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     The Xen are a close-knit group of furres. Each was chosen to be included in a powerful spell which gives them qualities to make them faster, stronger and to work as if they were one being.

     As this group was being paw-selected by Ja Lacaob they had a visitor, known as Fa'al, who entered into their lives with a heavy prophecy. The prophecy stated they had been chosen by the Gods to fight for the side of good. This furre was first looked upon as a nutcase and disregarded as such. Despite the insane antics he presented, he was given a room in SilverRose.

     A few days passed. Before long, Ja had answers from the furres he had chosen and he gathered those who had accepted his offer. As they looked over the new team and counted the numbers, it was suddenly realized the the prophet had been correct in his predictions. Speaking to Fa'al once more he called them the Xen once more, and went on to explain that once before there had been a group of furres, much like these seven who had roamed lands to even the balances of good and evil. These furres were strong, fast and they understood eachother in what seemed like supernatural ways. When the day came that good and evil were finally restored, the Xen seemed to have disappeared forever.

     No furre is real sure how Fa'al came to know to find Ja and the others at SilverRose, but he did. He relayed his mind's thoughts and his story of the ancient Xen. However, this canine, having been considered so insane, forced a life-bond with Shailla, the mage of the group. With this bond he both saved and destroyed his own life.

     The day of the Spell came. One of the first things done within the spell is for eyesight to be replaced with mindsight. Fa'al managed to hold the bond until the blindness set in, but before he could recieve the mindsight the connection between he and Shailla was severed. Being unable to see, and in a location that was rarely visited by the members of SilverRose, the mysterious prophet passed away from malnutrition.

     His body was later found and given a proper burial in the grounds of SilverRose, and by all the newfound Xen his death was grieved.

     The Xen now hold themselves to fight for honor, the wrongs of the past that were done, and none-the-less, for the prophet who pointed them to their paths.


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The SilverRose Spell

 The SilverRose spell increases the strength, speed, hearing, mind, and body of all those involved. It connects their minds to the point they can, if they are listening, hear one another think. They can sense where their fellow Xen are at all times and the Spell itself protects their lives and souls.

 Lamen's terms? Sure. Here is a list of the skills and how they work.

* * *


 Compared to what they used to be, the strength is doubled.


 Vampyres are one of the fastest creatures in Kasuria. When they move at tops speed, they blur and are unable to be seen by normal eyesight. The spell gives the Xen the power to move at Pyre speed x10. It also changes their mind set so they can see and understand the movements of others moving at these grandeur speeds.


 The Xen do not have liquid blood. Their blood has been converted to a gel-like state which transfers air, nutrients, water and the like through a sort of osmosis-like method. The magick prevents poisons from being transfered with and thus, most poisons will not affect their bodies. This gel-blood gives the Xen one more side-effect. Their hearts need not beat (there is no blood to pump) and their lungs need not breathe (it transfers oxygen through the magick osmosis).


 The Xen do not use their eyes to see. They use something very similar to the Mind's Eye. Their minds can sense around all around their bodies at the same time. Like eyesight, they still can focus on one thing while the rest is just background, but if there is movement it is noted. In close distances even subtle things such as breathing and the pulse of blood in a body can be sensed.

 This sight, as said, goes for any direction around them, despite which way they are facing. It also prevents their need for light. They sense shapes more than the actual light and color, though, light and color are still seen. Distance is also still noted. It, too, works like regular eyesight and the farther away something is the less detail there is that can be noted.


 The Xen's minds are all connected through the Heart. They can sense eachothers thoughts, emotions and pains as if they were listening to a radio. These senses can be tuned on and off and between furres. In battle this allows them to move as one unit and in life matters they can help take care of eachother as problems arise.


 The Heart of SilverRose is the center of the magicks and the center of their lives. It looks similar to a star, but large and it throbs between the eight stones which represent the original eight Xen. This star has been placed in each of their minds, and though their eyes are blind, the centers of their pupils is like a window to the mind-star, and thus, each eye reflects the Heart.

 The Heart allows the furres to know where non-Xen are in SilverRose, and now the same goes for SilverSouls Castle. Considering that the Souls are linked to the Heart, if one of the Xen were to die, the Soul is not moved and the magicks of the Heart take a given body (dead), changing it to what the Xen used to be, replacing memories, markings and scars. This takes about an IRL week and then the furre is reborn. (It does not take a full month because as said, the Souls does not need to be prepared for life again, since truly, the soul never died, and was never moved, changed, etc)


 There is also a section in the spell which gives Ja the power of leadership. With this, if one of the Xen becomes evil, power-hungry or begins to use the SilverRose Spell for other 'wrong' things he can remove them from the spell. It also gives only him the power to access the Souls, thus, protecting them.


Ja Lacaob

Kithen Lacaob

Eclipse Souls

Jordan Blackhawk

Shailla MoonGaze

Deborah Ashlar


Brace Xenneger

Ayana Suana



     Meeting soon. Please attempt to be around each night at eight FST/Central until it can be held. Thankyou.