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SilverSouls Charter (Email addresses edited for privacy.)
1. Guild’s Name: SilverSouls
2. Webpage URL: (sorry about popups. This may change eventually.)
3. Guild E-mail contact:
4. Rah’s Furcadia Name: Ja|Lacaob
5. Taneests’ (Taneestas’) names: Aalycia, Alex|Blacknight
6. Ten Founding members and their email addresses:
1) Ryukishi ******@*******.com
2) Lee|James ******@*******.com
3) Princess|Ayana ******@*******.com
4) Felisha|S.|Night ******@*******.com
5) Terrance|Ramuel ******@*******.com
6) Darakus Topaz ******@*******.com
7) Zandrama ******@*******.com
8) Furious ******@*******.com
9) Jordan|Blackhawk ******@*******.com
10) Altaris|Dal'tian ******@*******.com
7. Guild Dream title: SilverSouls Castle
8. Guild dream location: Across from the Bardic in Imaginarium in a small hole in the trees. (See Image)
9. How to Join: Follow the instructions on the webpage: Get an interview to test RP skills then send an application to above given email for the Castle.
10. Your Guild's Continuity: IC RP of a medieval castle and port town. (We sometimes load a dream inside the dream.)
11. Style of play: Roleplay using you own special rules. (Rules on Webpage)
12. Continuity's Tech Level:Renaissance [Towns; guilds; colleges. Primitive gunpowder. Printing.]
13. Types of characters your Continuity supports: We allow all types of characters and magicks, with limits on primes and godly characters. For those who attempt to RP them we contact oocly to discuss our rules since it is so rare.
14. Combat: Combat is done by mutual OOC Consent and posing (freeform).
15. Backstory: The history is on the webpage in the About section. The interest comes from the well-done dream and the large amount of IC playing that occurs and typically will draw another player into the game.
16. Geography and Biome: Generally nice with occassional snow and seasons possible, depending on how into the patch changes we wish to get.
17. Magic Items: The magick skills are listed on the webpage, with a general outline of how strong a mage would be with the 'preps,' a part of our rules for any magick-users. Later we will be listing actual magickal items there, such as a huge spell book.
18. Roleplay positions: Listed on the webpage under the joining section.
19. Factions: Factions are listed under the Members section of the webpage.
We hope you take our charter into consideration and allow us to become a more official part of the Furcadia RolePlaying Experience. Thankyou for your time.
--SilverSouls Crew