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Other vegan restaurants in the nearby area (Southern California)

*although there are many, many vegetarian, vegetarian friendly, and even vegan friendly restaurants, when you're vegan you know that every once in a while you want a COMPLETELY vegan place where you can order anything off the menu and don't have to worry about what is cooked near what and so on. So here's a list of places I've personally been to and know they are 99.99% vegan - always leave room for error :)

both leonar's and orean's are under question in my book because several sources have told me they have lied about "non-dairy" as their cheese may have casien. question them for yourselves. i will update this when i know 100%... 6-10-03

99.99% Orean's Health Express - 817 N. Lake Blvd., Pasadena, CA (626)794-0861(Next to McDonald's)
American fast food, like a Tastee Freeze, but vegan. Good prices on most things, some things get expensive, overall a real good meal and value. (They have a pancake mix for sale in a box that isn't 100% vegan)

100% Native Foods - 1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA (760) 416-0070 / 73-890 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA (760) 836-9396 / 1110 1/2 Gayley Ave. Westwood, CA (310) 209-1055
Really good, completely vegan and organic. No sugar even, but can get really expensive and has various, always changing hours. Call ahead.

100% Wheel of Life - 14370 Culver Drive, Suite 2G, Irvine, CA (949)551-8222
All vegan Thai and Chinese food, some dishes are very very good in flavor and textures, the "beef jerky" was the only one so far with not too much flavor. Can be pricey, good cheesecake :)

99.98% Leonor's Restaurant - 12445 Moorpark Street, Studio City, CA (818) 762-0660
Mexican food, good stuff, they got the cheese that melts. Fair prices, from cheap to not so cheap so you can bring your rich friends and still eat poor (price that is). They even have vegan tamales (call ahead for a bunch). They make pizza but there's honey in the dough, there is also honey in the tea, but the rest is vegan they say.

95% Veggie Life Restaurant - 9324 E. Gravey Ave., #B, South El Monte, CA (626) 443-8687
Veitnamese food, different than my usual tastes, although not too bad. Vegan for the most part, a few items have whey protein, but they know what vegan is and will warn you of those items.

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