The Truth About Human Sacrifice

Christianity has a long track record of blaming and accusing Satan and Satanists of everything they themselves do and promote. The nazarene is a human blood sacrifice they repeatedly celebrate during every Christian mass or service.

The Catholic Church being true to its mission of destroying and removing all spiritual knowledge went on an all out rampage of mass murder and torture unequaled in all of recorded history. See"Inquisition," and Malleus Malficarum; also known as "The Witch’s Hammer."

Examples include: Christians proved that a human being, skinned alive can survive until the skin is removed to the waist. Many innocent people were slowly boiled to death, to prolong the torture. This hideous list goes on and on. Extreme pain can cause anyone to do or say anything. Unfortunately, many "confessions" obtained under extreme torture are to this day assumed to be valid and used by the Christian Church as a tool to frighten people and enforce their lies.

So much knowledge of a spiritual nature was systematically removed, cutting humanity off from its origins. This knowledge was replaced with false doctrines that incited fear and worked to turn everyone against the truth. Elaborate horror stories and sick twisted information became the norm as these were deliberately heaped upon any religion outside of Christianity.

Racial and cultural memory is a fact. Those who look to alternatives find little if anything of a positive nature concerning Satan. Anything that does not conform with the Judeo/Christian concept of Satan is vehemently suppressed in the mainstream bookstores and media. Misinformation concerning living blood sacrifice, mutilation of self and others, drug abuse and self-degeneration is easily and readily available. People, who believe this sick garbage often commit so called "occult crimes." See Christian Censorship.Christianity is responsible for all of the "occult crimes," NOT Satan or his Demons!

As one can see with the inquisition, the torture was severe enough to force one into saying anything. Slavery, gang rape, genocide, cannibalism, sexual perversion, eating of feces, are all a major part of the Judeo/Christian Bible. One heinous accuser and interrogator of "witches," Benedict Carpzov, read the xtian bible "53 times." He also authored a manual "Practica Rerum Criminalum" advocating the use of extreme torture for "suspects." It is more than obvious to see where all these sick ideas come from. Ancient spiritual texts given to us from the Gods were destroyed and replaced with this sick, meaningless, literary filth, designed to keep psychic power in the hands of a select few.

As for sacrifice, this applies to time, effort and creativity. The joy of serving Satan is well worth any sacrifice. The more we do for Father Satan, the more he does for us. The stigma of human sacrifice must be removed from Satanism. This does nothing but make Satan look undesirable and perpetuate the stereotype of our people being looked upon as loonies and psychos, when this is so far from the truth. Occult crimes are not a part of Satanism. Satan, himself referred to the small percentage of fools who do this as "lunatics."

"Living Sacrifice is not a part of Satanism"

-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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