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SILVERSOULS' artist portrayal.

See the Charter here!

Welcome to the Castle of SilverSouls. In the following pages you will find a lot of information, some ooc and some ic. It should be well noted which is which, and may we remind you, the castle is completely IC. Enjoy the pages.


07*27*03 ALL MEMBERS: Again, we are still asking and waiting for a few of you to check the webpage. Those who have sent and e-mail we apologize for the delay in fixing the website.Thankyou! Email: or


08*07*02 Raven Godfree and Isis Egyptia have just gotten married!


03*22*02 There should be an upcoming ball this weekend, in honor to celebrate our new Lord and Lady. Make sure you are around for the fun. Please talk to your corresponding Council Members for the information you need IC to keep busy. Thankyou.