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Welcome to the Fortress of the Strange. This fortification is deticated to all who have been looked down upon because they are said to be weird. Just to let you know, labels like "weirdo, moony, freak, geek, nerd, strange, exile, goth, witch, bitch, ect.." do not exist here, unless you wish to label yourself as one. As tempted as you may be to call someone else any of those titles on this site, resist. I finally created an RPing communtiy, so there are now chat and role-playing boards open on this site. But please consider visiting my tag board below.
!NEWS! I will soon be adding a miniseries entitled "The Adventures of FiFi". This series is a co-production I created with the comic art stylings of my cousin "Francisco Montage." Enjoy.

Please, come in out of the rain. You are now entering the boards.

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Here are a few sites that I recomend for RPing and interesting, random stuff.

Colt's RPing


Cho's Realm

YoYo's RPing

Riddle's Site


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