The Truth About So-called "Murdered Infants,"
The Knights Templar
and the
Uses of Body Fluids in Magickal Practices

Anyone who has studied Ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian Mythology knows how distorted these legends became when they ended up as the foundation for the Judeo/Christian Bible. Much of the practices of the Knights Templar were also twisted into bizarre stories in order to convict and murder members of the Order on the grounds of heresy, along with so many others in their day.

The Knights Templar originated in 1119 supposedly to “safeguard pilgrims” on their journeys to and from the Holy Land. There is a lot of controversy concerning this notion because there were only nine knights to begin with, and it has become known, they had specific instructions to dig beneath the Temple of Solomon. This became their primary center in Jerusalem on the site that is now occupied by "The Dome of the Rock."
Within a few decades following the excavation, the Templars grew into several thousand, and traveled extensively. Through this, they were initiated into various esoteric teachings, beliefs, and practices that survived outside of Europe and the control of the Christian Church.

The Order grew from the founding number of nine to number in the thousands, and within a short period of time because of certain stipulations, they became very wealthy and influential, holding a large number of properties and banking houses both in Europe and abroad.

What the original members discovered beneath Dome of the Rock is open to much speculation. Most scholars agree the Templars unearthed many ancient documents that revealed the Nazarene as a ficitious character. Other accounts and historical evidence point to the excavators further discovering that the Judeo/Christian "God" is the real "Devil" and that "God" and the "Devil" were reversed.

Historically following this event, grimoires and so-called "black books" manifested in an illiterate Europe. From my extensive studies and research concerning the Knights Templars and the history of this period, I have come to the conclusion the excavators discovered documents containing instructions for spirit abuse. It is more than obvious the Catholic Church made ample use of these, exploiting Demons in erecting a plethora of ornate Gothic (Goetic) cathedrals and other structures that defy all rational explanation, given the widespread ignorance and illiteracy of the times.

The order soon acquired extreme wealth. Many scholars attributed their advancement to their worship of the gilded Head of Baphomet. The idol was believed to have the power of creating wealth, causing trees to flourish and the earth to become fruitful. They were accused of anointing the head with "the fat of murdered infants." THIS WAS NOT FAT FROM MURDERED INFANTS AS THE CHURCH PERVERTED, AND TWISTED THE INFORMATION. THIS "FAT FROM 'MURDERED INFANTS'" WAS SEMEN. In the Judeo/Christian Bible, when a man "spills his seed," he is accused of murdering [potential] children (GEN 38: 9-10).

Semen, vaginal secretions, saliva, blood, and other body fluids were traditionally used in ancient religious rites as standard procedure. These fluids contain the life force, and when used by knowledgeable practitioners or priests, energy can be directed and applied to accomplishing specific objectives in the material world.

The Catholic Church's sole purpose was to remove any and all knowledge of the Ancient Gods, and religions that pre-dated Judeo/Christianity. A fictitious past was invented and to ensure this past would survive, anyone with knowledge of the truth was labeled as a "heretic" and condemned to torture and death.

Accounts of ancient religious rites were perverted and warped by the Catholic Clergy to justify mass murder and to create an atmosphere of terror that is so necessary for control of the populace. The Christian Church twisted the ancient religious uses of body fluids into “murdering infants in the name of Satan.” This is false and has like so many other lies, evolved into taking on a life of its own, bringing accusations, murder, and slander upon Satanists and Pagans. Because most ancient knowledge was removed, warped and twisted, the church was at liberty to dictate what Satanism was all about to an unknowing populace.

This sort of thing over the centuries has driven certain people who could no longer tolerate the sick anti-life religion of Christianity to apply the cultural concept of "evil" to Satan and engage in occult crimes, believing this to be of Satan. The church has made ample use of these accounts over the centuries to further their agenda of lies.

The Knights Templar leaders did worship the Baphomet and renounce the Nazarene. In all probability from extensive travels in the Middle East, they more than likely learned the truth through interaction with the Yezidis and other peoples who kept the ancient ways. The magickal practices involving the regular use of body fluids and the use of semen in anointing the head, were acquired by the Templars from eastern sources of sex magick and tantric worship. Christianity had not yet infested these areas to remove the knowledge and replace it with lies.

Another area these stories originated later on and grew into a life of their own was from some of the old grimoires. These writings would instruct the mage to "sacrifice a kid." A "kid" is a young goat, NOT a human being! These grimoires are NOT of Satan. They are tools that were used to exploit the Original Gods who lost a battle in a war and had their powers taken from them. Warfare between advanced civilizations is spiritual and involves the soul.

Charges against 231 knights ranged from blasphemy and Devil worship to sodomy and other so-called "sins." Because of the wealth and power retained by the order, they had become a threat to the Catholic Church. King Phillip IV of France owed the Templars a considerable sum of money and was facing financial devastation. He conspired with the pope to arrest Grand Master Jacques de Molay and many other members of the Order. A significant number of members escaped and took up residence on pirate ships or remained as fugitives. Their underground organization of fraternal aid in keeping members of the Order alive and hidden form the Inquisition evolved into "Freemasonry." [1]
Both the Christian church and Phillip IV were able to confiscate the property and holdings of the Templars following the arrests and murders by the Inquisition and the disbandment of the remaining members of the order. Grand Master Jacques de Molay, burning at the stake, cursed the Catholic Pope and Phillip IV, that both would die within a year, they both did.


[1] Born in Blood: the Lost Secrets of Freemasonry
by John J. Robinson.


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