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  • POSSIBLE TOPICS: Reproductive Rights, Family Planning, Sperm Banks/Egg Harvesting, Choosing
    Single Motherhood Sex: Sex Education for both Women and Girls, Control Issues in the Bedroom Violence Against Women: Rape, Incest, Honor Killings, Female Genital
    Mutilation, Sex-Trafficking, Pornography, Prostitution, Sweatshops, Pending
    Legislation, Ending Abusive Relationships, Women in Prisons, Self-Defense,
    Misogyny, Animal Abuse, Environmental Abuse, A Womanís Right to Be Afraid,
    Sexual Harrassment, Racism, Strip-Searches, War Relationships: Mother/Daughter, Father/Daughter, Sisters/Girlfriends,
    Supporting Other Women, Woman Ethics, Ethical Relationships, Power Struggles in
    Relationships, Husband/Wife, Women as Allies, Control Issues Personal Development: Mothering Skills, Self-Esteem, Motivation, Public
    Speaking, Overcoming Addictions, Body Image, Aging, Self-Hate, What Makes a
    Woman a Woman, Embracing the Woman Warrior Professional Development: Public Speaking Primer, Resources, How to Ask for a Raise, Office Politics Womenís Health: Menstruation, Pregnancy, LaMaze Class on-air, Childbirth,
    Homebirthing, Mid-Wifery, Breast-Feeding, Post-Partum Depression,
    Circumcision, Menopause, Dioxin in pads/tampons, talc, Clean Air/Water,
    Nutrition, Vegetarianism, Sugar, Addictions, Cancer and Women (carcinogens),
    Women's Health Research, Fitness, Healthcare Reform, Hipocratic Oath,
    Immunizations, Sloppy Science Political: Legislative Updates, Womenís Studies, Political Science, Political
    Parties, Office Politics, Political Correctness, Patriotism, U.S. Foreign
    Policy, UN on Women & Children, War on the Poor, Single Motherhood,
    Environmental Discrimination, Status of Womenís Movement Profiles: Interview women in different careers and ask them what it takes to be
    successful in that field Academic Papers: Guest presentations/interviews on essays, masters thesis, or dissertations Women and Education: Women and Math Phobia, Women Inferiority, Success
    Strategies, Self-Sabotage, Learning Disabilities, Importance of an Education,
    Educational Discrimination, Same-Sex Classes, All Girl Schools,
    Curriculum, Special Academic Opportunities (camps), CEP, School Board, Textbook
    Committee, Educational Models Around the World Womenís History: Do biosketches of historical women figures Womenís Art: Exhibits, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Authors, Dancers Media Literacy: Critical Analysis, Advertising Industry, Independent Media Outlets, Womenís Magazines Revamping of Holidays to Incorporate Feminism / New Celebrations Oppressive Institutions, Emancipating/Patriarchal/Matriarchal Spirituality Calendar: Womenís Holidays, Natíl/Intíl Conferences, Local Meetings, other
    important dates, women in history on this date Mysogyny: in Literature, Pornography, Prostitution, Women Against Women, Anti-Feminism POSSIBLE TOPICS (CONTINUED) The Dumb Things That Women Do and I Could Have Been a Dingbat But . . . Youth: Lost Girlhood, Teen Pregnancy, Date Rape, Prey of Sexual Preditors, Mentoring, Girl's Health, Child Support, Childcare, Child Development, When Your Mother is Incarcerated, Developing Addictive Behaviors in Teen Years Feminist Conciousness Raising and Feminists Who Donít Practice What They Preach Religion: Treatment of Women in Different Religions, Explore Creation Myths, Matriarchal Spiritual Beliefs, Do Pagans/Goddess Worshippers Get a Fair Shake?, Respecting Religious Beliefs of Others