Magick & Energy

When there are many people you want to influence at the same time, it is best to create thoughtforms and place these in the areas where the intended people most frequent. As for the most important people, you can work with them individually, one at a time. The best time is during the last two hours of his/her sleep. This is easy when you know someone's routine, if he/she is awake for work or for school at the same hours.

One can be in an intense state of concentration and in the beta [active waking] state. This is ideal for working black magick where extreme anger is involved. The alpha is a relaxed receptive state. Beta is a transmitting state where your brain is sending out energy. The alpha state can be used to connect with someone and influence him/her. You can also influence situations in the alpha, but the influences and actions will mainly come from yourself, like attracting money, admirers, being at the right place at the right time, and saying the right thing at the right time. Work done in the alpha state will manifest itself in coming from your being.

In the beta state, you are sending energy out to do a job. The energy you send out will act upon the subject in which you directed it, as a third influence. Everything in the universe is connected and has an aura. This can be seen with some training of the third eye. Living beings give off energy, and objects, such as a table, a chair, a wall, are all composed of atoms. Electrons, orbiting the nuclei at high speeds give off energy and through this manifest an aura. They vibrate and resonate. We are continuously acting upon, giving off, and receiving energy from outside of ourselves. The strength of the energy is what matters. A laser is extremely strong compared to something that is diffused.

Everyone should make it a habit to clean and charge up his/her aura and chakras at least once a day. Throughout the waking hours, all kinds of energy collects and attaches itself to our auras. Negative energy, whether it comes from others, our environment, personal stress, or whatever, collects and our auras become dirty with it so to speak. This can manifest itself in illness, negative thought patterns and can sap your strength and power. Drug and alcohol use can also deplete the protective aura, resulting in what is known as "burnout." When we work to influence another person through magick, for good or for ill, we are acting upon that person's aura and putting energy into it, whether we are aware of this or not. When some very negative energy attaches itself to another's aura, it acts to bring about misfortune- accidents, psychological imbalances, and illness. Positive energy does the opposite. By cleaning and empowering our auras on a daily basis [this only takes a few minutes a day and is best done upon awaking and should always be done before going to sleep], we burn off negative energy and give it a much less chance of attaching itself to us, regardless of where it is coming from.


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