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THE FIRST SEX is seeking some enthusiastic feminists to join our team. This a co-ed media project of The Amazon Xociety, but women are especially invited to participate. The show is a collaborative effort and that is the ONLY way it is going to stay on the air. That means we need YOU to get involved! The show we produce is a reflection of the collective work we put into it. Join us if you want to have fun, build solidarity, become a media activist, and learn more about the important issues facing women.

Are you a teenager? We are looking for a some bright teens to produce a youth segment on your issues and from your perspective. Afterall, young Amazons need to express themselves too!

If you want to be a part of this exciting media project and help the progressive women's community, then please give us a call at 713-731-0251 or e-mail us at

Volunteers are needed to be trained for a variety of jobs needed to put on a good show that's engaging.

~ We need to train three board operators to engineer the show!

~ Website Designer to improve and update this website or help to keep it updated.

~ Webmistresses: We need several webmavens to help keep the website updated.

~ Help us reply to e-mail.

~ Monitors: help us to monitor the quality of the show by providing feedback on what you heard.

~ Help with research. We need volunteers to help research different subjects for our stories.

~ Transcribe our Sisterhood/Solidarity Statements to post on the website

~ Help us choose music and poetry for the show

~ Answer the phones during the call-in segment

~ Help make sure that thank-you notes get sent out to our guests

~ Help us with outreach efforts: staffing a table at festivals, distributing flyers for the show.

~ Learn how to use audio-editing software. Cool Edit and Vegas Pro are used to help us produce broadcast quality material.

~ Be a Reporter: prepare an editorial, an interview, or essay for broadcast.

~ Calendar Coordinator: need several women to prepare calendar to be read on the show and forward updates to webmistress to keep the calendar webpage current. (This is a critically important job. Women want to know how and where they can connect with others about the different issues presented on the show.)

~ Archivist: help us store/organize program materials for the show

~ TFS Historian: maintain scrapbook and take photos of TFS related events

~ Co-host and join the Amazon Round Table Discussion

~ Help revive four of our popular segments: Militant Mommy (activism for mothers), Penis Perspective (male perspectives on feminism), Women in Prison (examining issues of women in prison), and Women Making Time (how and why women find the time in their busy lives to incorporate activism). Or, any other segments/aspect of the show.

We need all the help we can get! So, give us a call at 713-731-0251 or email us at