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Molson Canadian Hotlist

SSHL LIke a rock hit of the week goes to Mckay on Henderson, yet again.


Season 10 finale

Season 10 was interesting and started off with a blast. The excitement of having 5 teams was only for about 2 weeks then the excitement of summer swept through the SSHL members. After that, there were a lack of players for each week. "This is disappointing that the members don't enjoy the sport as much as say, Joe Bouvier, Kevin Clarke, Vince Gibbons or myself. Those players inparticular showed up for all games on time (exception for Vince's last weekend). It is frustrating for those guys and others who get there early and on time and don't see anything materialize until an hour after. For those that do show up later, maybe you have a life, maybe you don't, but if you say you are going to be there on time or promise you will be there, then BE THERE! The BOI for example won the league. Thanks to some defaults and great play when the players were there. "I think this league would be awsome if all of the good players showed up and ON TIME. All five teams have about 3-4 awsome players. If those guys could show up, we would have a league that would have a reputation. However; we don't. Instead we have a lazy league that would be an embarassment if we showed it to people outside of the league. Some of those dedicated GM's would know what I am talking about. It is embarassing to tell a buddy to show up at 12:00pm and of course they show up 15 minutes early and then we don't play until 1:00 at the earliest. It is embarrassing. Half of you guys need to go to realize that others are waiting for you at the court. It is plain rude and ignorant on your part. Next year I could possibly try and hand the rains to someone else if it continues to happen. I can't stand putting in the extra time and still busting my ass to get to the court 10 minutes early only to find myself the only one there. Sometimes I will see Clarke or Bouvier, but that is it. " Thats enough ranting and raving, lets get to the playoff seen.

At first we have 1st vs 2nd playing on Friday at 7:00 pm. BOI vs UW. BOI controlled the season series at 3 and 1. The UW's only victory came in week 1 when BOI had a completely different team that lacked offensive ability. Bouvier will be there for that series and will help his team. They have faltered quite a bit since Hicks left and they will need him and the others to be on top of their game if they want to beat Richter and his BOI team. BOI will most likely use Richter between the pipes, but they have the option to use Cherry Cup season 6 et al Bryan Ritten if they need him. They also have Colin Tee who has lots of goalie experience. Both of the latter have been playing great hockey as players and they will start as players for the BOI. The other player would be Chad Richter who has come onto his own in the last 4 weeks. His goal scoring ability mixed with Tee and Ritten's all around great skills will make them a good contender. If Znak can make the scene, he will also contribute greatly. Edge: BOI

The second series is Muffdivers vs Clown Punchers. The Muffdivers have dominated over this rookie team, but if the CP's can get their best players out their, meaning Clarke, Smith, Mckay, B. Martin and Brett Vanburkle between the pipes, then they have a chance. EVen Gilly is stepping his play up and is now a defensive star in his own right. He doesn't dominate, but he sticks to his duties and tries to make sure no one can get around him. The trouble begins if this team can't get Duncan and then they rely on Gilly too much. Yes he is improving, but not even Mckay on a good day can stop a 2 on 1 with Byron and Somerville all of the time. If the MD can get Wood, which they will, they will have a fairly strong team. Edge= Muffdivers

The third series will be YOung Guns vs UW* (if they lose). This day the UW won't have Bouvier which will hurt them too much. The Young Guns are always geared for playoffs and will show up ready to play, they will probably have a curfew aswell. They will walk all over the tired and depressed UW. Edge: Young Guns

The semi finals will then have the MD vs the YG. History is against the YG's here as the MD usually dominate over the YG. If the Young Guns aren't too tired they could possibly pull off the upset. They proved in week 4 that if they try they can compete with this team (1-1 tie). They also proved during week 4 if they don't try defensively they can be beat handily by the offensive prowness of Henderson. Edge: Muffdivers

Now obviously this is a biased prediction of the playoffs. Honestly though, I would tell you if the BOI sucked. Quite frankly we don't. The BOI has lost to every team, but as their record has proved, they have beat all of the teams too. I won't say who will win the Cherry Cup as I would hate to jinx my team. Lets just say if the BOI aren't in the final, I would love to see a Clown Punchers vs Utopian Warriors final. Nothing against the other two teams, but they had their chance during season 9 and practically all of the others. It is kind of like cheering for another team because they aren't the "Yankees, Braves, 49'ers, Stampeders, Red Wings, Avalanche, Stars, Devils. You know what I am saying?

There are also going to be special modifications if a team cannot show up on time. Those scenarios will be presented on game day if they happen. Thanks guys for the great summer, when we play, I have truly enjoyed it. Hopefully I will see you all again next year.

Mark Richter, signing out one more time. There will be a short SSHL weekly next week summing up the year.