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Latest News

04/28/02---U.W. drop Kyle Turner to the waiver pool

04/28/02---BOI trade Dave Saretsky to the U.W. for Kevin Clarke

04/21/02---M.D. trade Ryan Martin to U.W. in return for Dave Huston

04/09/02---Y.G. picks up Kevin Toal out of the American street hockey league

03/25/02---U.W. trades Sean Mcandrews to the Young Guns for Dave Huston, Vince Martin, and two regular slushes.

03/19/02---B.O.I drops Travis Grant and picks up Brett Van Burkle(g) from PHL

03/18/02---Muffdivers pick up Bob Mackinlay from PHL

03/18/02---Muffdivers put Warren Bell, Aaron Graves and Ivan Soloway to Waivers.

03/13/02---Muffdivers pick up Jon Pernitsky

03/03/02---draft occured. Trades were made, such as K. Henderson and I. Soloway to MD for a slush from the YG. Matt Huston was also dropped from the MD.

24/02/02---Darren Hicks is named Temporary captain of the Utopian Warriors until the arrival of Joe Bouvier. Thanks to the New Brunswick rule, Darren is protected.

23/02/02Joe Somerville has been placed on the IR for a finger injury. He should be back before the season begins.

The latest news has reports of some getting ready months ahead of schedule. The buzz is that Mark Richter and Wade Church are working out an incredible pace, working on their hand eye coordnation and shooting accuracy.

Other reports, have seen Byron lifting cattle onto the transport trucks rather than letting them walk up the chute.