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Hey fellas Grapes and Blue here again. Well the first week is over and hopefully the butterflies are done beating the hell out of your insides.

Lets start with the BOI. These guys were flying high in their first game against the Warriors. The BOI were toying with them all game and goaltender Chris Huston got his first shutout in his SSHL career. The BOI saw their other goaltending prospect Brett moderately shut them down. The thing I am surprised about is the brothers are going into week two with three goalies. I was sure one would go. Richter seems to have patience and is not giving up his players for nothing. This is a smart move. The BOI had the return of Jeff Huston and Duncan McKay this week. These two players looked a little rusty but they did have some bright spots also. Huston led the team with five points which is impressive and McKay was effective when he hit the net with his boomer or laid the body on opposing players, neither of which he did enough of. Nick didnít hurt the brothers but he didnít help them either. Nick was pounded into the ground a couple of times but got right up. The kids got heart and I like that. Richter seemed lost this weekend. He did not know if he was playing defense or forward, Mark is versatile though and will find an effective spot for himself. This weekend will mark the first weekend that Richter will miss. I am told he pass the reins over to veteran blue liner McKay this weekend.

Next we will move to the Warriors. They were led by veteran forward Vince Martin. Vince seems happy now that he is not a Young Gun. Kevin Clarke had a solid game playing forward and defense. Thatís right I said defense and Warriors in the same sentence. Finally I want to tip my hat to one of most intragal parts of this team Steven H. Gill. Steve potted two goals this weekend and they werenít even garbage. Its looks like Steve has been working out in the off-season and his players are not scared to pass to him. This weekend was a big milestone in Gillís career. I will call it the weekend Gill went from a liability to an asset. Keep up the good work Gilly. Even though the Warriors had a 0-3 record I am not going to count them out. They were missing the Rittenís and Rob.

Next we have the Young Guns. ďHeatsĒ and McAndrews were stellar in their debut. Heatly picks more cherries than McKay drinks cherry coke but McAndrews complements him nicely by playing strong defensively. Gibbons and Sommerville were practically invisible when these two new comers were shining. Finally the goaltending question. I was fully prepared to see red light Gibbons go between the pipes and when I got there Georgie was in net. George did what every goalie should, make the first stop and let the defense clear the puck. Congratulations on your 3-0 weekend fellas. Hey McAndrews the way you were working Znak was good Canadian hockey and would probably work on Henderson too just a hint.

Finally The Henderson and Smitty show also known as the Muffdivers. Byron looked flat in the first game against the Young Guns but as the day rolled along he started to wake up and be the Byron of old by scoring 11 goals on the day and lighting up Huston like a Christmas tree for 7 goals in the last game. Smitty didnít do to shabby as he complemented Henderson and ran the show while Henderson was sobering up.

In conclusion the SSHL started off with some highs and some lows but in the end the first weekend was a success. This is not including the dent in a Ford station wagon by a certain Steven H. Gill. Last year his shot would not have dented tin foil.

Be tough like a real Canadian Grapes and Blue