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Here's What Was Covered ~ (And Why You Should Pledge)

March 19th, 12:00PM (Wednesday) ~Our Very First Show~
"Attacks on Holy Cross Primary School for Girls in Northern Ireland"
Interview with Laura Garrot of the Irish Northern Aid Committee by Bernadine
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee
Penis Perspective: "Why Feminism Should Matter to Men" by Sean Spence
Women Making Time: "Bird Rehabilitation with Sharon Schmalz" by Teresa Kolo
Women in Prison: A Woman's Experience of Prison by Hope Jimenez
Women in Prison: Poem by Hope Jimenez

April 12th, 12:00PM Our Second Show
Sisterhood Statement: Dr. Julianne Malveaux
"Status of Health Care for Women in Texas" Interview with Health Care for All-Texas founders Lauren Oshman and Ana Malinow
Aborted: "Why Self-Defense is Important to Women" (Women Making a Difference)
Amazon Roundtable: Distorted Male Images of Women based on front cover illustration of The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol Adams, Links between Animal Oppression and Woman Oppression, Vegetarianism and healthful food options
Music: "Women Hold Up Half of the Sky" by Binx

April 24th, 8:00PM (Wednesday)
"Women and Self-Defense: an interview with Master Barbara Dickens of White Horse Academy of Martial Arts" by Bernadine Williams
"Women's Perspective on the Coup and Counter-Coup in Venezuela"
Animal Rights: SHAC-Houston's Smash HLS Campaign with Rachel Wetuski (SHAC=Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty, HLS= Huntington Laboratory Science)
Amazon Roundtable: Discussion on Women and War (Andrea,Bernadine,Camille)
Great Feminist Music and Poetry

May 15th, 12:00PM (Wednesday) ~MOTHER'S DAY SHOW~
The whole show was about presenting different and alternative views of motherhood.
Amazon Roundtable:
Great poetry by Carolina Monsavais, Tina,

June 13th
Alice Leuchtag: Legalization of Prostitution
Landon Storrs: Women and Welfare
Music: "Women Hold Up Half of the Sky" by Binx, and a song by Bitch & Animal

July 25th
Herstory: Ms. Vorse
"Building Effective Collaborative Relationships: An Interview with Sherry Lowery of The Lowery Group" by Bernadine
"Women in Columbia: An Interview with Sandra Alvarez of Global Exchange" by Rachel Smith
Amazon Roundtable: Inter-Racial Dating (Deborah,Maureen,Rachel,Bernadine)
Music: "A Priority" by Sweet Honey in the Rock

August 8th
Whole Show was about Mother-Daugther Relationships
Rachel Smith's essay "My Mother"
Sisterhood Statement: Diana Butto, Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Liberation Organization
Music: India Irie

August 22nd
Herstory: Fannie Lou Hamer by Sister Anelle, produced by Rachel Smith
Feature: Diana Butto's talk for the UH-Women's Studies Program entitled "Women's Roles in the Palestinian Struggles"
(Legal Advisor to the Palestinian Liberation Organization)
"11 Commandments of a Smart Woman"
Amazon Roundtable: Woman, Ms. Houseini, Sentenced to Stoning in Nigeria
(with Bernadine, Sister Anelle, Rachel, Alicia, and Deborah)

September 5th
Peace Prayer by Selena Fox
The Constitution by Sister Anelle
"I Don't Want to Be A Hero" (lyrics from Johnny Hates Jazz)
Interview: Rosario Pena speaking about the film "Group"
Defining Feminism and the Classifications of Feminism
Amazon Roundtable: "Personal Interpretations of Feminism"
Music: A Priority by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Felicity Theme, Puddle of Grace by AmyJo Johnson, Me

September 19th
The Lady's Prayer (Rachel, Anelle, Bernadine)
Interview: "Go-Girls Records with Madeleine Sklar", by Alicia Nuzzie
"Persecution & Torture of Female Practitioners of Falun Gong" Interview with Dr. Diana Roberts, by Bernadine
Interview: Houston Women's Festival with Shirley Knight, by Bernadine
Interview: "Ms.Trapeace" with Carolina Monsavais, by Alicia Nuzzie
Poetry by Carolina Monsavais
TANF Editorial by Rachel Smith
Satire: Welfare Reform by Rural Womyn Zone from Mother Warriors Voice newspaper, read by Bernadine
Music: India Irie, Falun Gong music, Goddess

October 3rd
Editorial: Iraqui Women by Maureen Haver
Article: "Feminism as Imperialism" from the Guardian, read by Alicia Nuzzie
Interview: National Depression Screening Day - by Sister Anelle, production: Bernadine
Sisterhood Statement from Gabrielle Pina, author of "Bliss"
Excerpt: Achieving Your Dreams by Tracye Marquis, author of "I Can't Cry: A Journey from Shame to Redemption"
Music: Hildegard von Bingen

October 17th
Texas NOW Conference: Most Important Issues Affecting Women by Rachel
"Feminist Platform of the Green Party: An Interview with Nathalie Paravicini" by Bernadine
"Texas State Bar Section on Women and the Law: An Interview with Ronnie Ellen Harrison" by Bernadine
Interview: "Racism" with Cherry Steinwender, Director of The Center for the Healing of Racism - by Sister Anelle
Excerpt: Andrea Dworkin on the Constitution and Women
Music: "A Priority" & "In This Land" by Sweet Honey in the Rock, "Anica" & "Cell Mother" by Uman

October 31st ~ This Show was on Matriarchal Spirituality
Sisterhood Statement: Priestess Davida Moonsong
"Spiritual Journey of a Modern Day Crone" Interview with Dr.Grace Amborski
"Discovering the Goddess in Mexico with Margaret" Garza by Bernadine
"Feminist Platform of the Green Party with Nathalie Paravicini" by Bernadine
Music: "Vision" by Hildegarde von Bingen, Sarasvati

November 7th
Interview with Traci Marquis, author us "I Can't Cry: A Journey from Shame to Redemption" by Bernadine
Interview: Dr. Kathryn Peek of Texas Women's University on the Texas Medical Center's Women's Health Network
Music: Cell Mother by Uman, A Priority by Sweet Honey in the Rock

November 21st
Excerpt of Interview with Traci Marquis, author us "I Can't Cry: A Journey from Shame to Redemption" by Bernadine
Andrea Dworkin on Radical Feminists Being Pushed Out of Abuse Shelters by Liberal Feminists
Sisterhood Statement: Nathalie Paravicini of Harris County Green Party
Sisterhood Statement: Gabrielle Pina, author of "Bliss"
Article: Difference that Women War Correspondents Make from Women's E-News
Debut of WINGS on The First Sex. WINGS is the Women's International News Gathering Service. This weeks feature on WINGS is a Jennifer Harbury speech produced by Shannon Young.

December 5th
Interview and collage on Kuumba Lynx organization by Shannon Young
Interview: "Self-Defense" and "Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Demonstration at Kim Soo Martial Arts School" with Dr. Grainne Matthews, organized for The Women's Group - by Bernadine
Article: Arianna Huffington on Nancy Pelosi (new US House Minority Leader)
Article: PETA Compares Women to Meat
Music: Matriarch CD by Joanne Shenandoah

December 19th
For This is the Season of Giving - Giving to Create Social Change
December 31st is the deadline for giving to support the organizations and causes you believe in. GIVE TODAY!
Interview with Ellen Gurzinski of The Funding Exchange on Social Change Philanthropy
Interview with Tracy Gary on Women's and Social Change Philanthropy & Formation of Women's Giving Circles
Music: Adult Ceremony by Park Ji Yoon (Korean), Piel de Angel by Lucero (Spanish), and Gulf of Mexico by Cameron Dezen (English)

January 2nd, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
One Book, One Sisterhood Project (The First Sex, The Amazon Xociety) [see details]
Interview: Procratination - Interview with Ruth Fowler, MA,LPC
Interview: Assertiveness, Saying YES to Yourself! with Ruth Fowler,MA,LPC
Music: Tacticas de Guerra by Lucero (Spanish), La Vie En Rose/La Vida En Rosa by Thalia (Spanish, French), artist Park Ji Yoon (Korean)

January 16th
One Book, One Sisterhood Project [see details]
Interview: "Microenterprise and Microentrepreuneurship for Women" Martha Shirk, journalist and author of Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs: How Eleven Women Escaped Poverty and Became Their Own Bosses
Pacifica Archives Speech by Germaine Greer
Music: Park Ji Yoon (Korean), No Es El Momento by Thalia (Spanish)

February 6th
Entire show dedicated to developing a healthier sisterhood.
We address the critically important issue of female agression against other women, often referred to as internalized sexism. This issue is seldom acknowledged in the women's community, yet it is largely credited with ending the second wave of feminism.

One Book, One Sisterhood Project [see details]
News: Alice's Analysis (omitted-technical difficulties)
Interview: INTERNALIZED SEXISM with Dr. Kris Anderson from the University of Houston - Downtown
Music: "Women Hold Up Half The Sky" by Binx and "A Priority" by Sweet Honey in the Rock

February 20th
Straight from the Horses Mouth: Tonight's show has been cancelled by the station.
One Book, One Sisterhood Project (The First Sex, The Amazon Xociety) [see details]
Speech: Belle Hooks on "How Patriarchy Affects Boys" from Pacifica Archives
Interview: "Women and Religion" Rabbi Malka Drucker, author of "White Fire"
Intreview: "Glass Ceiling Issues for Women" with Heidi Straube, success coach for women
Amazon Roundtable: Nathalie Paravicini,Maureen,Ashley,Bernadine)
Music: La Vie En Rose/La Vida En Rosa by Thalia (Spanish,French)