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Owner/President-Byron Henderson

General Manager-Mr. Slush

Assistant GM-Kyle Henderson

Coach-Mic Slush

Location-Muffville (hottest, humid place on earth) Barn-

The Players of 2002

Byron HendersonByron Henderson 9
Left Wing

Height  6-1
Weight  199
Shoots  Left
Born  May 13, 1975
Lacombe, AB, CAN

The all around best player in the league. Byron has accuracy near 90%, hand eye coordination at 90%, shooting power at 92%, and offensive and defensive awareness at 93%.He is the Toe Blake of this Dynasty Team.
Jon WoodJon Wood 33

Height  5-9
Weight  165
Shoots  right
Born  May 13, 1980
Lacombe, AB, CAN

Possibly best goalie in league. Trouble making it etched in stone with questionable attendence. Has one Cherry Cup to his credit, many vezinas, many shut outs (mostly against BOI). His dream is to play with Eric Clapton.
Darren HicksDarren Hicks 27

Height  5-11
Weight  190
Shoots  left
Born  May 13, 1978
Lacombe, AB, CAN

Darren was once a scoring threat, but old age and alcohol have caught up with him. Occaisonally you can see some of his great offensive skills. Now he is battling with alcholism and getting back into the top 2 rounds of the SSHL draft. Oh yeah, and making sure his pogie cheques can afford next months playboys.
Ryan MartinRyan Martin 17

Height  6-2
Weight  190
Shoots  left
Born  May 13, 1978
Lacombe, AB, CAN

Ryan is usually a scoring threat when on the lot. He has trouble with defense, but his scoring power out weighs the latter. He does have a problem being attracted to Hobema and might not show up often.
Kyle HendersonKyle Henderson 17

Height  5-10
Weight  180
Shoots  right
Born  oct 17, 1976
Red Deer, AB, USA

Kyle is the homiest boy in the league. If you need an extra set of oversized headphones, he's the man. He is also competing with Joe Bouvier for Human Bandaid of the league award. This award is completely different than the Iron Man. So far Kyle is kicking ass.
Ryan LoweRyan Lowe 04

Height  5-10
Weight  185
Shoots  left
Born  Feb. 6th, 1980
Lacombe, AB, CAN

Ryan is a consistent plumber in the league. He never scores many, when he is a goalie, he never out plays others, but for some reason, just like Ken Daneyko, he just keeps playing.