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Just put the mouse over a picture to let you know a little bit about it. hope you like them. I'm still going to put more.

Just chilling at my house with my friends Me AKA Tek My brother n me right before we went to work. Me n Sister at my foster the day I move out. My sister...isn't she preatty? yeah, I know that she is.  DON'T stack her though. Best mature girl I ever known for her age =o).  Hilda is very unpredictable but I got learn her better and I think she is special and unique as every other person.  She has a lot of potential within her. The sweetess girl ever to be known to man.  Thanks to her I learn so much and realize so many things.  I will always love this girl and I hope everything is getting better for her and her family. I went through HELL for this girl...but can't never wish anything bad for no one.  Hope she is okay.  Dana is and will always be my first loved one be good girl and take care. Michaela...she is one of the most happy person ever.  She is always smiling.  Don't let the beautty fool you she is very smart. Just wondering how to make this camera work. Tekuma Tekuma a
NewTek NewTeka ntek5 after fighting...I swear it wasn't even worth it.
Me at my fosters' house The saddest time for me and my whole entire family.  My brother was murder and this is one of the pictures taken at his funeral.  I love you bro and we always be best brother 4 ever.
"Don't forget to sign my guess book."