SSR has a full line of characters capable of just about anything fun. If there is something fun out there we have either done it or invented it. No one you meet in your life time will have a bigger funny bone than us. We are the fort knox of fun


An instance that will go down in the SSR history books as the single most random act of defecation during a party that has ever been recorded. We are talking about party where someone got so drunk that they lost all control of their functions and they left their mark, a skid mark on a nearby couch. Unfortunately the nameless anus got away clean and all that was left was a soiled couched. This mystery shit will puzzle our minds for years to come.

Milestone was set on November 11th, 2006.


A tendancy to drop trow is one of our main forms of entertainment. if you cant find that funny you probably don't have a pulse or it's not your bag and you find caterpillars fasinating.

Andy drops trow in Phils and 3 of us follow in hot persuit. Lounging in the aluring aroma of puke and surrounded by a bunch of drunks we were found to be the life of the party. If you know anything about phils you know that you can find just about any kind of clothing style and a variety of emo punks that are emoting in the corner and thinking about what they have done wrong in life. Andy felt it would only be natural for us to really do something different and he came up with the no pants club. Willing participants included, Robin, Konan, Andy, Boss, and a few randoms that couldn't get enough of the dropped trow. It wasnt long after Robin was being escorted out of the building by the toughest dyke to bounce at Phils.

Milestone was set on March 12th, 2005.


4 Lines of a Team Pitcher from Boston pizza, equivalent, a small keg
2 Jagerbombs
6 Beer (pre drink)
A buttload of water

No this is not the drink menu this is the amount of alcohol K consumed in a night at the bar. The outcome was 2 puke n' rallys, dropped trow, a bunch of naked dudes in a phone booth, a bunch of yelling in a family restaurant, an ejection from boston pizza, a come on line that was definetly inappropriate for any youngster under the age of 18, and one hell of a craving for pizza.

Milestone was set on Don't even remember, 2005.


It was a Saturday night in Collingwood and boy was it drunk out. the snow was falling and the conditions at the local tube town were slow. That wasnt about to stop us from having fun so we saddled up and headed for the hills with roadies in hand and toasty warm mittens and lets not forget smiles. After a few runs of debauchery filled times and half a 26er, Konan decided to spice things up in the park by dropping his drawers for the whole lift line to see. Jack Frost nipping at his johnson, Konan was not phased and was tugged up the hill by the snow carnies. There was plenty of radio activity along the way as reported by one less drunk Andy. By the time Konan reached the peak of the hill everyone had been talking about this midseason streaker. No one could believe it as this was the first time anyone had ever gone detrowed in Tube Town. Astonished by the site of a shrivelled up snake, the liftie proceeded to unhook Konan and send him off on his naked ways. At the point of decent the hill attendant at the time was unwilling to co-operate with Konan as his wanger was invading this man's personal space. Finally in a rebelious act, Konan got up and pushed his own tube down while showing his "assets" to the entire gang of tube townies. After the event the tube was taken to an incinerator where it would never touch the clothing of another man again. Participants included: Konan, Andy, Shenanigans, & Dani

Milestone was set on February 25, 2006.

Texas Drinking Team Captures a
Golden Buzz for Comsuming 120 Oz. in under 2 hrs.

It was a Tuesday night like none other. The K-Dawg was back from the comforting arms of Cancun and he wanted to bring the noise. Calling the Audible on the play we decides to go for the Texas Mickey Touchdown. Aquiring 6 of the finest drunks in the KW region we had our drinking team selected. Our 8:00pm start time soon came and it was time to show the 120 pounder, who the boss was, Danza style. K-Dawg sized up the competition and it was soon time to commence boozing. Hand over pump and the C.C. flowing like the salmon of Capistrono, we were all contributing to a big dent in the Clubber. K-Dawg had his goggles on in case things got messy, and you don't stay sober with the State of Texas staring you in the face. Strange and bizarre drinking rituals took over as the bottle became half empty. Mark hit the floor after round 9, as the others stayed strong. The Judges recorded a finishing time of 2 hrs 2 minutes, which won us the Golden Buzz. Celebrations went all around as the team defeated the Clubber, but the savages wanted more. They lunged for the lights on the celling and started devouring them, Caveman Style. In the end, Mark felt he lost the battle but won the war, as he caressed the Clubber in a glorious victory.

Milestone was set on January 22, 2003.