I have received many personal e-mails and many posts have been made to the Joy of Satan e-groups concerning the summoning of Demons and the trouble some people have with seeing, hearing and sensing the presence of a Demon.

People come to Satanism with differing levels of psychic ability. Psychic ability is when one's soul is open enough to sense things that most others cannot. This is the goal of Spiritual Satanism: empowering humanity spiritually. Human souls have been sealed up, so little if anything other than the material world can be accessed. The judeo/xian churches always have been and are a tool for removing spiritual knowledge and replacing it with lies and total materialism. The effect has been that through the centuries, humanity has experienced generational atrophy of the soul and spirit. People who have had psychic experiences are often at a loss to explain or even understand them.

Some of us who have been with Satan throughout many reincarnations are more psychically open. This also applies to anyone who worked in any of their past lives to develop their souls and psychic powers.

There are plenty of people who have not developed their powers in their past lives or in this life and as a result, they are unable to sense the presence of Demons when they summon them. Many of these people feel they are being ignored or they may feel disillusioned. There is no need to feel this way as psychic senses and abilities can be developed at any time through power meditation, which is the foundation of Spiritual Satanism.

For those of you who are having problems, please be patient and try working on yourself for a while with a meditation program. Later on, you should try again to summon a Demon. Awareness is also important as well. Look for coincidences or answers to your questions and concerns. Do not limit yourself, as answers can come from many different sources and in some of the most unusual ways one would never expect.

If you tried summoning for several times with no luck, you need to meditate regularly. Every Spiritual Satanist should meditate on a regular basis, regardless of present ability.

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