This morning on CNN news, the anchorwoman reported that certain animal shelters no longer offer black cats for adoption two weeks before Halloween as several have been found dead after being used in "Satanic" sacrifices. This is few and far in-between and the media sensationalizes whatever they can. *

There are many kids and teens out there looking for Satan. Due to the suppression of books, media, and literature that provide knowledge about true Satanism, people look to what is easily and readily available. Anton LaVey wrote about this in his last book “Satan Speaks." He complained justifiably that he was given little or no airtime in contrast to Christians who were given prime slots and endless time to spew forth their lies. As a result, some people, especially the naive youth, turn to and believe what they see and are able to purchase.

The misinformation about Satanism authored by fools who have no real knowledge or information is prolific and deliberately promoted by the enemy. These Christian, New Age and out to make a fast buck writers are the ones DIRECTLY responsible for occult crimes and should be the ones who are brought to justice for lies, negligence and promoting false information against our religion, along with deliberate corruption of the youth.

Those of us who are close to Satan know how ludicrous these acts are. They have nothing whatsoever to do with true Satanism. The same can be said for the old grimoires and their insane teachings concerning Demons. We know different by EXPERIENCE.

Because the media, publishers, and book outlets have suppressed true Satanism, many are left with the false teachings that are easily and readily available. For those of us who wish to give something back to Father Satan, as I have said many times, flood the internet. It works. Link up. Recruit the youth; they are our future! Kids and teens with knowledge are the leaders who influence the rest. For far too long, Christians and other enemies of Satan have been given free reign to promote vicious lies about him and to misrepresent Satanism according to their own warped, distorted, sick, perverted standards, and have profited well in doing this.

Many books in the New Age/Occult sections of bookstores promoting lies and misinformation are cheap and readily available. A blatant example is "The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Spells and Magic." For $9.95, this book goes into detail about "Making a pact with the Devil" and how this requires "drinking the blood of murdered children," human sacrifice, mutilating and torturing animals and every other ugly thing. Unfortunately, books like this are all over the place and the scum who write and promote this sick garbage should be heavily cursed. This is where our religion has gotten a bad rap, FROM LIES! In every Catholic mass, the priest says "Eat My Body” and “Drink My Blood" This is where this kind of misinformation originates, and the so-called “Holy Bible” is full of it.

The enemy takes hold of those who are lacking in knowledge and of course, Satan is blamed. We must put a stop to this.

  *Animals and children are sacred to Satan. People who abuse animals and children are an abomination to the Powers of Hell. Cats were sacred and held in very high esteem in Ancient Egypt and many Demons are symbolized by, and appear in the form of a cat.

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