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Proposals for New Version of Stellar Crisis


First off, I am a purist at heart, and feel that no matter what, that the 2.8/2.9 version of the game should be the standard. Especially when it comes to tournaments and rankings. I also enjoy variety and mastering new game types and new versions of the game. So my proposals are not some radical departures that would completely change the game. My main objective, if I could make a new version or make some changes to the existing versions, would be to make the game more fair, and less dependant on gifts from the map gods, to make the game more competitive by classing players by abilities, and finally, add to the collection of strategies and tactics you could use in the game, without undermining ones that already work. I have 2 proposals, one would be tweaks and added abilities to the ships and rules that already exist to version 2.9. that way these ideas could be features like max ag ratio in current series and the SC purists would be pacified, and secondly, I'd like to extend the ideas for version 3.x, taking the previous ship types and expanding on them, with the end result of restoring some balance to the this version.

Changes to 2.9

Version 4.0

New Ship Proposals

New Series Proposals

Scoring System Proposals

Version 2.9

First off, the rules of 2.9 have slowly evloved for the better. Visible builds, that allowed you to see what your opponent had set to build, were don away with. This drasically changed the game for the better. Cloaker are now built cloaked. This allows for cloakers to be a bigger part of the game, and for the most would agree this is an improvement. This version, other than minor differences in series and servers seems to be pretty standard. I'd propose that the rules, stargates, battle outcomes and ect. be standardized to this version for the process of community wide tournaments. Other servers that make small differences, such Almonaster, are welcome to do so, but players on those servers might want to play standarized rules occasionaly if they desire to enter tournaments outside their server.

With this, I still feel there is room for some minor changes to version 2.9 that would enhance game play. In order to keep this version from becomming to complicated, and for those who want no changes in the rules, some of these could be added on a series by series basis to make different and interesting games. Here are some added features I'd like to see on this version, which again could be features that could be turned on and off on a series by series basis.

Mines can be set to detonate - This would be a great feature that does not dramatically change the game, but allows all kinds of different tactics. You could ensure that cloakers are not in a system, you could destroy sciences of other empires who are attempting to explore you at truce or trade. You could ensure a mine goes off if attempting a mine pop trick. Again this option could be set to on or off.

Make mines invisible unless you are in the same system with them. Anyone in 'Nam will tell you that you don't know a mine is there till.... Of course those not at war with you will see them if they are in the same system

Allow cloaked cloakers to "see" other enemy and friendly cloakers in the same system as them.Perhaps they just make a sighting report in the update report without even saying which empire they are. Also allow them to "see" enemy mines with out setting them off. This will give some defense against cloakers and at the same time, make it allot more likely that people will choose them as a tech. Cloaker warfare makes for great game play!

Allow doomsdays to annihilate your own and friendly planets. Nothing more fun when you are losing, than a scorched earth policy! In order to avoid people nuking their own home world (undesirable). You could either make it possible to abandon a planet by setting the population to 0, then doomsdaying it, or you could make it possible to doomsday any planet except your home world. If you do, then you in a sense surrender. I suppose that the military revolts on you when you turn the big gun on your own people. Also being able to annihilate your allies planets would get the honor guard upset, so maybe I'll take that back.

Only allow surrenders when 2 players are left in a game I hate when someone on the otherside of the map throws in a towel prematurely while I'm fighting the same empire as them. Once your in a game, play till the bitter end, and two small emps can gang up on the bigger empire. In the case of 2 empires left, then you are not hurting anyone else by sureendering.

Replace allying out with drawing out in ally games. Only if you all select draw, will the game end prematurely. I don't know exactly how this would work, but allying out is one of the most boring parts of the game. See the page on new scoring systems that discourage this as a means of padding your stats

Use Ah's idea with team games. Have teams of players that are automatically allied with each other and fight the other teams. Have password protected logins for each team. You could have 2 on 2's 3 on 3's 5 on 5's. You could rank the best teams with stats just like individual players. It would have the flavor of clans without the flaw of innocent bystanders getting involved. Hell, you could have a draft of new players, trades and free agents. I would finally play allies again! How about a team blood match? 5 or 6 teams in the same game vying for supremacy?

No draw option in bloods at all Ah at Ahmageddon wisely has implemented this already. This way there can be only one winner in a blood, and there is no possibility of having an ally who you draw with when cleaning out the map.

Allow the possibility of forcing a draw in grudge matches, like a stalemate in chess. Perhaps if one empire reaches a certain tech development or the game must be completed in x number of updates, or x amount of time

If you are ruined, you also recieve a nuked, and the first person to colonize your planet recieves the nuke. If only 2 players are left, the winner automatically recieves the nuke and the win. The winner recieves all the unclaimed nukes.

A Series of Masters games that only become available after you have 30 more wins + nukes over ruins + losses. Hopefully these will be the cream of the crop players only, in these games. Very few ruiners and nuke babies. This is where your record will start counting!
Maybe seperate set of stats for these games

If you have 10 more losses + ruins than win + nukes, your empire is retired and the name is once again available. (Make it harder to use nuke babies in advanced games) If you have not logined your empire for more months than you have wins, the empire is erased and the name is available. ( how many times could you not use the name you wanted too because someone with 0 wins and 1 nuked signed up for it 2 years ago?)

See, I told you I wasn't planning to rape the essence of the game.

Version 3.0 now 4.0

Now I would take more liberties with this version. This version kind of reminds me of Ender's game where as Ender keeps on winning battles, he has to find a different way everytime; always adapting faster than the enemy. In a sense, I believe that there should be as many winning strategies as possible in this series, constantly forcing a vetern SC player to adapt to the new ship types and possible styles of play.

Jumpgates - The first thing that has to go is jumpgates. they are just to powerfull, and they, with certain exceptions, make the stargate redundant. I would propose replacing the almighty jumpgate, with less lethal, but possibly more tactically fun jumpship. These ships would be able to jump to any visible system within their range, which will be a divisor of their current br. Just like the current jumpgates, they would lose br everytime they jump, and they would arrive at their destinations after the battle, just like gated ships.

The reason why this would throw some balance back into the game is because, now you cannot gate in sweeper support. Since science ships could not be jumped into enemy territorry, exploring will be more difficult, and jumping into someones HW for the easy nuke will not work unless the poor fellow didn't save a tech selection for mines. Now cloakers will once again, have some use in the game, since they can "spot" mines and destroy upon uncloaking whereas jumpers must lose some br and wait a turn to fight.

Minefields - Minefields will not only be invisible, but they can set to detonate which they will do, after ships are gated in. Therefore, jumpships beware! A minefield set to detonate can destroy your jump ships as after they arrive in the system.

Morphers and Carriers - Morphers are no more, they have been replaced by an enormous capital ship called a carrier. A carrier can hold up to as many ships as its current br, and any ship inside automatically belongs to a fleet. A ship has to be ordered to deploy in order to appear and do its job but untill then, no mainaince is needed! The carrier can pick up stationary ships as well, such as stargates, satellites and mines, and deploy them whenever or wherever it wants. It can be used as a minelayer, mobile stargate and as hangar till ships are needed.It also can be used to disguise the the number of ships in your fleet. Beware of cloakers though, if the carrier is destoyed, all the undeployed ships inside it are destroyed as well!

Capital Ships - This will just be an extension of the present 3.x carriers. They will all have the same resistance to DEST as the current carrier, none of them will be able to dock with a carrier, all of them will use an enormous amount of fuel and maintainance and all three will be vulnerable to boarding by troop ships!

Carriers - They will work as previously mentioned

Destroyers - These massive capitol ships will do all there damage to one ship, before the battle begins. If the ship is destroyed, it will not participate in the battle. If it destroys a mine, and there is no friendly fleet with a minesweeper, it will set the mine off before the battle even begins. If it targets a capital ship, and has the same br or less than the destroyer, it will destroy the capitol ship in one hit. Destroyers could be built to take out the lone sweeper in an enemy fleet, allowing a mine to go off. The Destoyers weakness is br1 ships. If it targets a br 1 attack, for example. It will spend its whole attack on that one ship.

Cruiser - This ship can be targeted by stargates, allowing you to move your fleet into enemy territory then stargating support to this ship. The fleet will arrive in the same system that the Cruiser has moved to, after the battle. If the cruiser is destroyed the same turn ships are sent to it, all the stargated ships are lost en route

Troopships - Troopships will now not only be able to invade planets but be able to capture capital ships i.e.cuisers, carriers and destroyers or merely board and scuttle (destoy) the capital ships, left over from a battle before they can complete the nuke order. If an empire attempts to capture a ship which they do not have the tech selection for, the ship is destroyed instead. If you manage to capture a carrier with undeployed ships inside, you capture all the undeployed ships that are inside, regardless if you have the tech selection or not.

Engineers and Wormholes - The accidental wormhole that created when opening a link with an engineer the same time the engineer was being jumped, should be expanded on. 2 engineers, if given simultaneous orders to create a worm hole, will create a tunnel from one system to the other, that ships can be sent through and arrive the same way they would, through a normal link. Each system could only support one worm hole each and the link could be closed with only one engineer, and explored and moved through by enemies as well as by friends.

Restrictions on Stargates - Even stargates should not be all powerfull ways of moving ships around. Stargates will only be able to send as many ships as its current br. If you have a br 6 gate, you will be able to send 6 ships at a time with it, as long as you don't overbuild, at which case, some of the 6 ships will left behind. The good news is that carriers count only as one ship. Ranges of stargates could be based on fuel ratio times a series factor. Therefore if the factor was 5, you could send a ship 10 spaces with a fuel ratio of 2.0, 25 spaces with a fuel ratio of 5.0 and only 3 spaces with a ratio of .6. This might be a good series based restriction on 3.0 jumpgates or 2.9 stargates as well.

Once again, this would be a new version of the game I would make if I had the expertise to do so. Anyone who wants to borrow from any of these ideas on their own server is welcome to do so. Anyone who wants to mail me with a suggestion for a new abilty for a current ship type, or a new ship all together, If I like it, or feel it is interesting, I will put up on the following section.


If you have any comments on these proposals or any new ones yourself... give me an e-mail.