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The Smiling Singh's Photo Gallery

This is the site which I have promised to deliver for a long long long long long.... time! I know I have been really crap at getting this sorted, but I have finally got off my arse and done something. Well, my inspiration was rather selfish, it was the numerous requests I got from people who wanted me to email them photos from various events, that eventually pissed me off, and so prompted me to find a more efficient manner for distributing photos. So here it is!

I have rushed this at present, as you can see... just so that I can get some pictures up. But now that I seem to have found a reliable hosting site, I will update soon, with more photos and goodies.

The list of Galleries is below, please click on the link, and use the scroll bar to go through the photos. If you have any comments, please send them on to me at If you have nothing useful to say to me, then you can just well.. you know what you can do! <;o)



Smiling Singh's 25th Birthday Bash



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