Powers of the Mind and Soul

The esssence of TRUE Satanism is completing our Creator God Satan's work upon humanity. Satan was prevented from finishing his work on humanity: that of the human soul into the godhead. The "godhead" is spiritual and physical perfection and immortality, along with godlike powers, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. This is the underlying message of all of the legitimate occult disciplines, such as alchemy and the legends of the Gods which are all allegories containing this powerful message.

At first mention for those who are inexperienced with witchcraft (using the powers of one's own mind and soul to obtain one's desires), images of old hags with pointed black hats, broomsticks, bats, cauldrons, frogs, toads, amulets, sacred stones, symbols, etc., pour forth in one's mind.

The powers one uses are the powers of his/her own mind and soul, to begin with. The above mentioned, many are just useless props, such as a cauldron. Others, such as amulets, rings of stones and so forth amplify energy. Covens (groups of witches/warlocks) can be extremely powerful in amplifying energy, as many gifted people work together to apply these powers, many in the case of where one working alone could not accomplish certain workings. Raising energy and direction of that energy in obtaining desires, whatever they may be, is what witchcraft is all about.

We often see circles along with astrological glyphs and other occult symbols in the movies and such. Astrological timing of raising and directing energy is often critical to the success of a working and greatly amplifies the powers. Witches and warlocks [mages](those who use the powers of their minds and souls and have this knowlege) use whatever means they can to amplify their powers. This is important.

Demons and spiritual assistants often use frogs, toads and other animals called "familiars" to assist mages in their work, and communicate through the medium of an animal, which is always very well cared for and close to the mage; a powerful bond is formed. The familiar also offers protection and is a gift from Satan.

1. True Satanism is working to advance one's mind and soul and personal powers.

2. "Witchcraft" is using these powers, which are of the mind/soul. Symbols, amulets, stones and other props act to amplify the energy, either directly, or indirectly for those who prefer to use imagery to intensify their powers.


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