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Here's What's in the Pipeline

Internalized Sexism (female agression against other women) and Self-Hate in Women 

Feminine Philanthropy

Entrepreneurship and Microenterprise

Korean Comfort Women (Korean sex slaves forced to service Japanese soldiers in WWII)

Dr. Diana Strassman of Rice University, Editor of "Journal Feminist Economics" 

Internalized Sexism and Self-Hate in Women

Sex: Control Issues in the Bedroom

Stolen Girlhood: Early sexualization of girls

Women and the Holocaust: A Speech by Dr. Joan Ringelheim

Women's Philanthropy: Why Women Don't Give to Women's Organizations

Women in Science - AWIS

Girls & Women Lacking Academic Confidence

Women's Intimate Relationships

WATER: Conservation, Contamination, Privitization, Clean-Up, Hydroelectric Power
       Water Mythologies and Symbolism (1st Ocean (amniotic fluid) creation,
       Spiritual Cleansing)

Interview with JoBeth Williams 

Interview with Dr.Julianne Malveaux on her book "Unfinished Business: 
         10 Most Important Issues Facing Women"

Woman Ethics

Women's Empowerment/Girl Empowerment