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"The greatest collection of silverware in the world of sports"


This is given to the Team who captures the playoffs, and is the overall champion of the league

Top contenders

1. UW
4. CP
5. MD

Presidents Trophy

An annual award to the SSHL club finishing the regular season with the best overall record.

Top Contender

4. CP
Art Ross

This award is given to the player who leads the league in scoring.

Top contenders

1.Byron Henderson 31
2.Dave Niederle 24
3. Joe Bouvier 24
4. Rory Kelliher
5. Darren Hicks

Hart Trophy

This is awarded to the player who is most valuble to his team and in the league.

Top Contender

1. Byron Henderson
2. Joe Bouvier
3. Vince Gibbons
4.Tyler Smith
5.Kevin Clarke

Molson Canadian Player of the Year

Awarded to the player who exceeds in attendance, above average skill and is well liked by all SSHL'ers.

Top Contender

1. Byron Henderson
2.Joe Bouvier
3. Tyler Smith
4. Kevin Clarke
5. Vince Gibbons

James Norris Memorial Trophy

This is awarded to the defensive player who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position

Top Contender

1. Vince Gibbons
2. Darren Hicks
3.Mark Richter
4.Chad Richter
5.Kevin Clarke

Calder Trophy

Awarded to the best all around rookie player.

Top Contender

1. Greg Decharme
2.Dave Miller
3. Jayson "Makarov" Lovell
4. ?
5. ?

Vezina Trophy

An annual award to the goaltender judged to be the best at his position.*minumum six games by end of season*

Top Contender

1. Chris Huston
2.Brent Ritten
3.Mark Richter

Lester B. Pearson Award

An award given to the player that has been selected most valuble by the fellow players.
(There will be a vote held at the end of the year to determine the winner.)

Top Contender

will be decided end of the year by players
2. ????
3. ????
4. ????
5. ????

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability

Top Contender

1. Nick Znak
2.Darren Hicks
3. Rory Kelliher
4.Blake Martin
5.Tyler Smith

William M. Jennings Award

Awarded to the goalie who finishes with the lowest goal against average. Minimum 8 games by end of season

Top Contender

1. Chris Huston 4.00
2.Mark Richter 4.13
3. Brent Ritten 5.00
4. ?
5. xxx

Frank J. Selke Trophy

Awarded to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game.

Top Contender

1. Tyler Smith
2. Joe Bouvier
3. Byron Henderson
4.Kevin Clarke
5. Colin Tee

Charlie Huddy Award

This is awarded to the player who is the most inadequate, shot blocking fool.

Top Contender

1. Duncan Mckay
2. Mark Richter
3. Vince Gibbons
4. Kevin Clarke
5.Nick Znak

Kelly Buchberger Award

Awarded to the player with the biggest heart, and the worst skill.

Top Contender

1. Steve Gill 7 games 1 points
2. Paul Church 4 games 2points
3.Lucas Aasen 1 game 0 points
5. xxx

Vyacheslav Kozlov Award

This is awarded to the biggest european whiner.

Top Contender

1.Joe Bouvier (schedule complainer)
2.Byron Henderson (point complainer)
3.Mark Richter(stressed out about league)
4.Dave Niederle (trade demander)
5. Duncan Mckay (more games on HIS schedule demander!)

Link Gaetz Award

Awarded to the player who spazzes the most, either on himself or other players.

Top Contender

1. Colin Tee
2.Mark Richter
3. Joe Bouvier
4. Bryan Ritten
5. Dave Niederle