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First Annual Conference on Internalized Sexism &
Female Agression Against Other Women

If you enjoyed our last show, February 6th, with research psychologist Dr. Kris Anderson discussing the issue of internalized sexism and female agression against other women, but thought we had some unfinished business, well you're right! We did an incredible job of covering a lot of territory, but we couldn't get to everything.

So The Amazon Xociety is launching the First Annual Conference on Internalized Sexism.

We are building upon our past efforts as we develop an annual conference on internalized sexism examining how women internalize their oppression (negating/accepting) and female aggression against other women. We are committed to facilitating this annual conference for the next ten years.

AN OFFER TO YOU: If you have an interest in helping to develop such a conference by serving on our on-going organizing committee, please contact us at

Possible Topics to Explore in Plenary and in Workshops:
        Internalized Sexism
        Indirect (Passive)Agression vs Direct Agression
        Female Agression Against Other Women  

Female Friendships
Family: Mother-Daughter Relationships Sister-Sister Relationships
Workplace Sabotage: Employee Relationships Employer Relationships
Health Care
Human Rights
The Academy and the Educational System

SOLUTIONS for Dealing with Internalized Sexism and Female Agression Against Other Women and CREATING A HEALTHIER SISTERHOOD.


Rescheduled: Originally scheduled for April 2003 and now set for May 18th - A Debate on Internalized Sexism between Iris Sizemore of The Houston Women's Group and Bernadine Williams of THE FIRST SEX and The Amazon Xociety.
Please visit The Women's Group website at The Women's Group
We'll be debating the issues of Internalized Sexism and Female Agression Against Other Women, our starting point will be the book "Woman's Inhumanity to Woman" by Phyllis Chesler.

Another good source book, should you wish to learn more about these linked issues is "Sorophobia" by Hellen Michie of Rice University.

Please share your comments on this topic, these books, or recommend other materials.


One Book, One Sisterhood Project