the fullness of the Glorious Corporeality of Revelation chapter 12. Many have seen the seven churches in Revelation as being seven ages in the church, of which the last is the Laodicean church. Yet there is a great contradiction in this thinking. If the Laodicean church is the last church before the final corporate epiphany of the people of God, then how does that corrupt politicized monstrosity agree with the “spotless bride” Paul prophesied the Son would present to himself in the last day? This is the “glorious church” in chapter 5: 

Russell Walden
Illuministic Conspiracy On The East River!

There, in the distance were the twin towers of the World Trade Center rising a quarter of a mile high. The other sky- scrapers in the financial district of Southern Manhattan filled the narrow island. As I looked, I felt the Spirit of the Almighty come over me, and when He opened my eyes I saw massive flames of fire rising high into the sky as the entire island of Manhattan was engulfed in flames. The flames rose high above the buildings and pulsated with intensity. I could hear the horrifying screams of multitudes of people in the distance as the burning continued and intensified. Then, the vision ended as quickly as it began, and I stood there with tears filling my eyes as I realized what is coming upon this nation.

Last Trumpet Newsletter
God's Judgement Coming to the Earth

A year and a half ago, the Father showed me a string of volcanoes that would erupt at the same time on the earth. Then about 6 months ago or more, He spoke to me about Mt. Rainier, specifically. He confirmed it through another prophet friend of mine, Jim. Well this past week, He told me it is about to happen, between the next 30-60 days. Pray for what is coming upon the earth, was what the spirit spoke to me. 

Gloria Shepherd 

Many think that I Am just a God of love and of mercy; that judgment isn't something of my vocabulary. But I would have you know that when I acted in judgment in the past it was for the purpose of cleansing. It was for the purpose of cleansing the nation of its evil.

Stephen Hanson 
Shaking the Slumber

I had been asking the Father to give me a sense of urgency about
praying for our nation. I believe He began to answer that prayer last
night with a dream.
Without going into every detail, each of the characters in the dream
were absorbed in their own "thing" or obsession. All of the these
"things" had as their core a necessary place in our lives, but had
become disproportionate to the reality of their importance.

Nancy Shupe
The Coming Third Day

The days of "church revival" are coming to a close and the days of Jonathon Edwards, John Wesley and the other fathers of our nations time of Spiritual awakening is about to come upon us. No more revival within the walls but new rivers of spiritual awakenings which will fall upon both the just and unjust. awakening’s so great that it will be the time of the greater works which Jesus prophesied. These will be rivers that will literally break open the doors of the church and again spill upon the streets, highways and byways of our nation.

Fredrick Weikert
At Calvary's Cross

Suddenly without warning, faster than the speed of light, I was no longer sitting comfortably at my study. I was being carried by the Spirit of God through time and space. As Paul stated in the Scriptures, if I was in the body or out of the body I do not know. Soon, I was set down in the busy streets of Jerusalem. I could hear the sounds of a mob of people, I could feel an evil excitement in the air that made my spirit very uncomfortable. 

Bobby Conner
Dream About An Earthquake

...when the financial and monetary collapse comes, it is going to be sudden, without warning and it is going to be HUGE, far beyond our ability to even begin to comprehend!

Judy Curmi
The Bridal Path

Many believers think that to be saved is to be the bride of Christ.

Lori Hankins
Dealing With The Territorial Religious Spirit

This Territorial spirit finds its strength in lack of unity. That is his purpose, and his strategy. Almost everything it does is for the purpose of creating disunity, sectarianism, and complacency in those things. He works to break unity in any Church, and between Churches.

Tom Paterik 
A word for the church 

Great tribulation is coming upon the earth and many parts of the world will be thrown into turmoil. Japan will buckle further, China will begin to flex her well toned muscles. Russia will continue to escape her debt, and throw money at things she should not. This will be at the expense of millions of common citizens.

Robert I Holmes
The Next Move

As the glory of our Father falls, it is like a two edged sword. With one edge it is ‘judging Babylon’ and with the other edge it is bringing ‘the double blessing’. It is translating the resources of Babylon into the Kingdom. We are in the season of the double blessing, but we are also in the season of judgement. To come into blessing, we have to forsake Babylon, with it’s religious, economic and the political orders and come into the Kingdom, by abiding in the love and forgiveness of the Father, His rest, His life, His joy and His peace’. This may sound easy, but it will cost us everything. When we forsake Babylon, our source of ‘Babylonian supply’ will dry up and we will go through death, dormancy and brokenness, before we come into new life. 

Gavin Chung
The Invasion of Australia 

Due to the zeal of the new Islamic state order over Indonesia, and because of the great outcry from Australia over human rights, the Indonesian Military will invade Australia, firstly at Darwin, then Perth and later the Eastern states. This attack will be in utter secrecy. They will attack with great force and overwhelm the western culture. They will burn much of the infrastructure to the ground.

David Kriss 
The year ahead in review - 2001AD 

We will begin to see the next round of 'falling out' as ten years ago we saw many TV personalities and church leaders exposed and brought low. Big names, big ministries will be investigated by Tax Agents, and Officials. We will see at least two big names jailed as a result.

Robert I Holmes
The True Prosperity Message

“When they give to gain my favor I am grieved; they already have my favor, the cross provided it – Moving in obedience to My Spirit in their giving is all I require. The sacrifices of men to gain My righteousness are an affront to me. Giving through obedience to My Spirit gains My favor and blessing. Acknowledge the favor obtained through my shed blood and give only in Obedience to My Spirit and you will see unmerited favor and financial blessing come to those who operate in this revelation.” 

Clay Sikes
Athet Paulu Testimony the astonishing story of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar, who rose from the dead 

. I did not know that it was Hell until I met Yama, the King of Hell. His face was that of a lion, his feet like snakes, and he had many horns on his head. When I asked his name, he said 'I am the King of Hell, the Destroyer'. I then saw the saffron-coloured robes of Myanmar's monks in the fire

President Visits US Army

Yes, our President is bringing power (through government funds) to the ones (the Church) who have God’s authority to use it; and too, God is indeed bringing power to His government and to those who have the authority to use it. Additionally, the President has appointed Godly men and women to positions of authority. This too is a sign to the Church: MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD WITH REAL SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY WILL SOON RISE TO POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY WITHIN THE CHURCH.

Clay Sikes and Dickie Welch

"I saw a land and knew this to be Israel. I saw the structures, the buildings, the cities etc. Above this all were rain clouds, heavy rain clouds, and there was a windstorm in the land, it was blowing across it like a whirlwind. In some areas it was breaking rocks from off the mountains which came tumbling down, with stones and huge trees being carried in the air by the power of this storm.

John Mulinde

Then I saw the market begin to climb again 
in a short period of time. Then it crashed again bringing tremendous
loss, ruin, and devastation to all who bought in the first time.
This is what I have labeled "Two Black Mondays." The time period
between the Two Black Mondays was very close together. 

Harold Eatmon
Shaking in the Nations

In the light of the recent earthquakes, both registering 7.9 in magnitude, I just began to ponder and ask for
greater insight of what was going on. what if anything the Lord was trying to say. I was led to look at several scriptures and while reading and waiting the following came forth-I do not share this experience lightly. so I submit the following to you as a matter of prayer. I am just going to tell you what I heard and saw. please test it. So as I was reading, I began to be impressed with the following:

Michele Perry

On June 20 at 3:50am, here in Patmos suddenly my room was full of light, and there are no lights around here. It is a house all by itself at the end of the road near a monastery. Lo and behold, when I was wide-awake - I saw five beautiful angels. I saw their faces -perfect and human-like, but full of light. I saw their eyes, their hair, their hands.

Dr. Samuel Doctorian 
Pearl Harbour 

Pearl Harbour is prophetic for America, the world and the church today. America was ‘unprepared’ in 1941, for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Humanity was unprepared for the flood, in the days of Noah. We are unprepared for the coming calamity that is about to befall us.

Gavin Chung
Habitations of Glory

These places of glory will be places that will have a magnetic pull for those who are truly seeking God. By His Spirit, God will draw people to these places, these habitations of His glory, to meet their God. From these times of encounter, people will be renewed and transformed by the glory of God. Yet, there is a purpose for transforming glory.

Debra Westbrook
Tecumseh's Curse

The curse on the Presidency is a curse on America. The Lord showed me that the Native Americans and the Whites were to be two arms of the same body. The Native American represented the prophetic. They knew about the ways of the Spirit. The Whites represented the Apostolic. They were sent with the Word. The Lord wanted the two sticks joined in His hand to form ONE mighty war club against the REAL enemy - Satan. Together they would worship in Spirit and in Truth. Together they would be an unstoppable force for evangelizing the world.

Diane Bahler 
Vision Of The Enemy's Battle Plan

In some of the classrooms, they were studying political leaders. Their families, homes, lifestyles, etc., were being closely scrutinized. I felt very frightened and helpless, very overwhelmed, as I saw and heard how very thorough these "lessons," for lack of a better word, were. Nothing was left to chance. Every area of these political leaders' lives was being dissected and investigated and studied. Demons were being assigned on how to "attack" and influence and "control" each of these political leaders, their families, and even their friends and co-workers. Nothing was left to chance. Nothing was overlooked. The books they read, the radio stations they listened to, etc., everything, everything was being discussed. The enormity of all of this was absolutely mind boggling to me. This also occurred with the religious leaders. 

Hollie L. Moody 
A Stern Warning To America!

Your nation was founded upon MY Principles, and your laws bore MY Name. You were a nation called to be a safe haven for all to live in and to worship and serve ME openly and freely. 
You, as a nation, have turned from ME to serve Satan in all his wicked ways. 

Rose Everett 
Famine and Sword

GOD does not like to be cheated or mocked. The fact that man believes he can "con" a HOLY GOD and "manipulate" GOD to serve the man shows us that there is little or no "FEAR OF THE LORD'' among the professional ''religious''/"spiritual" that rule the churches today. I guess that is why for 4000 or so years THE WORD has warned us that "HE COME WITH A SWORD...". The problem is that THE WORD usually goes into clearly defined detail with exactly what HE WILL DO WITH THAT SWORD. 

Bob Neumann 
Fire of Heaven

They KNOW that to allow even the "little" sins of attitude and thought pattern will keep them from knowing the Father to the fullest. The Bridegroom seeks a BRIDE who is SPOTLESS. She will have FIRE in her eyes because she will have been purified by FIRE. She has found His Word to be faithful and true, and has loved that word. 

Becky McLendon 
Global Revival

The Lord then showed me the places that the greatest earthquakes had taken place in the natural, would now be the places of great revival and shaking in this hour, and He said to me, 'THESE ARE THE PLACES THAT I WILL SHAKE TODAY, THEY WILL BE THE EPI-CENTERS OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO ON THE EARTH. IN THESE PLACES I WILL SHAKE THE EARTH. THE REPERCUSSIONS WILL BE FELT THROUGHOUT THE NATIONS. THE GREAT HARVEST IS UPON YOU, THE TIME OF RECONCILIATION AND TRANSFORMATION.

Chad Taylor 
Entering The New Millennium 

It is important to intercede for Russia for the breaking of famine because if we fail to do it, we can expect an invasion of Alaska by Russia for the bounty of Alaska. 

Jim Goll 
The False Throne

The Lord gave a vision that warned of the deception that will come upon the church concerning the false signs, wonders and miracles. It was vivid and precise in detail and it is now time to share it with the Body of Christ. 

Teresa Daly-Crews 
The Phallic Church

Why will the Lord not allow the church in America to bring judgment to a fallen President? It is because the church itself is full of sin and it must repent and be cleansed first. "For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God . . ." (I Peter 4:17). 

Brad Herrin 
Bush Confounded

While exploring the word confounded. I came upon an interesting thing. In the Hebrew it is spelled Bush. 
(H954) This is the meaning of confounded in Hebrew: to be ashamed, to feel ashamed, to be confounded, to 
be disappointed, to keep waiting, to deceive, to disgrace. 

Martha Lucia
The Winds Of Change Are Blowing In The Church

Ministers and ministries are being warned even now that change is coming and change is needed. Many do not know what is causing the emptiness they now feel spiritually, though many know something is wrong. Man orchestrated traditions set up in the church has blocked an openness to the Holy Spirit, an openness which will point us to true worship which is God-focused, not temple-focused, not man-focused, not ministry-focused.

Clay Sikes
There's a Glory Cloud Coming!!!

I said, "Do you want to know what I see? Do you really want to know??? I see a Glory Cloud coming!!! I see the most awesome Glory Cloud. When people walk into it, they will be healed. They will be restored. They will have Life and ALL of its abundance. I see a Glory Cloud coming!!! 

Pam Clark 
The Enoch Generation - A Word for 2000 & Beyond

No longer will the neutral areas, in life, exist. No longer will the gray areas be allowed, if they really ever were, but in men's minds. The coming judgments of Christ demands that one's yes, be yes, and one's no, be no. To life or to death will be proclaimed by the submission of ones own hearts and the words of their mouth! 

Tom Gliebe 
Prophetic Word For 2001 Clay Sikes
Exact Birthdate Of Jesus From The Bible Code

Many scholars have hypothesized possible dates and years that Yeshua (Jesus) could have been born on, other than the traditional December 25, 1 BC. Using the Bible code, the complete scenario from date of the conception, to birth date, to date of the Brit Milah at the Temple on the 8th day, may now be more clearly seen. It's not 1 BC


Roy A. Reinhold
A Prophetic Word For Canada

Father there is going to be on the nation of Canada a hurricane not like Floyd, a hurricane not like Andrew; but there shall be on the nation of Canada a hurricane of the Spirit of God and the wind shall blow and no one shall know of the the direction it shall come; but the effect and the power of Your wind, of the wind of Your Spirit shall be known in the nation of Canada, it shall rise up and live.

Todd Bentley

And the Holy Spirit just began to show me that Canada is coming to a place of her own anointing, and that there is a shift taking place even now. that's why the Holy Spirit has had you in the book of Daniel-- in verse 7:25: "He shall persecute the saints and shall intend to change times and laws."

Cindy Jacobs

The precious people of China - not necessarily their government or their leaders - will let out a collective victorious shout! It will be a spiritual outcry so deafening that the government of China will be forced to listen and cooperate with the changing times

Dennis Cramer

A great day of freedom and mobility is coming for the Chinese church. Travel restrictions will soon be lifted, and an army of Chinese ministers will be going out to preach the gospel. The fires of adversity have prepared them for ministry in some even more restrictive environments--particularly Muslim areas.

Lee Grady

America does not answer to any singular prophetic profile. It is not the Promised Land, but it is a land of promise. For those who predict the decline and fall of this nation, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but America has only just begun to rise. Indeed, as we enter the 21st century, we will find this "one nation under God," imperfect as it is, will continue in ascendant power

Francis Frangipane
AFGHANISTAN AND IRAN God's judgments, although delayed for years because of His great mercies-- will finally be unleashed. The heavens will withhold the rains, and parts of this region will see no rain for ten years. Dennis Cramer
THE RELIGIOUS SPIRIT Bob Jones and Keith Davis
GREAT HEALING REVIVALISTS - HOW GOD'S POWER CAME Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth- Etter, John Alexander Dowie and others, plus the ENIGMA OF WILLIAM BRANHAM... 
Andrew Strom
Vision of an Unprepared Bride
SMITH WIGGLESWORTH PROPHECY OF GREAT END TIME REVIVAL  The following is an end time "rare" prophecy given by Smith Wigglesworth in 1947. 


The Vision of the Coming of the Lord

As I was watching after the first part, which was sealed, I saw a blackness, as of space, or the heavens at night . Suddenly so fast it was as though out of nowhere, it was as though there was a great opening in the darkness of the heavens , and there was a brightness of shining coming through that was a brighness much purer than white; so bright was it, yet it did not blind me. Suddenly in the midst of this brightness was a white shape followed by other shapes tha seemed distant, but then, faster than instantly, it was seen as a large white horse with a rider whose facial area shone with a brightness, and who moved so swiftly with an uncountable number of white horses right behind Him, so as to be wherever He was......................

Jonah ben Noah

Most Christians and their leaders are looking across the ocean to see a man called the Antichrist sit himself down on a throne in a new temple to be built in Jerusalem. I maintain that this has already happened in the true temple of God.  The antichrist is right in our midst and many of us are totally blind to his presence. Paul the apostle warned the infant Church what to expect of Satan

Michael Clark
America Refuses to Blush

Blushing should be a holy response of purity when one is confronted by perversion in any form. The media spews forth perversion through television, radio, videos as well as many other avenues that seek to destroy the innocence of this young generation. America now readily accepts this perversion that comes forth day and night through all these channels of communication. As a nation, we no longer blush with shame at what has invaded our land. We must repent for grace does not negate the fact that sin must be dealt with by a holy God.

Debra Westbrook           
Deceiving the Very Elect

You see it is in harboring deception in our hearts by our unwillingness to believe that we could be wrong, or by thinking that we have everything in these end times figured out, or that we can not sin, that we are made a perfect candidate for the wicked one to set up his throne in our hearts

Michael Clark
The Remnant Bride

Please note this is a full length book that you can copy

The Lord Jesus Christ is soon to return for His Bride; a Bride that has been prepared; a Bride that is suitable for Him. The conception in the minds of much of the church is that this Bride will consist of all believers. It is believed by many that the Bride will encompass the entire Body of Christ. Is this an accurate conception? I am convinced that it is not.
    One does not have to look any further than the opening chapters of Genesis to begin to discern the truth of who the Bride is and where she will come from. In the first chapter of the Bible we are told that God created man, fashioning him after His own image. God declared that it was not good that this first man (Adam) should remain alone, so a suitable helper was sought for him. This helper was to become the very first bride, and she would be a model, or type, of a later bride who would come forth. This later bride would be the Bride of Christ.
    The second chapter of Genesis gives a very clear description of the creation of Adam’s bride Eve. God saw fit to tell us exactly how she was formed and where the material was found from which she would be fashioned. We are told that Adam was formed of the dust of the ground, but this was not so with Adam’s bride. Adam’s bride was fashioned from a remnant portion of his own body..........

Joseph Herrin
In Quietness and Confidence Shall be Your Strength

The day is coming very soon when God’s judgment will fall on this world and its system of merchandise and trade. Many will be caught unaware, including the majority of those who are of the household of God. Jesus prophetically foretold of the suddenness of which His appearing would come on the world and the lack of readiness of even those who are called by His name.

Joseph Herrin (7-6-2000)

The Wizard Of Oz Mentality

We need leaders who are not hidden behind curtains. Transparent leaders who admit their limits and weaknesses. Leaders who do not place themselves above but along side. Leaders who seek to lift up and not hold down.

Mark Kaphaem
Pride vs Humility pt1

Pride vs Humility pt 2

Priscilla Van Sutphin


Mark Kaphaem

As the battle continued, the Holy Spirit imparted to Bob the understanding that he was contesting an ancient religious spirit that had successfully undermined many purposes of God in the earth.  It is the Nicolaitan spirit desiring to come between the church and the government of God established in the church with true spiritual authority.  The “head” (leadership appointed by Christ) has the insight and understanding of God but can do nothing without the “hands and feet” provided by the body.  Moreover, this evil spirit desires to masquerade as the true head of the body with counterfeit spiritual authority.  Likewise, he cannot accomplish his purpose without the body functioning as the “hands and feet” putting into action his agenda.  He will always attempt to divide true leadership from the body


Bob Jones and Keith Davis
The Timing of Ezekiel Jim Johnson


JULY 1997

...This is the day, the hour, the time. Now at this time there shall be a greater spirit of seeing and knowing. Revelation gifts of the Spirit - Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge, Discerning of Spirits. You have seen a little. Not just shortly, but NOW come to pass. This shall bring us into a place of great faith. The gift of Faith shall be in manifestation. No one has ever seen the measure it will be manifested in these days. The working of Miracles in the full orbit shall come. Gifts of Healings like showers of rain falling everywhere....

Hidden Codes in the Bible

.......If, if, if, if and only if the Bible codes are correct in citing the year 5766 as the time when world war 3 occurs, then from my table of dates, World War 3 will start immediately after the abomination of desolation in the Temple on 31 January/1 February 2006. That means working backwards, the peace treaty of prophecy will occur on 19/20 September 2002. That also means that Jesus (Yeshua) will come to reign on the earth 1290 days after the abomination of desolation on 13/14 August 2009. The fulfillment of prophecy of Yom Kippur will occur on 27/28 September 2009, and the fulfillment of Succoth after the judgment of the peoples of the earth will occur on 2/3 October 2009 and run for 8 days.....

Roy A. Reinhold
World War 3 prophecies 

....This is the word of God for the new move of the Spirit which shall occur after the war years. This war shall occur in the next several decades and will be a few years in length. At this time I have chosen to allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in my will. They have not walked before me in the way I would prefer. They have sought out ways to stay in the flesh and not walk with me, says the Lord of Host. I desire a nation that walks before me, therefore I will do the following. I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a third world war. This will bring My people, the ones who walk after the flesh and not after the Spirit, to stay before me in the Spirit and in prayer. It is because of this spirit of repentance, that I will make a great power out of this My people....

Thomas Gibson   

On Friday, January 28, 2000, I was given a revelation about an earthquake coming to mainland China as I was praying with a friend over the phone. It was followed by loud "ho"-ing and weeping....

Hazel Holland

 Vision Of Hell (Interceding For The Lost) Jan. 28th, 2000 / 8:15 pm

Hollie L. Moody
The Hordes of Hell Are Marching  

This is a panoramic dream and vision I received in early 1995. This is obviously allegorical, as are most dreams and visions. I have tried to be faithful to what I actually saw and experienced.

Rick Joyner
Warning To Canada Jonathan Hansen
Warning to the people of America


Jonathan Hansen
Prophetic Implications of the New Leadership in Israel Bob Jones
America's Golden Calf Is Coming Down! David Wilkerson

Columbine High School Killings Prophecy

Robert Holmes


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