I guess you might be wondering who all these A list Celebrities are. I will tell you and it will feel so good to hear it. Perhaps one day when you are totally funny and we think you are worthy of respect you might just be lucky enough to have your mug posted on our page. Until that time, hit the drawing board, come up with something freshly original, and fire off a text message to the funbus.

A-K Inc.

Hello ?, This is the numba for Fun !! ANDY
Guess who's back, back again, Andy's back, tell a friend. You can find this man where ever there is stuff going on. This is a man who has one mode and that is Go, go get a drink and supersize that with a bag of trix. He is the moist factor in the women's cotton briefs.

You need a man that thinks Macro, look no further. Need some jokes and a side order of debauchery, he can serve you the goods on a silver platter. Who said Ontario chicken was for the birds..... Watch out or he'll put you in the corner pocket.

You are now looking at the K-Dawg. Webmaster extraordinaire. His antics and tom foolery flows like wine. You want a party in your pants, this is the go to guy. His school attendance is put on the back burner while he maintains a drinking schedule of 5 days a week. Future goals are to become funny and entertain the world with endless jokes and trickery. He just wants to educate people on how to have a good time and to assist people on to the fun bus, and represent all that is the K-W Region. So if you see this kid on the streets, ask him for a punch in the throat.


I am so Slutty!
What can I say about this girl. If you know me then you already know Robbbs, she rolls like a fresh pair of baked buns. She is anything but stale. She has been pulling bits since she put on her first training bra and peed standing up. If you need an idea of how similar we are you can visit her site to get the inside scoop. That's how i did and 2 years later we were celebrating our 1 year of going steady. We even had our websites hosted at the same location. Angelfire. Uncanny.

Click here to visit Robbb's Web Site

Innocent looking right? Well for the most part I am sure. She has no problem going from sober to drunk as a skunk in 0 to 60 shots.
BEEFCAKE 4000, enriched with all essential protein powders to sculp and shape his figure. Tuesdays and Thursdays are back and arms. I dont know if you were counting but he just did 1001 arm curls. Bang the Biceps. A clever cat with a future in Law. He is going to pair up with Barnes Firm to be the best damn LAW and ORDER this country has ever seen.

Hailing from Haliburton, Ontario

Fruit Basket Slam dunk
You just stepped into a world of hurt Poncho! You want the specs on Duke, you got it. His game is tight like a frog's ass, water tight. I heard one time that he was in a restaurant for breakfast and he demanded that he wanted cocktail, fruit cocktail. The only thing pertaining to fruit was the fruit basket slam. Make no butts about it people, this man is just looking out for his sexuality and well being, so he gots to have his fruit cocktail.

Favorite brand of cocktail: Delmonte
Fruit Basket Slam dunk
Kids you can now purchase your very own Hugable Kimmie, accessories sold separtely. She is our Haliburton Hometown girl who lives amongst the riff raff. Poor Kim in a town where the kids chase their tales for entertainment. While attending school in the, she pampers herself in an upscale penthouse in downtown Toronto. She always makes an effort to hang out with the goofy bastards, you know the ones on the zip lines and live in cages. She is the one to know for all connections to the nightlife and shopping of the greater mega city.

Celebrity Look a like: Tiffany Amber Theisen
Fruit Basket Slam dunk
Bill Cosby said there is always room of jello, but viewers, he is wrong. There is always room for Puddin. The man you see before you is Clay, and there is always room for this man. He is a mild mannered man by day, a savage by night. This animal feeds on puddin and icecream. He won't stop till everything in his path is destroyed. His occupation in the city of Windsor is to hit Rock Bottom, well that is the name of the bar. He has incredible strength and can use it to great extents. His future plans consist of starting a bar of his own where a few Clan members will assist with day to day operations. His hobbies include girls, rollerblading, Kid Rock concerts, and drinking OV. Now that is tough.
Fruit Basket Slam dunk
This is baker. This boy is wookin for poohnub in all da wrong places. If it is summer time and you are wearing a snowsuit, he will not give you the time of day. Take off the f**king snowsuit. These are words of wisdom from the A.R.B. His hopes and dreams are to insure that the zoos of Gotham City are kept clean and spotless, the monkeys are happy and the crime surrounding the city of Gotham maintains a low to non existent rating. And remember have your pets spade or neutered.

"I hope to one day be the operater/marketing manager of a major ZOO. I love animals and would love to one day be involved in their upkeep and daily lives."


D for Drag, R for Race
This is Ian. 91 lbs soaking wet while holding a texas mickey. He is lean mean and ready for teens. He holds an impressive record of 0-10 against any bookie in the gambling industry. His luck is about to change because he is about to embark on an epic journey to the city that never sleeps, Sin City. He will either come back rich or arrested, either way he is a winner in my books.
I have no freedom

No one really knows his where abouts. The last known sighting of Jeff was a year ago and I think Chuck had him in lockdown. I think he is doing a life sentence with no paroll for the crime of having fun and good times.
Whoa Cam Diddy, Cam Diddy's mom had a child, the damn thing went wild. That's Cam Diddy, AKA Max P. This flying tomato makes all the girls moist. He is the houdini of the bunch. It was reported that when diddy went down under he found mountains of panties under his bed from all those sleepless nights in Oz. Unfortunately the source of this information is the one and lonely, Cam Diddy. I guess if you believe in miracles then its safe to say you believe in Max.
One of Cameron's funniest lines had to be the whole star trek incident. Some girl was into Diddy and she asked him "Permission to come aboard?" and Diddy responds immediately "Permission denied."

The man that coined the phrase, AXE 4 MAX
I will sex you, oh yes.
This is Stevie P. The P is soft and sounds like an O. A good guy that rocks the party scene with the best of them.
Got Muff?
This is Laura. When you get her out for a party she usually wears the funny pants. Jokes from this B.C. Beauty are second nature like a freshly packed trail mix. Studying in Physio theorpy she knows all about the humerous. Good addition to the elite list of entertainment.


I wear the pants in this family
The best thing to come out of Alliston besides Potatoes. This here is Lisa and she is the better half of Dukey Fruit. She keeps him in line and thats the way it is. She introduced everyone to Potfest which is a celebration of potatoes in her local community of Alliston. Other than that she has been a good friend and can light it up by smashing more beer than most.
He He He
Sister Anna Mortensen. Well she isnt actually affiliated with the church, oh no, not even close. But she is sister to Lisa and I can see where she gets the drunk genes from. We don't see too much of her as she is out west but good times are had whenever she makes an appearance.

With a last name like DUNN you are either Brooks or you are Bombed. I think Cara chose Bombed even though she likes Country Music. She is still fresh to the SSR scene but she is poised for greatness. Definitely a crowd pleaser and a hwy speedster. Can't wait for her to clash with the titans of tom foolery again.


She is officially Legal
You may remember her from such films as Potfest 1 and The Hawaiian Luau. This is Shannon and she is a close cousin of the Mortensen family. She too has the drunk gene and when we met her she was just a Teen. Well this small town girl is all grown up and you can still find her at Allistons Annual Potatoe festivities. Hands off those cause this gal is taken.
She is officially Legal
She was also found in films Potfest 1 and The Hawaiian Luau. This is Britney and she is a close cousin of the Mortensen family. Hot off the Press and looking to cut it up at all the clubs. Good times for sure and you will find her returning to spud country for the best party of the summer.


I'm not afraid to show my wild side.
The ring leader of a 3 ring circus. We are talking a girl that gets it done any night of the week. She was first exposed to the fun bus back in 2003 and the rest is history. The 411 on this gem is that she is currently rep'n it in Chicago, Illinos and you can find her under the fun pages. Many a good time has been had with this girl and we miss her here in the Funbus rotation. She tells it how it is and if you want a real girl up in your grill she's the one. You can catch her on ESPN 8 - THE OCHO!
Got any Sean De Paul?
Dazzling Dani
I like to get hawt play with hose and put out fires in a man's pants.
I have kissed girls
I work in the Oral Industry
SSR Centre Fold

The Fighting Irish. If you want a girl in a group that can drink like a fish then clearly there is no one i would rather have on the team. Her schedule is wide open and she is up for a bender just about any day of the week. except sunday, that is her recooping day and it is the day JC gets his rest.
Do you like a woman in uniform?
HELLO NURSE! Guys you are looking at the girl in the Emerge that will revive you from a night in the drunk tank. She is a fully licensed nurse and she is currently keeping the state of California alive. Thats right guys you have to travel to the other end of the US to hook up with this party girl. She comes back to visit the gang in Windsor occassionaly and it always seems to be a holiday when shes back because the gang stops what they are doing to get er done on a high society level in the W.
I am a Librarian