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Smoke, ashes, and dust are all that is left of a vast kingdom. The Kingdom of Souls had fallen, thanks to the hands of a demon who was known as Dark Soul Reaper. The only furres left from the royal family was that of the two young princesses. Eclipse the oldest and Spirit the younger. While watching their family slaughtered they managed to escape and live within a small town at the edges of Kasuria. Years later, both in their late teens, they managed to rebuild the same kingdom with the magick of the family of Souls.

Eclipse and Spirit regained control of the empire and the areas around grew once more. However, they had a surprise when after a long period of moons they came to find they had a sister from another time, Isis Egyptia.

Within the castle the three sisters ruled until things began to fall apart. Partition, Spirit's son, was killed, causing Spirit to go into depression. Eclipse and Isis could only do so much, until Partition was revived. Spirit was far beyond help. Her spirit slowly slipped away and she was soon banished from the castle by Eclipse. Eclipse and Isis were having many difficulties besides their lost sister. Others of the castle were causing internal problems and war was often spoke of. It seemed the castle itself was soon to fall. The castle, it's two princesses, and the residents of the castle managed to remain until SilverSouls was built...


SilverRose started as a port town off the edge of Furrabia in Kasuria. Designed and built by Ja Lacaob, it served it's purpose as a home, bar, and slave town for a long while before it was revised and later became a place for furres to take refuge and learn to fight. Tournements were held to test for skills and lessons were taught to those who knew little about the art of the spar.

SilverRose grew drawing furres from far and wide, even from the desert areas distant to Kasuria. A shady canine known as Fa'al came to find Lacaob and recite to him a deep prophecy of distant furres. There was a group of powerful furres known as the Xen who had moved across lands, striving to level out the forces of good and evil. Until Fa'al found Ja, the Xen had been no more. This messenger of the Gods, as he said he was, informed Ja he was to found the new group of Xen and to lead them onwards to defeat the darkness which was growing in Kasuria.

Before Fa'al had found Ja he had already devised a team of six to join him in a quest. The quest was to find and destroy a group of Blood furres that had reaked enough chaos on Kasuria. He requested of Shailla to create a spell that would bind them and give them strength to defeat this evil Blood.

Whence Fa'al first spoke of the Xen he was doubted until the all-to-coincidental SilverRose Spell was performed and the Xen were once again reborn. The seven furres united that day were Ja Lacaob, EclipseofSouls, Isis Egyptia, Alex Blacknight, Jordan Blackhawk, Shailla MoonGaze, and Ryukishi. With them to fill the eighth place of the spell was the feral dragon known as Jupiter.

The eight Xen tested their skills and began training in SilverRose up until the day that SilverSouls Castle was built...


Two seperate lands. Each had their own strength and each survived as best it could, until the days when their leaders began to slip from their placements of respect. Times changed, seemed to become dark for the lives of both kingdoms. Furres were lost, minds became enthralled with dark thoughts, and the social structures began to fall apart.

Two seperate lands. Each fighting to stay strong. Two lands that were allies. Two lands that joined, and united as one to start anew. Souls Castle and SilverRose joined. Each seemed to be what the other needed and the end result was the rebirth into SilverSouls...


Dream, Webpage, Patches and DragonScript done by Ja Lacaob, Alex Blacknight, EclipseofSouls and Sareana (thankyou!). Some patchwork done by miscellanious furres and Cerulean Ghost.