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Ey guyz. . . Welcome to my payge. I kno it`s a lil on the boring side ryte now, but I`ll fix it up when I got the tyme. For now, jus take a lil look around n tell me wat u think. I`ll get sum more pics up of me later if ur interested. Azn pride.


A LiL bOuT mE


Amy aka Aimz


Flip, Jap, Pacific Islander and a buncha otha stuff I don`t feel like namin jus ask me.


Chi town babi!!!


Down south FL


CCHS, Watever it takes!


Yes, I dance hula. I`ll get sum pics up of that too. I do have various other talents but not for a tainted mind like urs.


I go clubbin wit da crew n e day of da week, love da car shos, I`m a good gurlie so I do volunteer work on the weekends, and the most essential interest of all. . .BOIZ! hehe