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(Please review these before continuing with the joining process)


          Joining SilverSouls takes only two steps. Before actually applying, we suggest you take to the time to read the OOC Rules above. If you plan on joining as a Mage, it wouldn't hurt to review the OOC Magick Rules, though it is not required.

* * *


          Enter the castle and OOCly ask one of the following furres for an OOC interview. The furres include: Ja Lacaob, Kithen Lacaob, Ambrosia Lacaob, Brandon MacKinnon, Nathaniel Darkson, Burdock D'Invigore, Dailna, Jupiter L, Braydon Xenneger or Deborah Ashlar. The interview is an IC/OOC test to check your roleplaying skills and should only be referred to as an interview OOCly. From there (after the email) all the rest of the joining processes are IC.


          Send an email to

In the subject bar place your choice of position. The following is a list:

(Choose one)
Second Council - Members are a part of a group that is often contacted about political concerns.
Advisor - Personal advisors for the Counil (1st) who are appointed specific duties, contacted about more personal matters.
Mage - Magickal offense/defense of the castle. Magick skills required. (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Soul)
Castle Guard - Physical offense/defense of the castle. Very structured. Fighting skills required.
Blacksmiths - Weapon makers of the castle.
SilverRose Guard - Guards for the port town of SilverRose. (Ask for more info)
Scout - If you don't know, don't bother.
Servant - Those who help keep the castle in order. Sometimes appointed to certain furres.
Nurse - These furres help take care of the multitude of kits in the castle.
Healer - The healers of the castle, to help the sick and injured when required.
Member - Those who do not have an actual duty.
Other ____________
Xen - Don't bother asking. That will flat out get you a denial.
In the body of the email include:
IC Name
Copy of Desc
Name of the furre that interviewed you (and if you know, whether you passed or failed)
What skills you can provide (if applicable)
Why you wish to join

We will reply to you as soon as possible and we will inform you whether you have been accepted as a member or not. Thankyou for your time and patience.