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Starlight, Starlight
First star to fall tonight...
If you knew you'd fall,
why did you take flight?

Unicorn, Unicorn,
Beast of delight,
If I never fell,
how would I know life?

Starlight, known as Shailla Valaraukar; A remarkably unique furre of short preportions, long hair, and golden eyes. She stands at a mere 4' 6" with hair longer than she is tall, usually tied in several locations and falling past her ankles. Her small body is toned, for what muscle there is. Though it seems she really doesn't much for muscles and perhaps a prime target for physical abuse; but then a second glance to note her extremely long tail and those creepy eyes that glimmer goldenly, giving a sensation of seeing more than she should, can give reason for more regard on that thought.

Her body is covered in abysmally black fur, with white patches in shapes like those of the night sky; a ring about her neck, ending with a cresant moon in the center, like a necklace... a bright white star on her forhead, and comet-like markings on her thighs. Her feet appear to be dipped in stardust. Her wings appear to be made of starlight itself. Her hair shimmers in the colors of dusk and early dawn, shades seeming to shift as she moves.

She wears various outfits, some revealing to surprising extents, others there simply for comfort... depending on her mood and desire to make an impression. She rarely wears any sort of jewelry, save for an often seen necklace around her neck with a skull ring dangling at the bottom, and the prominent diamond ring upon her left ring finger. She's very much taken by Snake Wraith.

Starlight has a variety of hobbies, few furres she consideres true friends, and an easily ignited temper, usually ending in blue lightning bolts towards some possibly random furre. She is the head mage at SilverSouls Castle and does work for others, depending on who they are and what they want.

Starlight - A pic of Shailla MoonGaze, after she was reborn.

Another Pic of Starlight - A pic of Shailla after the rebirth, but one I don't like nearly as much, though done by the same artist.

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