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Magick is often a controversy when the rules of the roleplay come into mind. Magick users need to have a sense of self-limitation and honor. When using magick GodModing is extremely easy to do and in most furres' opinions only the weak reduce themselves to using super-powerul magicks. The following is the outline of rules for magick, but like previously stated, magick has a large number of exceptions.

1. PREPPING - To use any sort of magick you are required to prep. A prep is a number in or at the end of a post that shows how much magick you have at your disposal. You are allowed to add only one prep per your posting turn. (see OOC Rule #1) Example of a prep of 1: [1] or (1). Preps must also be witnessed or must be able to be proven. Rare exceptions to the rule of one prep per post are:

  • The use of a magickal object (which must have been obtained legitamately and ICly). (Common sense judgement to be used here and can often have harmful side-effects.)
  • The furre themself is actually nearly pure magick and thus, magick is their pure essence of being. (This only increases preps to 3 per post at most and oftenly leaves the furre in a weakened state for a long period of time afterwords. Long amount of time meaning a period IRL days.)
  • The furre is near a magick power source that is not physical. (Common sense judgement to be used here and can often have harmful side-effects.)
  • The furre takes their own life-essense to create magickal power. (Average furre life: 100 years. For every prep taken from a furre you subtract 20 years of their life from the end of their life so they only live so long. These years removed from their lives can not be regained. Immortal furres follow the same rule of years except they count preps by the amount of mortal years they have lived. They do not get infinite preps because they are no longer living on their own life source, and are now living on the magick of immortality. This can not be used in multi-prep manner because it is not their personal life magick.)(Mathamatically speaking: 100 - MortalLife / 20 = LifePreps) (See chart below)
MORTAL AGEPREPS POSSIBLE (includes the death prep)

* * *

2. SOFT SPELLS - Soft spells are magickal spells that use words or objects to form the spell that the magick follows. When using preps to perform a soft spell, interruption of the spell or concentration will cause a furre to lose the preps they have already constituted. Soft spells have their amount of preps pre-defined and when prepping a soft spell it is written as [#/#]. The first # represents the number of preps the furre has called and the second # states the number of preps it takes to complete the spell.

3. HARD SPELLS - Hard spells are magickal spells that are not pre-written and do not depend on objects or words to complete the spell succesfully. There is no pre-defined prep amount and preps are not lost simply because concentration is rarely needed. Hard spells are controlled by a furres imagination and only the most honorable furres can use hard spelling without being a GodModer. When using hard magick one must consider how much energy it would take to perform the task they are attempting.

* * *

4. SPELL PREP AMOUNTS - This is a list to get a general idea of how many preps it would take (soft or hard) to accomplish various tasks. Obviously, not all will be listed but it gives a very general idea of what the strengths of preps are. Also, depending on the spell, and the casting furre these could vary greatly. Once more the terms "GodModing" and "Honor" come into play.

1 PREP - Lighting a spark, small illusions, small practical jokes and extremely weak sheilds, picking locks, etc...

2 PREP -Transporting one furre ( x2 per furre in transport), general sheilds, lighting magickal lights, creating magickal fire, freezing small amounts of water, moving small non-spelled objects, healing -small- surface wounds, etc...

3 PREP - Moving sword-sized non-spelled objects, freezing basins of water, blowing up flowers, healing injury just beyond surface, etc...

4 PREP - Stronger sheilds, making basketball-sized objects blow up, changing colors (non-permanently), growing small spikes, mending torn muscles and tissue, etc...

5 PREP - Encantations, creating rings with small powers, healing fractures, stopping some poisons, non-dramatic shape shifting, large fireballs, large shards of ice, etc...

10 PREP - Exploding small buildings, creating large winds or very small whirlwinds, healing 1-5 fractures or injuries, cleansing a system of poison, permanent color-change, creating massive walls of ice or earth, creating massive fireballs, etc...

20 PREP - Creating small tornados, creating large whirl pools, forging metals, animating non-living creatures, etc...

50 PREP - Furre sacrifices, excorsizing, performing 'clean' ressurections, giving small lifeforms life, etc...

100 PREP - Excorsizing large entities, creating non-controlled animated beings, performing harsh ressurections, etc...

5. STRENGTH PREP SHIFT- When you take in the idea of a Fire Mage using Fire Magick, his strength, the preps get doubled when they are used to perform Fire Magick. Water Magick, the opposite of his Fire Strength would take double the preps. In other words when a furre uses their magick strength, it only takes half the energy of using other magicks. If there is an opposite to their strength, it takes double the normal energy of using magick to use it. This goes for elements, light, dark, good, evil, blood... all the sorts of magick and mages there are out there.

In Example: Fire Mage uses Fire Spell : takes 1/2 of a prep.
Fire Mage uses Normal Spell : takes 1 prep.
Fire Mage uses Water Spell : takes 2 preps.

6. RESSURECTIONS - Coming soon.