July 24:Blizzard officially can suck my balls, they suck so bad because their gay asses need to make diablo more secure. thanks to them my acc's were hacked and all my shit taken, so FUCK YOU BLIZZARD and anyone who cant play the game without hacking YOU PUSSY BASTARDS!!!! SUCK MY DICK!!

June 06:Just got the site up and none of the links are active -TsR21

June 07:Just got the news and members only page (members msg me on diablo and ill be glad to give you the user and password! -TsR21

June 08: Just got all the pages up, IM SO HAPPY IM DONE FOR NOW!!!!!! -TsR21

June 12: I just recruited a new member and added a screenshot.

June 13: I just recruited a new member, check the members page for details. If you would like to join this clan and you meet the requirements (found on the rules page) plz e-mail slimstimpy@Yahoo.com with your account name and when you will be on so I can try you out. -TsR21

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