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To be allowed to stay in the dream and continuity of SilverSouls, which consists of SilverSouls, SilverRose, Wayfarer's Tavern and Inn as well as Barra Velven, your character and your RPing skills much fit the following criteria. The first section must be met before we give you a chance at the second section. You will get immediately ejected if the first is not up-to- date.

SECTION ONE: Description, Baby-Text, and IC/OOC

The rules below do not even apply if you do not match the criteria of an IC Roleplayer. The criteria consists of an IC description and an attempt at correct english, even if it is slang, and finally, you MUST know the difference between IC and OOC!

~~~What does a description of good quality consist of?

1. Physical description; not emotional.

2. Make it as complete as possible!

3. Tags are annoying! No [*heart* Lilly *heart*] tags or membership/alliance tags; with the exception of having your desc on a webpage and having them listed there.

4. NO SONGS! (again with the exception of a webpage desc and URL to it.)

5. NO POETRY! (again with the exception of a webpage desc and URL to it.)

And if you want to get -really- proffesional about it; don't use the word 'you' in your description, and don't just repeat the colors of the avatar that another player can 'see'.

~~~What is correct English? As far as furc goes it's merely avoiding the use of u, r, and all other non-word symbols. If you are going to type the sentance "You are a cow." It had better be typed that way, not 'U R a cow." This is instant ejection. We do not tolerate the inability and laziness of 'baby-text.'

~~~What is IC and OOC? IC stands for 'In Character' and OOC stands for 'Out Of Character'. You need to know the difference to roleplay within the continuity. OOC must be kept to brackets, and also, no spamming with OOC. Keep it to whispers if you MUST have a discussion; or take it to an off-furc messenger.

IC consists of anything your character is and knows. This would conist of anything he or she hears, sees, tastes, smells, touches or senses. If it is listed in a description that someone is carrying a dagger in the open; your character In-Characterly (ICly) knows it.

OOC is the concern. This is everything -you- as the player knows, but the character does not necessarly know. For instance, you can click on someone else's avatar and learn their name by reading it. Your character does -NOT- know the name until he or she asks the other character; or by overhearing it, or seeing it if it is listed in the description of it being on a chain, book ... something of that sort. You as a player know a lot more than your character knows, and you have to keep this seperated. It is an absolute must.

(A note of humor: Some of us have characters that seem to know more than players. o.o)


SECTION TWO: Playing and Respect

Once you get past Section One (which really isn't all that bad) you need to at least 'attempt' to learn and obide by the last of the rules. They consist of the following:

1. MUST USE FREE-FORM TURNSTYLE - Free-form turnstyle means that when you post, you take turns. There is a posting order which you stick to and you post everything in one (or a continued second) post. TWO AT MAXIMUM. When posting, if it deals with another character you always attempt your actions and when posting in reply to another's attempts, you inform them if they have succeeded or not. (see rule number 3) Dice are rarely used.

2. NO GODMODING - Godmoding is basically having god-like powers and the ability to change things beyond furre control. Magick is often an issue when it comes to godmoding as furres do not understand they must prep for spells, with one prep per post. (There are rare exceptions to the prep rule, and during those exceptions there is often consequences.) (see Magick Rules) GODMODING IS NOT TOLERATED.

3. NO TWINKING - Twinking is a post that affects another's character without attempting. For example: "Bob throws a ball and knocks Joe out." is twinking. An example of the same post without being twinkish is, "Bob throws a ball at Joe's head, attempting to knock him out." TWINKING IS NOT TOLERATED.

4. OOC HONESTY - There is a large difference between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out Of Character). PLEASE KEEP IC AND OOC SEPERATE. A furre can give a false name ICly and others most likely would not know, but OOCly, we, the Players/Gods of our own characters do know it is a lie. If your furre is carrying hidden weapons, casts an illusion spell, or poisons a weapon you must be honest and up front about it OOCly. Post these types of situations before your character commits the action(s) so OOCly we know that you are not lying. To take this OOC knowledge IC without severely legitamate and good reason is annoying, and can be considered a form of GodModing and twinking.

5. OOC RESPECT - This is an important rule. A character and the Player of the character can be two seperate beings. Remember that just because you do not like a character does not mean that you should disrespect the Player by calling names, annoying them, or simply by ignoring them. Intelligent Players often can create characters very different from their true selves and they do not deserve to be treated harshly because their character is a jerk. This respect also involves OOC fights. No one likes OOC fighting and very few like any OOC discussions. Please keep OOC to a minimum or to whispers.

6. CONSENT RULE - Saying 'you didn't consent' is NO reason to disregard RP. If you RP here, you risk whatever might go on here, be it a fight or possible death. By RPing here, you are signing the consent contract. Keep that in mind.