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A look over the inactive pioneers of the SSHL. This is the first installment.

Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray was one of the first players to play in the league. He was a dedicated old timer and who stuck to old time hockey throughout his career. In season 1, some players wore Rollerblades, Nathan was one of them. Most players realized that the players on their feet had an advantage for agility and soon abandoned the blades. Nathan stuck it out. He wanted everyone to know that his blades made him better. That remains to be seen. He never took them off until his retirement after season 2. Nathan was also famous for his pre game make up. He did this in honour of KISS, the rock and roll band. This made many people question the mental stability of Nathan. One last thing he was famous for was agitating the young Byron Henderson. Byron Henderson did not start to flourish until Nathan Gray was out of the league.