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CURRENTLY: The Brotherhood has been placed into the back of the priorities, and we have not been actively doing anything with this group. Given time, and Burdock a bit of freedom, this group will return. You are more than welcome to wish to join.

     Founded by Burdock D'Invigore the Brotherhood began as a group of giving furres a purpose to serve: the good of the Brotherhood. No longer is that the only idea. The Brotherhood is now a close group of furres who consider themselves family with each other.

     The Brothers and Sisters have no ranking and can be hired out like a mercenary team, however, now days their main purpose is to fight.

     Each furre has his own symbol upon their bodies, either in a tattoo of an arrowhead or carved into an arrowhead necklace. The arrowheads present their unity, and the symbols their independant beings.

     The fights that take place are to advance in personal skill level and to test the integrity of their strategic minds, like physical chess games. (Think... Fight Club.)


Burdock D'Invigore

Ja Lacaob


Felisha Night






     Later on.