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This just in July 27th, 2004, Byron takes credit for season 10 cherry cup, but didn't actually win it...

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Lord Byron is the king of the SSHLPlayoff time is here.
The BOI claim the championship as they ended up with 9 and 5 season. The UW were on top, but could not win on Saturday and ended up 8 and 6. Regardless they have second and still have the chance to go straight to the finals. Third place goes to the Muffdivers who came from the basement and stormed to the main level, their record is 7-6-1. The battle for the basement went down to the wire. The Young Guns had a record of 5-5-1-3, while the Clown Punchers had a record of 6-6-0-2. Each had points of 14. With that tie, we must go the NHL tie breaker system and the first step is whoever has the most wins is ahead of the other team. That team is The Clown Punchers.

Playoffs look like this: On friday at 7pm, the BOI and the Warriors will play. The winner goes to the finals. The loser plays the Young Guns at 11:30am on Saturday. At 11:00am the Muffdivers play the Clown Punchers. Those two series are best of three and alternate with each other until they are done. The winners of each series play each other. The winner of that series goes to the finals to play whoever won of 1st and 2nd. As you can see, there is a few more games than normal, therefore it is imperitive that people show and be ready to play by their scheduled time! (for more on that go to the SSHL Weekly), .

Yesterday's best
Byron Slats Henderson winning in season 2 Check out the inactive pioneers of the SSHL. ...more

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Dick's article...

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SSHL photo opps

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He now has a chance at the SSHL
Fisherman's Friend Cough up of the week award.

Goes to...(drum roll), Byron Henderson, coughs one up in the late stages of their game against the Young Guns, result was a goal by Mcandrews.