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If you'd like to be a guest (or recommend one, please send us an e-mail at with GUEST in the subject field.
Be sure to include the following information:

~ Guest's Name (and a little background info)
~ Description of Topic (and title of book/song)
~ Contact Information (if possible)
~ Availability for an Interview

Women artists and musicians are also welcomed!
We seek to include some truly conscious poetry, music, and art.
Let us put you on the air reading and performing your material.

ORGANIZATIONS: Submit a recording of a guest lecturer or presentation that your organization sponsored! This is a great way to let the community learn what your organization is about and why they should come out to support your great events!

STUDENTS, Dust off your old term papers: We are also seeking essays from students on issues we perceive as being relevant and important to women's lives and our understanding of the world. We would also like to hear from doctoral candidates on their completed or in-progress dissertations and research that would be useful to our audience. Here's your invitation to come read your paper on the air! Dissertation authors will be interviewed on-air about their research or asked to prepare a synopsis on their theme. Complete dissertations will not be read over the air, only excerpts. Study hard, write a great paper, get a good grade, and remember to cultivate your own unique sense of feminine power. After all, you are an academic Amazon!

Peace ~ Power ~ Passion ~ Parity