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SSHL Photos

Week 3 pics

Chris Hanging out waiting for game

Why can't we have peace in the league?

First game of the day

This is telling you how the game is going for MD

more action from uw vs md, uw pulls off upset

Rob says, come to my concert, Albertas Own Hard Rock Weekend

Tuff weekend for the SSHLers especially Mcandrews, stitches to the chin

YG's regroup and play against MD

With the help from this goal by Somerville, the YG walk right through MD

Playoffs of Season 9

Lord Byron is immortal as he pukes before first game of playoffs

BOI liked their chances as Jon gets sacked shortly after Byron puked

MD beats BOI and now are chilling before finals

Kyle pretends to eat his competition

Somerville attempts to break in on Jon Wood

YG's lost first game and try to battle to win second game in the dying seconds

Lord Byron is king, he can't be beat today

YG's regroup and play against MD