Developing Your Psychic Touch

Several of us have felt and can easily feel Demons touch us. This is especially important when one is intimate with an Incubus or Succubus. In order to open yourself up to be able to feel the touch of a spirit, there are additional exercises one can do in addition to meditation.

Take several objects, all should be the same but different colors. These can be cards, colored discs, colored paper; all must have the same texture and feel, but be of different colors. Begin with 3 colors.

Take each one at a time in your hand and feel it. Close your eyes and feel it some more. Visualize the color while you hold and run your fingers over the object in your hands. Say to yourself in your mind: "This is how the color [name of color] feels and I will recognize the color_____ when I feel it in the future."

The more you do this exercise, you will soon be able to feel each color as distinct and seperate. This takes time and persistence, but like everything, pays off. This also will open you up to psychometry, where you will be able to sense all kinds of things by just by touching an object.

Being aware of and developing your sense of touch will open you to where you will be able to feel Demons when they touch you.


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