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Chubey Dick's Advocate

woh there, whats this? Another SSHL alumni makes it to the big league or at least kind of. The potential is much better here as Thomas Vanek is drafted 5th overall by the Sabres in the 2003 draft. IT is quite remarkable to say this. Although he wasn't a real SSHL star, he did come and go with turmoil. Vanek was drafted by the Muffdivers in what was to be a questionable pick by Henderson. From that the Thomas Vanek rule was born. It stated that all players must be on the eligible list to be drafted otherwise they cannot be picked up on draft day. With all the hype, Vanek did come and play. The history books don't say much about his game style except that he truly did look like a european out there. Apparently in Europe they have bigger parking lots to play in. He did get caught once with the puck and Dunc Mckay introduced him to Canada hockey.

From that hit I would say Vanek did not want to play in the SSHL anymore and he no longer was surprised when playing ice hockey in North America.

But hey, lets give credit where it is due. Vanek, you now make the SSHL hall of fame for making it the furthest in hockey.

College hockey to being drafted by Sabres- Vanek

WHL- to being signed by Rangers- Wandler

WHL- UNB-Colarado Eagles- Bouvier

Well I gotta go,

yours truly

Chubey Dick