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Listen on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston, Texas

Human rights, social justice, and personal effectiveness issues from a feminist perspective
featuring interviews, news, speeches, profiles, herstory, and a women's community calendar.

Honoring Women and Their Struggles While Creating Sisterhood


Show Cancelled by the Station

Feminist programming: Feminist programming is inherently political and advocacy oriented, while critiquing patriarchal values and perspectives. However, women's programming is not necessarily any of those things. It should be obvious why a sexist male programming director, Otis Maclay, would choose to have a "women's" program over a FEMINIST program that seeks to educate and empower women.

Reinstatement of "The First Sex" is endorsed by:
Houston Area NOW, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Houston,
The Women's Group, and City Councilwoman Ada Edwards-District D


  • First feminist show to air in over 10 years in Houston
  • First feminist show by a feminist organization
  • First show to discuss matriarchal spirituality, paganism, and goddess movement
  • First show to discuss mothering issues (not about children)
  • First show to discuss vegetarianism and health food
  • First show to discuss health/medical issues
  • First show to discuss animal rights
  • First aired WINGS (Women's International News Gathering Service)
    Station management refused to do so for over a year.
  • First show produced and aired by a member organization of the Houston Peace and Justice Center

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    WINNER OF THE FEAS2T (Feminist Education Action Spirituality Support Thealogy Center) Award for Equality and Justice in the Media. In the month of March Feas2t, inc. honors women who have worked for Equality and Justice through many mediums. On March 23, 2003, Feas2t will honor your program with the FEAS2T Award for Equality and Justice in the Media.


    A new beginning: If you'd like to be a part of our next media project (public access tv program) or our workshops or join us as we build upon our past efforts as we host an upcoming conference on internalized sexism examining how women internalize their oppression (negating/accepting) and female aggression against other women, please contact The Amazon Xociety at (Please note that this is a new e-mail address to accommodate the overflow from


    **Please Destroy Petitions**

    We Are Organizing an Annual Conference
    on Internalized Sexism!

    One Book, One Sisterhood Project
    Updates on Amazon Website!
    Inaugural Book for 2003
    Help select our book for 2004!

    Technical Remote Viewing - Houston

    US Senate Switchboard..................(800) 382-9467
    US House Switchboard...................(800) 382-9842

    What is Feminism?


    Maria Gonzalez - "Feminism is the critique of patriarchy."

    Funk & Wagnall's
    FEMINISM - A doctrine advocating the granting of the same social, political
    and economic rights to women as the ones granted to men; a movement to achieve these.

    FEMINISM - 1. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of
    the sexes. 2. Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.

    OPPRESSION - The unjust exercise of authority and power over one group by another.

    INTERNALIZED SEXISM - Sexism that has become internalized by women. Occurs when on a conscious or unconscious level the woman comes to believe and accept male attitudes of inferiority and prejudices against women. The woman comes to identify with male attitudes and turn them on other women.


    Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Unreasonable Women, Women in Black,

    CODE PINK - Women's Pre-Emptive Strike for Peace
    Lysistrata Project, Mama Brigade

    NOW Blasts Passage of Abortion Procedures Ban, Denounces Deceptive Use of "Partial Birth" Rhetoric

    March 13, 2003

    "The Senate's passage today of the deceptively named 'partial birth abortion ban' should be a call to action for women's rights supporters everywhere," said National Organization for Women (NOW) President Kim Gandy. "Proponents of this legislation know that the bill's provisions are unconstitutional, based on the Supreme Court's decision in Stenberg v. Carhart. Behind the rhetoric, this bill is really an abortion procedures ban. It's a political game and an attempt to send us back to pre-Roe days when countless women died from illegal abortions."

    "You won't find the term 'partial birth abortion' in any medical dictionary—instead try looking for it in the ultraconservative rhetoric manual," Gandy said. "Contrary to what opponents of abortion rights would have you believe, this bill is not about a specific late-term procedure. This bill, like each of its predecessors, is purposely worded so vaguely that it could criminalize even some of the safest and most common abortion procedures after twelve weeks and well before fetal viability."

    The abortion procedures ban passed by the Senate, which will soon be taken up in the House of Representatives, is not supported by the American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or the American Medical Women's Association. "This legislation has nothing to do with the best interests of medicine or women's health. In fact, this ban does not even include a constitutionally required exception to preserve the health of the woman," Gandy said.

    "Senators who otherwise support reproductive rights allowed themselves to be caught up in the political rhetoric instead of standing firm in their commitment to women's rights," Gandy said. "Senators who voted for the abortion procedures ban disappointed voters in their own states and across the country." ###

    CONTACT: REBECCA FARMER, 202-628-8669 ext. 116

    From Deborah Bell at FEMNET - A Splendid Symbolic Protest

    I received this article from a friend today and am going to take a $1.00 bill and put it in tomorrow's mail to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.

    Pass this on to as many persons as you can. We actually could raise the money this way.
    This is the address:
    UN FPA (Fund for Population Activities)
    220 E. 42nd St
    NYC, NY 10017

    The Bush administration has refused--in spite of Congressional approval -- to send the U. S. contribution of $34 million to the U. N. Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) to support family planning, AIDS prevention, and prevention of female genital mutilation.

    So the League of Women Voters and others are asking that 34 million Americans contribute a dollar each to UNFPA.

    And here's a link to the UNFPA web site:

    JUNETEENTH FOR WOMEN: "How Do Women Emancipate themselves from Mens Wars and Global Conflicts?" Bernadine Williams of THE FIRST SEX feminist radio program will briefly present a history of Juneteenth (officially Texas Emancipation Day) and how it can be celebrated as a day of liberation for ALL women. The focus of the talk and facilitated discussion will be on how women lose out when men start wars to protect a patriarchal society that oppresses women.

    SUNDAY, June 16th, 10:45am
    The Women's Group
    First Unitarian Universalist Church
    5200 Fannin @Southmore, Room 302

    Come out and meet THE FIRST SEX team members at our presentation to The Women's Group
    on the importance of having feminist perspectives in the media. Please Join us!

    SUNDAY, May 26th, 10:45am
    THE WOMEN'S GROUP First Unitarian Universalist Church 5200 Fannin @Southmore

    THE FIRST SEX is a media project of The Amazon Xociety.

    Special thanks to the American Friends Service Committee for awarding us
    their New Initiatives Grant to support the underrepresented voices of women in media.

    Another special thanks to Lucia's Garden for supporting the feminine energy of the show.

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