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Our organization, The Amazon Xociety, works on raising awareness of human rights issues affecting women all over the world. A brief review of history in the modern era shows that nowhere on this earth has it been a given that women should be considered equal to men, deserving of the the very same social, political, and economic rights afforded to men. This very lack of due consideration of women as anything other than property has led to the many evils repeatedly perpetrated against us, our mothers, and our daughters. It is time for women to embrace their power, gather in numbers, strengthen themselves, support each other, and create a different kind of world.

If you would like to learn more about human rights issues specifically affecting women, we'd like to encourage you to visit the Amazon site at Our Human Rights

If you heard the BBC's on July 5th about the disturbing story of a Pakastani Tribal Council sentencing an 18 year old girl to be gang raped and want to learn more Click Here

The world needs more women warriors. We don't have the right to close our eyes to the atrocities being perpetrated by our government or our neighbor just because we are lazy. Yes, lazy. You cannot count on someone else to speak up for YOUR rights. Stop being complacent and stop supporting your enemies. You say you don't support your enemies? Well, just what the hell do you think happens each time that you choose to do Nothing? Each time you choose to not to go to that women's meeting? Each time you choose to just stay at home and watch tv?

Five years from now, do you want to have the same complaints that you have today? Think about it. Do you really want to find yourself griping about the very SAME unjust situation that you're complaining about today? Or do you want to have moved on to something else? Unless you decide to become a warrior and take action, build alliances, and truly commit to creating change; nothing is going to happen to change the current circumstance. YES, this means that YOU have to change, you have to stop being satisfied with crumbs, you have to stop making lame excuses to yourself. Help yourself by helping others, this is how you help to improve the world.