Our Cancun Trip needed it's own Zip Code

These pictures have been brought to you by our partner in crime,

Keep the Bubbly coming SenorA reinactment of a Stairwell spray Men Without Pants - The X-rated Dance Peter and the Rabbit from Montreal Konan helping himself to a big slice of the New Yorker I don't wanna to work, I wanna bang on my drum all day We can be just as Badass as the old Biddy's Ninjas kill for survival Insert Here ---> Boss, I must say your package is El Grande S.S.R. takes personal fitness seriously I can see the mountains from here, Me too ! California Dreamin Aboriginal in training We're not leaving on a Jet Plane, because it's broke Hello!, Is this number for the fun police ? The Senor and the Frog, you decide Drink Count: I can't see Where is the Coppertone kid ? Port Perry Represent Dirty Sanchez Born to be wild, and by wild I mean ride scooters The house always wins Everyone spread yo legs, It's time for Mr. Medicine We drank the water Who is ready for my Pong ? He's got one eye, Chubbs ! Hey Cancun, see my textbook Crotch Rocket P.A.R.T.YYY ? Because I got to Eat your heart out, Crocodile Hunter Sheiva and Konan We are Ssssssmoked That wasn't missing when I got here Doin it like it's 2003 Colt has located the Fountain of Youth, it's the beer We worship Stompin Tom, Sudbury Saturday Night Rock on! Hey Mexican, give us your pesos! The beach that you weren't on