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Those who help run, govern, and protect the Castle, along with those who live, work, and make friends here, all hold an important role to SilverSouls. This is where all those associated with the castle are listed, with pictures and titles given to them.

The government of SilverSouls Castle. Here listed is the King, Queen, First Council, and other Nobles of SilverSouls Castle.

The police force of SilverSouls castle, The Silver Guards are adept warriors, skillful thinkers, and sworn to protect those in SilverSouls Castle. They are led by Brandon MacKinnon, and Often play the role of the law. (...And OOC police, with booting power)

An essential, and extremely important part of the castle's upkeep, defense, and strength, are its Mages. Diveded into elements of magick, these furres help hold the castle and its inhabitants together.

Those who work, play, live, and spend their time in the castle, yet do only that are still welcomed and loved friends and also needed. Those assosiated with the castle, who arent associated with running it, have their space here.