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Tameshigiri Seminar
Dojo Of The Four Winds - Encinitas
15th & 16th June 2002

James Williams and Tony Alvarez conducted a Tameshigiri seminar at the Dojo of the Four Winds on June 15th and 16th 2002.
The seminar covered Iai Jutsu and Ken Jutsu (Sward drawing art and Sword art) for the beginner and for those more
advanced before we moved on to Tameshigiri..
We were all taught safe, effective drawing and returning the sword to the saya, proper cutting motions, effective angle of attack
of the sword when cutting, and techniques for basic cuts as well as proper grip, body alignment and distance from target.

We all had many cut's (lost count) of single and double rolls of Bugei wara which can be purchased direct from Bugei.

Information regarding the location of the dojo including upcoming seminars/events can be found on the website.

That Blade is sharp 'Jimmy' - Oh yea you found out....!

In the beginning there was about 250 mats.

Zzzip..  zzzip.. Nice


Nice crows nest


Nice cut - not sure about the hat.

James and his new Wakizashi.


Anyone fancy a bath?..

James and his new Wakizashi again..

James cutting 3x1's one handed.

James cutting 3x1's

Who do we burn?

Easy does it.

Tony going for it

Jimmy keeping sharp blades away from fingers


Tony showing how to cut 2 at once.

James in there somewhere.!

Me..! (Garreth) That ought to do it.

Garreth - Pity there was not another target behind.

Garreth - Oh yes... Go on, just one more cut before the peg get's it!

Another dodgy hat..!

Mind those fingers Tony.

Nice Tachiwari Jimmy.

You are not supposed to push it over.


Watch out for that video cam..

No.. Not the Dojo Tony..!

Now, Where did I put my sword?

And then there was none...!

Garreth & James

James and Garreth