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Konan and Andy: The Waterloo Elite
Konan explains the power of the Network over some silly juice and cheetos.
"Yes Andy, the Network promises beautiful babies."

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Mongolian Martini Club: Boozers wanted !

Renee Mich Andy Kristen So Andy gives me the hollar on the first monday of school and he wants me to come out to do the damn thang. I jumped on the invite and others felt the need to join the fun wagon. Because you see our goal is to introduce this town with some of our sugar and spice flava flav. Rolling in with quite an entry we hit the bar for drinks. They had some rookie cookie on the bar and he was getting nothing but disrespect for his lack of making the martinis we asked for. Oh well he is no longer there so ask for Andy. That guy gives you more bang for your buck. That being said, we wasted no time and began to turn the Fun Dial up to 11. Meeting and greeting in a friendly laid back environment such as this, is where we maximize our fun meter. So ask your mommies for an extention on your curfew and jump on the fun wagon that is kicking it martini style. All parites welcome. We guarentee "fun on a bun". Monday nights at Mongolian Grill for $4.50 Martini's compliments of the Konan and Andy Connection. If you attend our good times you can get your mug shot on our page just like all of these martinos. ANDY - The one man show Jeff Ian Mike
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